4 weeks before Christmas – a guide to diffusers

Last week you participated in a poll in which I asked you if you would like to see some Christmas shopping guide here on the blog. 29 out of 33 people (87,88%) voted that they would be interested in reading such posts at Chemist in the Bottle. At the same time some of you expressed the interest in suggestions of interesting scent diffusers. To answer your needs I investigated a little bit around various websites and would like to share with you the ones that sounded especially nice.

Personally I don’t use scent diffusers at my home, so please keep in mind that the following suggestions were picked basically upon their visual appearance or the interesting sound of notes. I also tried to take the price into consideration. I didn’t have a chance to try any of the following scent diffusers and therefore I’m unable to discuss how they perform when in use. I decided to share with you what appealed to me and what I would possibly buy if I had some diffuser funds saved.

The first scent diffuser that had a really nice sound to it comes from Italian brand, Laboratorio Olfattivo. A cylindrical bottle made of transparent glass, with a white label with black letters on it is really kept in a minimalistic concept. There’s a black ribbon wrapped around the bottle neck which matched the black reed diffuser sticks perfectly. This diffuser looks simple and quite elegant and in my opinion it would fit any room in your house. There are 12 different scents available at the moment, of which 2 seemed very suitable for the upcoming Christmas season.

  • Cuore d’Ambra – with notes of lemon, cistus, cedar, patchouli, labdanum, tonka and vanilla;
  • L’Arancio e la Cannella – with notes of orange, cinnamon, white musk and orange blossom;

Each of these diffusers is 200ml and they cost ā‚¬40 (~$50)

Another diffuser that I wanted to show you also comes from the Italian niche perfume house, this time it’s Eau d’Italie. I know that in the past when I reviewed perfumes from this line some of you mentioned that you are not keen on trying these perfumes because the bottle looks like it’s a shampoo to you. Hope you will have a different view on their diffusers. A transparent bottle of this diffuser is kind of shaped like a pear, also reminding the shape of JAR Fragrances. On the front there is a logo of the brand as well as the name of the composition. The sticks have a natural brown color, you will receive 10 of them with your diffuser. It doesn’t looks as elegant as the previous one I showed you (the black makes it elegant, doesn’t it?) but I’m sure it smells really nice. 2 out of 8 compositions caught my attention and they sound ideal for winter.

  • Frankincense & Myrrh – with notes of incense, myrrh, amber and patchouli;
  • Sandalwood & Vanilla – with notes of sandalwood, vanilla, lavender flowers and pink pepper;

The size of these diffusers is 245ml and they’re priced at ā‚¬56 (~$69)

All of you most likely know the brand of Annick Goutal. Considered by many as one of the best brands to start exploring the world of niche perfumes with. The variety of scents can definitely broaden the horizons of any perfume lover who is willing to learn new things. Prices of their perfumes are also quite reasonable. When it comes to Christmas most of you have heard of a limited scented candle from Annick Goutal, called Noel. But did you know that Noel also comes in a scent diffuser? Now you can enjoy this Christmasy scent of pine, fir and citric notes not only when you’re burning a candle, but you can have it in the air for the whole Christmas time. Short cylindrical bottle made of transparent glass is decorated with golden details, such as brand logo, a ribbon-like line at the top of the flacon and a golden bottle neck.

For a 190ml diffuser you’ll have to pay ā‚¬70 (~$87) so it’s a bit more costly.

If the presented options were a little bit (or more than that?) expensive, here’s a more wallet-friendly option from Voluspa. This is not a very well-known brand I think but their home and personal fragrances have many fans here in Poland, that’s why I thought I would include this diffuser as well. There’s a special Christmas collection consisting of 3 different room fragrances in diffuser form. What makes them stand out a bit is the fact that the bottles have super intensive colors which is not very common for diffusers, especially the ones for Christmas. Colorful glass bottles don’t have any labels on them, there’s ony a Voluspa logo embossed in the glass. For a more intensive diffusion of the scent the creators equipped each diffuser with 18 long rattan sticks. Here are the Christmas scents for 2014, in orange, green, purple bottle respectively:

  • Cinnamon Ceylon & Copal – with notes of cinnamon, cassia, copal resin and amber;
  • Spruce Cuttings – with notes of royal Colorado blue spruce;
  • Visions of Sugar Plum – with notes of plum, dried cherry, sugar, toasted hazelnut and lemon zest;

A diffuser containing approx. 180ml of liquid (6 oz) costs $35

Hope you enjoyed this few suggestions and that maybe you will find among them one that will smell exactly how you wanted. If you know of some other fragrance diffusers that are worth knowing – do tell. Stay tuned for next week’s Christmas shopping guide – we’re gonna talk about candles!

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6 thoughts on “4 weeks before Christmas – a guide to diffusers

  1. jillie says:

    Thank you for listening!

    From my own experience, I once had a Voluspa diffuser and was very impressed with it – I think it outperformed a lot of expensive versions as it was a lovely perfume, had a very good throw and lasted a long time. The ones you mention sound delightful.

    My favourite at this time of year is the White Company’s Winter – gorgeous orange and cinnamon (I haven’t yet found another orange and cinnamon that I like as much), again with good diffusion. However, the White Company’s other diffusers haven’t appealed to me as I can smell the base in those and find it unpleasant.

    Crabtree & Evelyn’s diffusers also have a base that I don’t care for – but it could just be me.

    My husband has bought me Annick Goutal’s Noel diffuser as a pre-Christmas treat to cheer me up – I haven’t opened it yet, but am looking forward to it as I do like the Noel candle which brings a breath of fresh forest air to overheated, stuffy rooms.

    I have liked the Agraria diffusers that I have tried, but they are outrageously expensive, although they are excellent quality (I managed to get a couple on sale at a quarter of their price – I wouldn’t buy them for the full amount!).

    Your recommendations look very interesting – I wish I could smell them all.

  2. lucasai says:

    You’re welcome Jillie! There was a demand so I happily wrote this text. That’s great that you have a good experience with Voluspa diffuser. Good to know the fragrance was nice and strong enough.

    White Company’s Winter sounds super good, never heard of this brand but I wish I could smell it now.

    Oh wow, I hope that Noel diffuser looks as pretty as on the pictures on AG website!

    Sometimes we are lucky to find a great discount on quality product, don’t we?

    Keep warm!

  3. Sun Mi says:

    I really loved the way the voluspa cinnamon, ceylon and copal candle smells – I didn’t realize there was a diffuser! But I’m always a sucker for cinnamon. šŸ™‚ I recently got the pomander candle from diptyque (orange/cinnamon/spices) and the throw from within the box is divine hehe. One of these days I’ll get around to actually burning it.

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Hello sweetie, your choices sound really fabulous! The Eau d’Italie diffusers appeal to me the most. Have you thought about concocting your own?

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks Hajusuuri my dear.
      You mean if I’ve been thinking about making my own scent diffuser? No, I haven’t but now that you said it – it sounds like an interesting experience šŸ˜‰ So maybe one day

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