Before I get ready…

Hello, dear friends! How have you been doing lately? Hope everyone is healthy, happy and that you have a very pretty Autumn where you live. Last week, sice Thursday, I was out-of-town, visiting my Grandma. The weather was beautiful, lots of colorful leaves in the parks and we even went for a walk at the seaside. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Baltic Sea – this time it was very calm and surprisingly clear. I remembered it being blurry or muddy. I pulled off my shoes and socks and walked along the coast in the water. It was very refreshing. Due to all this I didn’t have enough time to prepare a perfume review to start a new week, I ask for forgiveness and some patience. I shall prepare something for Thursday or Friday at the latest. In the meantime I wanted to share with you the news, that in the latest Atelier Cologne newsletter I was featured with a short personal impression of Silver Iris. You can see it below. Hope you can wait a few days before I get ready…

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12 thoughts on “Before I get ready…

  1. Undina says:

    Welcome back!

    You are a celebrity. Now I regret that I don’t subscribe to their newsletter : -)

  2. rickyrebarco says:

    Lucas, your visit sounds wonderful. Wading in the Baltic, divine! I like the Atelier newsletter with the quotes and picture of you. You look very handsome and serious 🙂 I think you are now a bona fide perfume world celebrity whether you want to be or not. And it’s well deserved, too. Enjoy your holiday!

    • lucasai says:

      It was great. Visiting granny is always nice but those walks by Baltic Sea were especially great.

      That picture was taken when I was in Milan for Esxence. I was focused on smelling Cire Trudon candles, when you go to “about me” section of the blog you will see the entire photo as I’m sniffing the inside of glass cloche for a candle

  3. Mary K says:

    Congrats on having both a comment and a picture in their newsletter. They value your opinions.

    Sounds like you had a nice visit with your grandma and I am sure you enjoyed wading in the Baltic Sea. Always good to have a little time away from one’s everyday activities.

  4. shellyw says:

    How nice to be published in yet another venue.

  5. hajusuuri says:

    Congratulations. I actually saw the different pictures / quotations cycling through the Atelier website banner but must have proceeded to do “my business” and did not linger to see if I knew any of the people providing testimonials. If I may make a comment…those banners flip to the next one too fast for anyone to finish reading a quote, let alone 2 quotes.

    Well done!

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