Jul et Mad 2nd anniversary draw

Does it sometimes happen to you, that in the current state of PerfumeLand (where new perfume brands appear as fast as mushrooms after some rain) you are attracted to a brand – their looks, concept, perfume notes – the first time you read about them? It doesn’t happen often to me, but it really does happen sometimes. It happened to me in case of Jul et Mad for example. I’ve been following Madalina’s and Julien’s work since their early days as a maison de parfum. It all started with a tiny sample of Stilettos on Lex, a fruity composition that made me think of pear puree.

As I keep on repeating every now and then, the time flies really fast. I was lucky to meet Julien and Madalina in person this year, and not only once, but twice, during Esxence in Milan and Pitti Fragranze in Florence. This month JUL ET MAD Paris celebrate their 2nd anniversary and it actually made me smile to learn that their brand and my blog are of equal age. In my opinion during these 2 years they achieved a lot. They presented four Extraits de Parfum, worked with renowned perfumers and most of all, people love their creations. They are also happy that brand listens to their needs by introducing smaller sizes into their offer. Contact with customers really matters nowadays.

To celebrate all of the achievements from the last two years Jul et Mad is organizing a special anniversary draw and they asked for my and Chemist in the Bottle assistance. I am honored and very happy to help. To participate all you have to do is to leave a comment telling us what is your favorite fragrance from JUL ET MAD offer and why do you like it so much? How does it make you feel? If you haven’t yet tried Jul et Mad creations – don’t worry – tell us which one would you like to try first and why you picked it. Participants are also kindly asked to like Jul et Mad Facebook page.

Among everyone who will leave a comment about their favorite Jul et Mad perfume we will pick 1 (one) lucky winner, who will receive Le Compagnon – the brand’s new 20ml elegant and sleek dark gray glass travel spray with an extrait of their choice. The contest is open until October 31st (Friday) and it has no country limitations, anyone all over the world can enter. Only one entry per person please. I’ll announce the draw results in early November in a separate post. Good luck and…


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39 thoughts on “Jul et Mad 2nd anniversary draw

  1. Vlada says:

    Happy Birthday Jul et Mad!
    My favorite is Amour de Palazzo. It’s a warm,deep and dark.
    Thank you for the draw!

  2. robert says:

    Bon anniversaire Jul et Mad! My favorite is Amour de Palazzo. It is elegant and darkly sophisticated.

  3. Natalie Kock says:

    I totally get what you mean, Lukasz. I love the brand and their storylines. Love stiletto’s on Lex and would love to try their new perfume. My heart however firmly goes out to Amour de palazzo. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! There are only a few drops left in my love dose, so getting a tiny chance of winning would be great.Thx for the draw!

  4. Carla Meiners says:

    Thanks so much for the drawing. I have not tried this line as yet, but would love to experience Amour de Palazzo!!

  5. shellyw says:

    I believe I first read about Aqua Sextius here on Chemist. A few notes such as mimosa and cedar seemed interesting together. In addition the marine accord is new to me, I would like to try it out more in real life. I like the back story to the company as well. Happy 2nd anniversary to all.

  6. somethingsknitting says:

    Happy anniversary, to you both! I have loved my sample of amour de palazzo. It reminds me of vintage vol de nuit actually, which I am obsessed with. They both make me feel impossibly elegant and cozy at the same time. Thank you for the draw!

  7. Connie says:

    Happy anniversary! I haven’t been lucky enough to try and Jul et Mad fragrances, but they all sound amazing. I love warm animalics, so Amour de Palazzo would be the one I would want to try first.

  8. Aaron J says:

    I have yet to try and Jul et Mad fragrances, however based on a note breakdown I would like to try Amour de Palazzo

  9. Maria Ho says:

    Always fun with a draw (even though I am always unlucky ;)).
    I haven’t had the chance to sample any of their scents but Stilettos on Lex is one of the best perfume names ever! Always cracks me up. In a good way. Furthermore I think it would be my preferential scent from the line.
    Happy 2d anniversary!

