Monday Quick Sniffs, part 27

I honestly can’t believe that last time I wrote Monday Quick Sniffs was back in October 2014! When did this time pass, does anybody know? I apologize for such a long break (especially you Hajusuuri, I know you love MQS) and without further ado I present to you the next part of this series.

In late 2014 the skin care/make-up/perfume house of Terry de Gunzburg launched two new floral compositions focused on rose. Those were Rouge Nocturne and Rose Infernale. I was especially keen on trying the first one and luckily I got a chance to do so when I was in Florence. Rouge Nocturne begins with a sheer and bubbly note of pink champagne which shortly transforms into darker and more complex being. Rose petals in this perfume become more intensively red with every minute. The smell of roses grows stronger and more full-bodied. Then it gains weight when patchouli joins the composition and some spicy notes make it more piquant and vibrant. Spices are not specified but I’m guessing black pepper, maybe some nutmeg as well. The drydown is more balsamic (with a delicate suggestion of oud.) All in all Rouge Nocturne doesn’t contain many notes but it’s a nice-smelling creation.

Last year the American niche perfume boutique – MiN New York debuted with their own collection – Scent Stories Vol. 1 consisting of 11 fragrances. Magic Circus is a nice and funny perfume name and when you hear it you probably will think this perfume might smell of popcorn or something. Well, you were close. Magic Circus opens with a sweet aroma of candy floss which immediately suggests pastel pink color. After a couple of minutes it is followed by sticky and hedonistic aroma of caramel. Surprisingly this perfume is not a premonition of sugar overdose. After a while the perfume becomes more crunchy with peanut accord (mind you, they smell a bit roasted to me.) There is also this specific crispy vibe provided by geranium (and apple?) Additional notes include pink pepper, woody notes and bergamot. MiN New York Magic Circus smells young and playful and the only audience that should wear it in my opinion are energetic teenage girls.

Eau Ambree from Chabaud is a very nice and very (very!) subtle composition. It begins with a refreshing twist of bergamot and lemon zest drizzled with a few drops of their sour juice. The perfume gains floral tones after a few minutes. At first there is an uplifting aroma of neroli, which is like a cold shower on a hot day. Then enters the dewy rose and powdery iris which tends to dominate over the composition. The powdery phase lasts for a while and then Eau Ambree becomes slightly balsamic and sweet thanks to caramely benzoin. Then benzoin slowly transforms into a nice leather that smells like a new bag. Shame all this happens only 10 centimeters above skin and from further distance the perfume can be barely noticed. Otherwise it would be something to lust over, especially when it comes to leathery facet. My chase after great leathers continues…

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6 thoughts on “Monday Quick Sniffs, part 27

  1. hajusuuri says:

    Woo hoo! Monday Quick Sniffs is back! The short reviews give me a quick snapshot and help me sort through and categorize perfumes into worth a sniff or fuggedaboutit. From this group, the Terry de Gunzburg Rouge Nocturne and Chabaud Eau Ambree sound promising. As to the MIN New York exclusives, they can stay exclusive to the MIN club or whatever that group is called. I’ll be with the masses and sample and enjoy the perfumes available for the hoi polloi.

    As to your quest for great leathers…have you tried Puredistance M?

    • lucasai says:

      Short reviews are good overview and they allow to select what is potentially interesting among sea of fragrance. Your choices are good, Rouge Nocturne and Eau Ambree are better two in this Quick Sniffs.

      Are those MiN fragrances so exclusive? I didn’t know.

      of course I tried Puredistance M, it’s gorgeous

  2. Undina says:

    I think I’ve seen the first perfume (maybe even smelled from the bottle but don’t remember anything about it), read about the second one and haven’t even heard about the third brand. And from your descriptions it’ll probably stay this way 😉

  3. Ashley A says:

    I love the name Magic Circus, but I’m not sure it sounds particularly appealing to me. The Eau Ambree, though, that sounds really wonderful. Even though I haven’t smelled it, it does bum me out that it stays so close to the skin, but it still sounds like it would be up my alley. Thanks for the “Quick Sniifs”!

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