Hear it! Smell it! Introduction to Esxence 2015

Last year in March I experienced the most amazing adventure in my life so far. Guided by the need of discovering new things fragrant I made my steps to participate in Esxence. With a press pass in my hand I took a flight to Milan (it was the first time I’ve flown by myself) to join 4 days of fragrance festival. That was an amazing experience and a valuable lesson. I learned some more things about perfumes themselves, about the creating, distributing process. I met many friendly people, made a lot of new friends and contacts but most of all – I finally get to say “hi” to people I had email contact with. What amazed me was their openness, whoever I met I felt like we were long-time friends.

In this place I’m happy to announce the good news, that I have just been accepted to participate in 2015 edition of Esxence – The Scent of Excellence. With a press pass again I will be able to go behind the scenes and discover more things than regular visitors will be able to explore. I’m flying few inches above the ground with excitement. The 7th edition, taking place between 26th and 29th of March changes the event location and invites all participants to The Mall, a modern and futuristic building of glass and steel, located in Porta Nuova Events District. The concept of upcoming fair is also thrilling as it combines music and perfumery. Both have many things in common, the artistry, the chords, which played in the right way give a wonderful music piece or a perfectly balanced fragrance. Current list of exhibitors lists 140 brand names and it’s still growing, I’m sure it will exceed 200, or even get close to 300. This year also marks the appearance of Esxkin – the Excellence of Beauty, a section dedicated to cosmetic products. There will be so much to see, smell and hear.

For the edition 2015 Chemist in the Bottle has become an official media partner of the event, I will be keeping you updated about news and my preparations before the fair, as well as I will do my best to provide you a live report while I’m there. My excitement will grow week after week. And if you’re going to Esxence too, let me know. I’ll be happy to have a sniffing company, or eat dinner together.

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18 thoughts on “Hear it! Smell it! Introduction to Esxence 2015

  1. hajusuuri says:

    Wahoo! Sounds like you’re in for another thrilling ride!

  2. rickyrebarco says:

    This is wonderful news, Lucas. I’m so excited that you are going- wish I could go, too! It sounds heavenly- have a glorious time!! We are all looking forward to your reports.

  3. jillie says:

    That’s marvellous! Wish we could all go with you, but it will be almost as good to read your report instead.

  4. Undina says:

    Great! Congratulations, Lucas! I look forward to reading your reports.

  5. I’m sooo jealous, Lucas! I’m so looking forward to you report!! 🙂

  6. Holly says:

    Congratulations! Another feather in your cap! I can’t wait to hear about your adventure!

  7. Hey Lucas. Well done again! I’m definitely going so will be keen to catch up and have a dinner / drink / coffee and a perfume chat. I’ll contact you a bit closer to the time. I presume there’s an email contact on your blog. My email is megainstmaxime@gmail.com

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