Angelic path, April Aromatics Ray of Light

April Aromatics run by perfumer and yoga teacher Tanja Bochnig is one of those artisanal niche perfume brands that concentrate on doing their own thing. Her brand is an integral part of the perfume society of course, but in a specific way it’s following its own path. Tanja, like Andy Tauer, doesn’t follow any trends and moods appearing in the PerfumeLand, but focuses on what her heart and mind tell her. Some time ago in a Facebook conversation Tanja mentioned she’s working on a new perfume, a citrus theme. I was very curious about it but the summer was passing by and the fragrance wasn’t ready yet. Well, it is ready now and it’s a beautiful composition.

The newest April Aromatics perfume bears the name of Ray of Light and is dedicated to the amazing view of light scattered by the clouds, trees and what from the scientific point of view is known as Tyndall effect. The composition opens with an immediate mega blast of citrus freshness. The incredibly intense saturation of citric molecules invigorates you right from the start, drilling up through your sinuses. Lemon and lime are especially visible (smellable?) in this composition – they introduce this very bright and sunny fragrance that also has a nice dose of sweetness. It feels like you were eating a candy with a liquid citrus filling. Bergamot and grapefruit are responsible for a sour facet.

These two latter notes at first are seamlessly blended in the citrus cocktail or a whirlpool of positive attitude aromas if you want to put it that way. But after half an hour when the citrus tones are not that strong as in the opening, grapefruit and bergamot start to separate and they introduce a beautiful aromatic aspect to Ray of Light. It’s tangy and zesty and it fills the air around you with the scent of citric juice, grated peel and a little bit of albedo too.

Great thing about April Aromatics Ray of Light is the fact that this composition is not just another citrus perfume, there are a lot of those in the market nowadays. In order to make it more interesting and surprising, Tanja added a whole handful of mint leaves to the blend. As an effect of that the perfume gained an additional green stage that is slightly herbal and vegetal. And mint combined with the citrus flavor smells like a summery lemonade with a twist. It’s all delicious and mouthwatering.

Galbanum resin is another part of the twist contained in Ray of Light. To my nose it enhances the verdant aroma of mint but also adds a little bit of its own presence – and that my nose perceives as something a little bit gummy, resinous and also powdery. What surprised me the most in this new composition from April Aromatics is the tobacco accord used in this fragrance. It’s not much smoky or dark and when I smell the perfume on my skin, this note is barely noticeable. The only thing I get is more richness and depth. The perfume is simple and complex at the same time and it wears easily.

When I received my sample from Tanja I asked myself a question – why did she decide to launch such a, lets face it, summery scent, in September. But the answer is clear – to bring back the summer on a foggy Autumn day. I also love the name Ray of Light – when I was young somebody told me that when you see a ray of light emerging from the clouds – it’s a path for an angel so that he or she can walk down to the Earth and protect the people. This beautiful composition has a good sillage that shrinks rather quickly and on me it lasts for 4-5 hours. This is a natural composition.

[note] Sample was a courtesy of Tanja Bochnig. Pictures: press, & April Aromatics on Instagram

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19 thoughts on “Angelic path, April Aromatics Ray of Light

  1. jilliecat says:

    Lovely story about the angels’ pathways….

    Also lovely perfume. Probably just my sort of thing! As much as I like wearing citrus when I am hot, I also like to have a burst of tanginess when the weather is cold and dark – just as you say, reminding one of sunshine in the depth of winter.

  2. Undina says:

    It’s such a warm review, Lucas. I smiled reading about a pass for angels: it’s a nice image.
    I like April Aromatics – probably one of a very few all-natural brands – so I’ll test this perfume when I get a chance.

  3. Mary K says:

    Like the sound of this! I must give it a try when the opportunity presents itself.

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Nice and juicy sounding…I think I will like this one. You’re fattening so many lemmings, dearest!

  5. shellyw says:

    citrus and tobacco? I like it already, I will have to see about a sample set. Have you tried the unter den linden? I read about it a while ago and it sounded lovely too. Would be interested to hear your impressions if you have tried it.

  6. This sounds amazing! I was just about to place an order for 3 April Aromatics samples from lucky scent and now I’d really like to get a sample of this one as well. Unfortunately it’s not listed on the lucky scent website yet, but hopefully it’ll get added to their roster soon.

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Sun Mi!
      Ray of Light is the newest perfume from April Aromatics so I think it’s just a matter of short amount of time until Luckyscent will have it in stock.

  7. I just got a sample of the lovely Calling All Angels and another of Bohemian Spice. Both are sublime, and now I am tempted by Ray of Light. I’m a year-’round citrus lover and that tobacco is calling me. Alas, it is quite expensive, so I’ll have to settle for just one of these amazing presentations.

    • lucasai says:

      Good, glad you like them. I have to try Bohemian Spice when it gets colder, last time I wore it it was still too warm outsite and it was too much of a perfume for me. But Calling All Angels is awesome too.
      They are expensive because they are all natural creations, materials are costful.

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