2 weeks before Christmas – travel-size perfumes

After scent diffusers and perfumed candles it is now the right time to talk about perfumes as Christmas gifts. As much as we all here love perfume, I think that fragrance is one of the trickiest presents that can be bought to someone dear to us. Why? Because perfume is a very personal thing, so it is best not to buy blind, but to purchase a flacon of perfume that we know that will suit our husband/wife etc. Full bottle is also quite a commitment, so why not to go smaller and buy a travel-size version? It will cost less, allowing you to buy one more small present.

In the following list I present to use my choice of perfumes in travel-size format that I would be very happy about if they found a place under my Christmas tree.

Starting with Aedes de Venustas. This year they have launched two great perfumes: Oeillet Bengale and Copal Azur. One is a spicy and fiery rose, a rose on fire that pretends to be a carnation. The other one is a mineral incense fragrance with a whiff of salty breeze from the ocean. 100ml is the only size they are offering, that’s too much for many and that’s when their travel atomizer come in handy. They come in sets of 3 x 10ml and there is also this beautiful golden case with zamak cap. It’s a little bling to treat yourself this Christmas and a stylish accessory to have.

Purse spray + 3 x 10ml refills cost $195, 3  x 10ml refills are $110

All fans of Italian niche perfume brand of Maria Candida Gentile will be happy that they have one more purchase option than buying a 100ml bottle. The brand is offering travel sprays as well. The line is varied and I’m sure anyone will be able to pick at least one they like a lot. Were I to choose, I would pick Leuco, my latest love from Flight of the Bumblebee collection. It smells of transparent smoke, tuberose, benzoin and spices. Delicious. The fragrances are quite strong so a little bottle will go a long way before it gets empty. All fragrances in the line, including the newest ones, are available in 15ml travel spray. In addition to that most of the older compositions are also available as 7ml splash miniature. Isn’t that great to have 2 options?

For 7ml splash mini you will pay €14 (~$18), 15ml travel spray costs €26 ($32)

Memo Paris has recently added a travel collection to the portfolio of their offerings. The scents premiered at Pitti Fragranze in Florence along with the latest perfume release, Italian Leather. Their collection is wide, having citrus, aromatic scents, as well as heavier, resinous, leathery and oud ones. Each set consists of three vials, 10ml each. There is also this beautiful travel case made of genuine leather and finished with golden details. When I look at it I think it’s the ideal gift for a nomad, for the explorer, the person who constantly seeks new experiences. Brown leather also makes me think of safari.

set 3 x 10ml: €96-114 (~$118-140), travel case (without perfume): €196 (~$240)

Carlos Huber from Arquiste is one of the coolest and easiest-to-talk guy in the perfume world. He’s also the one who can rock a floral pattern shirt like no-one else. All fans of this brand will be happy to know that after many queries from perfumistas about smaller sizes (especially now, that the brand is slowly transferring from 55ml to 100ml bottles) they decided to introduce travel sets. Each splay vial contains 5ml of a fragrance and you can actually unscrew the spraying mechanism to refill it, very handy if you have a bottle and want to take a little bit with you for a trip to somewhere. Scents are divided in 2 sets.

Florals travel set: 4 x 5ml (Flor y Canto, Fleur de Louis, Infanta en Flor, Boutonniere no. 7) – $70 (~€56); Citrus and woods travel set: 5 x 5ml (L’Etrog, L’Etrog Acqua, Alexandr, Anima Dulcis, The Architects Club) – $80 (~€65)

From the cutest couple who constantly share their passion for perfume with other people, Julien and Madalina – founders of JUL ET MAD. As a response to popular demand of introducing smaller sizes into their line they launched at first a little Love Dose, a 5ml splash mini that was designed to look like a miniature equivalent of their 50ml bottle. A little while later they created Le Compagnon, a stylish and compact 20ml travel spray, presented in an elegant vial made of dark-grey glass. Silver cap, logo and lettering nicely contract with the dark background. How could you resist the carnal smell of Amour de Palazzo, a metropolitan style of Stilettos on Lex, a crispy Terrasse a st-Germain or summery Aqua Sextius?

5ml Jul et Mad Love Dose mini costs €22,50 ($29), shipping included. Le Compagnon is priced at €95 ($110) for 20ml; all 4 fragrances are available in both formats

I’m absolutely sure that there are much more brands that offer perfumes in travel-friendly sizes and I don’t know about them. So if you know of any other brand that offers smaller sizes packaged in some pretty bottles or offered at a very reasonable price, please let us know in the comments below, so that we can all explore and maybe find a gift for someone. Which one would you like to receive?

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10 thoughts on “2 weeks before Christmas – travel-size perfumes

  1. I love the travel size concept. It seems that it’s catching on which is good thing!

  2. hajusuuri says:

    This is a nice collection with something for everyone. While I think 5 mL is the perfect size for travel, the 9-20 mLs size is my preference to have enough of something.

    A classic that should be considered is the travel atomizer from Chanel. It is very protective and I think that black case and the twist up opening is very elegant.

    • lucasai says:

      I completely agree. 5 to 10ml is great to put into your cosmetics bag and take with you on a trip but 15-25 is the great amount that will last for a while.

      Does Chanel travel atomizer only come for their regular fragrances? I remember seing 20ml (I think?) lipstick-like travel sets for Allure Homme and Bleu de Chanel

  3. Ashley A says:

    I’m so excited about the Arquiste sampler and the Jul et Mad travel sizes. I have only tried Boutonniere No. 7 from Arquiste, and really want to try Anima Dulcis and Infanta en Flor. I want to try all of the Jul et Mad’s, but Aqua Sextius is most appealing to me, so these are certainly going on my Christmas Wish List!

  4. Laurels says:

    Holy crap, your headline just induced a mild panic in me. I guess I’ve spent enough time tonight reading blogs. Merry Christmas, and thank you for the roundup of travel sizes.

    • lucasai says:

      Mild panic because it’s only 2 more weeks until Christmas?

      • Laurels says:

        Yup. I’ve finished my shopping, and today I mailed packages, and the lights are up on the house. That still leaves decorating the inside of the house, wrapping anything I didn’t mail off, baking, and the stocking I’m embroidering for my cousin’s daughter, which somehow is less than half finished. It’s supposed to rain very heavily here in Southern California for the next two days, though, so I’m planning to not leave the house until Monday, and get as much done as I can. In January, though, when I can afford to shop for perfume again, your guide will be very helpful.

        • lucasai says:

          Yay for finished shopping. Good luck with all the preparations plans for the weekend and am glad to hear that this guilde will be useful to you later 🙂

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