  10. Jackie b says:

    Good morning, and thank you for this draw! I have not had the chance to sample any Jul et Mad fragrances, but love the sound of Amour de Palazzo, it sounds so rich and sumptuous. Isn’t the colour of Aqua Sextius gorgeous, just like sea glass.

  11. Thanks for the draw!! I’ve unfortunately never had the opportunity to try a Jul et Mad fragrance, but I’ve contemplated samples of both Stilletos on Lex and Amour de Palazzo. If I had to choose only one, I would definitely aim to try the Amour de Palazzo first! The notes sound sumptuous – the reviews delectable – and the story so sweet and comforting.

  12. Margaret says:

    I have only been fortunate to sample one and that is Aqua Sextius and its done the impossible caught the freshness of a Chypre with warmth and wrap around comfort and it looks so fresh in colour πŸ™‚

  13. motto1410 says:

    Happy aniversary, Jule and Mad!

    I don’t have any of Jule et Mad, not tried them, but given the oportunity IΓ€d start from Terrasse Γ  St-Germain for different reasons – romantic name, which obviously carries a meaning for the couple, and the notes. Recognision ar FiFi 2010 also plays a role. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks a lot for the draw!

  14. Sara says:

    I’ve not had the opportunity to try a Jul et Mad yet, but oh my goodness Amour de Palazzo seems to have all of my favourite notes in one perfume! Pepper, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg, Violet, Cedar, Leather, Patchouli, Labdanum, Oud, Amber, Castoreum – WOW!
    Thanks for the draw πŸ™‚

  15. Lillian Holloway says:

    Happy 2nd anniversary! I have heard so many spectacular views of these fragrances. It is so hard to choose which one I would try first…but, since I have to choose I pick Stilettos on Lex.

  16. Happy Birthday Jul et Mad. Please don’t enter me Lucasz, already have the full collection. I wanted to say how much I enjoy the whole story of the range and thank them for introducing small sizes so I can buy and try. Excellent work all round.
    The frags are killer.
    Portia xx

  17. Rincoglionita says:

    Aqua Sextius is so great, especially in warm weather. Thanks for the draw, and happy anniversary, Jul & Mad!

  18. joseph sagona says:

    My favorite is Amour de Palazzo. thanks for the draw.

  19. Kevin says:

    Amour de Palazzo! I liked it very, very, very much!

  20. tomate farcie says:

    bonne anniversaire! Aqua Sextius, tough decision though!

  21. Undina says:

    Happy Anniversary to Jul et Mad! This is one of the brands for which I have warm feelings and whose progress I follow attentively. I really appreciate that they’ve created smaller bottles for their perfumes.
    Do not enter me into the draw: once I’m done with the smaller bottles that I have I will buy a FB of my favorite Amour de Palazzo… Unless I change my mind and go for Stilettos on Lex : -)

  22. Sylviap says:

    Amour de Palazzo please! Thanks sooo much!

  23. hajusuuri says:

    What a beautiful couple and you got to meet them, twice, this year! Lucky you! My favorite is also Amour de Palazzo. Please do not enter me as I already won a very generous gift from YOUR anniversary contest.

  24. maria says:

    Happy Birthday Jul & Mad!!! You have a beautiful brand ❀ Thanks for the draw you all! My favorite of the three first scents is Terrasse Γ  St Germain after very brief testing, though. I would love to study the line more. Will have to check the small sizes πŸ˜‰

  25. barbara says:

    Spices, wood, leather and violets – Amour de Palazzo! Wow! If I was a cat, I would roll in it.

  26. rickyrebarco says:

    Good afternoon Lucas. Stilettos on Lex is my favorite. Jule et Mad seem like such a lovely couple. I hope to purchase one of their perfumes later on this year.

  27. Fazal Cheema says:

    thanks so much for the lovely draw..among the samples i have tried my favorites is Amour de Palazzo…i still remember the story of how you two met….quite a random encounter which didn’t only led to marriage but even a perfume business. I hope I also meet someone like that πŸ™‚

  28. StaceyW says:

    I have a hard time choosing one as they are so unique and special but my latest favorite to sample would be Aqua Sextius. It makes me feel refreshed and energized. Thank you for this draw :).

  29. Lyubov says:

    Happy second anniversary to Jul et Mad! May there be many more, and shining bright!
    Lukas, you must feel incredibly glad that you have the first coverage of the event here, on your blog! I am proud of you, indeed! That is a fine example how the perfumers and the bloggers should work along! Thank you!
    Well, I am a Libra full of hesitations, and here I am, again, facing a tough decision – which of the fragrances to choose! Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any of Jul et Mad’s creations. Or maybe it’s a good thing, baring in mind I could have loved them all…However, revising through the pyramids and the available reviews, over and over again, I narrowed my choice down to two of the fragrances. I can put it like this – either I would pick the one that is more ME, or the one that I would more like TO BE! Hehe, it’s complicated!
    Aqua Sextius should be my mirror image, while Amour de Palazzo is probably an epitome of my darker side, which I would not let out easily.
    Surely, in Aqua Sextius, I may find the grapefruit, the green tea, the orange blossom, the fig and the musk exciting, or balancing, or even calming. That’s a good sign! Grapefruit is one my favorite fruits along with raspberries, peaches and…figs! I indulge green tea every day; the heart-warming memories of the orange blossom scented air of Corfu will linger in my mind forever, and the musk is an inevitable Π°ttractant to me ( I am not anosmic, but my skin is compliant – it almost always shows its lovable face on it, even Absolue Pour Le Soir and Muscs Koublai Khan). I am only a little concerned about the ozonic connotations, but certainly they only add a pinch of salt, not a day of headache to the perfume! The rest, cedar, amber, guaiac, labdanum – what’s not to like about them? πŸ™‚
    Amour de Palazzo must be another story. The darkest of all four. The bravest, as well. Precisely, that’s what I need at this point in my life – courage. Can a perfume gift me this trait of being bold? Can it possibly turn me into a more fearless and less indecisive person? I believe it can help a lot in some cases! Roar like a tiger, right? Moreover, the spice-violet-leather combo surely can fit between some of my acquisitions that I wear on special occasions, when I wish to conquer the world…or at least part of it πŸ˜‰
    I apologize for the long piece of answer, but I felt like I have to explicate myself.
    Thank you for the great chance, Lukas!

  30. Missi says:

    Happy anniversary! Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to try Jul et Mad perfumes, I think I would like Terrasse a Saint-Germaine, the notes look very good and I very much like the name :), Curious about how Terasse at Saint Germaine smells like :). Thank you for the draw!

  31. Irigomo says:

    What a lovely couple you are. Partners in every sense of the word and a beacon of light for those who seek something a bit magical too. It’s this bit of magic that creeps into the perfume. I wear amour de palazzo as a good luck elixir because I’m convinced the love you put in the creation of the perfumes will bring me something magical too.

  32. Happy anniversary! The only one I’ve tried so far is Amour de Palazzo… I absolutely fell in love with it. I’m definitely getting one for Christmas. Thanks for the draw! πŸ™‚

  33. Romaun Leggitts says:

    I’ve been following this brand for about a year and a half. The concept of two people falling in love. This story is really shows that love and marriage still is a beautiful thing. My favorite perfume in that collection is Amour de palazzo. That fragrance makes me feel so sophisticated like I need to be wearing a Tele made suit for special occasion, like going to dinner with my wife. I would love to win a bottle of this fragrance. Even if I don’t, I still will purchase A full bottle of it this year or early next year.

    God bless

  34. Annamaria tacchini says:

    aqua sextius is my favorite….happy birthday

  35. PETROS says:

    Happy anniversary!I like Amour de Palzzo but i fell in love with TERRASE A ST GERMAIN!!!!!Makes me feel happy and elegant with cool,chic and sweet aroma which changes constantly and pleasantly surprises me!

  36. Anna says:

    I love Stilettos on Lex πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Jul et Mad!

  37. Joley says:

    Happy birthday!
    Thank you for the draw and your amazing fragrances. My favorite is Amour de Palazzo… but Terrasse Γ  Saint-Germain and Stilettos I love too πŸ˜‰

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