Sunny smile, Gabriella Chieffo Camaheu

Winter this year wasn’t really good for me. There wasn’t much snow and the temperatures were not awfully cold. That wouldn’t actually bother me since winter is a time for snow and cold. What bothered me more was the lack of sun. Thick layer of gray and heavy clouds were hanging above my head and they didn’t let a single ray of light to break through. It almost felt like a constant and never-ending evening. The world was dark and sad. People could easily get depressed.

Luckily the weather has finally changed. For the last 1-2 weeks the Sun was shining through white, wool-like clouds. There were even days with no clouds at all. That brought back some optimism to people’s lives and as it got warmer, birds started singing louder and first green buds start to appear on trees that means that spring is getting closer. And that is when I re-discover the most suitable perfume for right now. Ladies and gentlemen, acclaimed perfume lovers, meet Camaheu.

Gabriella Chieffo and her maison de parfum debuted for the first time at one of the best places they could, at Pitti Fragranze in Florence. A mecca of all things fragrant, where people from around the world gathered to share their passion and emotions. Due to unusual stand decorated with white pebbles and paper flowers the interest for this brand was very common among visitors. Camaheu is one of four perfumes that launched at that time (mind Gabriella just presented new scent, it will debut at Esxence this March). I liked it but I prefered to wait for the right season to review it. The timing is perfect now.

How does it smell? Camaheu opens with prominent and bright accord of zesty and juicy bergamot. It smells very lively, energetic and absolutely mouth-watering. It also smells very realistic, like a real citrus. Within a couple of minutes the opening citrus accord becomes stronger thanks to grapefruit essential oil. Now this blend smells very aromatic and spacious, like an open air, filled with citrus tones. Grapefruit specific property is that it has both sweet and sour elements which are both present in this Gabriella Chieffo creation as well. Citrus is just a beginning for this fragrance.

After a while, like 20 or 30 minutes Camaheu develops this enchanting green aroma. Ivy brings the feeling of light and airy morning in the garden behind a countryside house. It is green, sappy with a noticeable aroma of flower and green stems. It is also very crispy and still really aromatic. To me there are also hints of geranium and a tiny bit of mint too but those notes are not mentioned as part of this composition. Camaheu feels refreshing, positive and quite relaxing.

As the time passes by, Gabriella Chieffo Camaheu slowly keeps unveiling the other notes it hides within its structure. At 2 hours mark it presents a gracious floral tones of combined rose and jasmine. Rose note is very pretty here. It’s more pink than bright red and has a slightly cosmetic vibe that immediately brings the association of very light blush on your cheeks. Jasmine on the other hand is feels surprisingly clean and dewy in this composition. When I smell it I envision a very pretty woman wearing gentle white dress that dances as the zephyr blows. Camaheu, similarly to Lye is a perfume that feels pure and innocent.

In the next couple of hours the fragrance has a really great sillage and as my nose catches the fragrant molecules of Camaheu, I can smell crispy ivy, delicate roses and jasmine. It feels like a greenhouse filled with roses on a very early spring day. Drydown on this scent is just as beautiful as its earlier stages. We have here a sensuous, slightly erotic amber accord paired with powdery, tonka-like vanilla. At the same time oakmoss adds a woody substance to the base and makes it lasts for several more hours. Each time I smell my wrist it feels nice… and I smile.

Camaheu by Gabriella Chieffo is an aromatic fougere composition that feels so right to wear on the first days of sunny weather after many weeks of cloudy and saddening winter (without snow and frost). On my skin it feels clean, fresh and optimistic. Its decent sillage and lasting power that oscillates around 8-10 hours will allow you to enjoy it all day long, especially when you like the smell of citrus and fresh cut flowers combined with more substantial, woody-ambery base. This fragrance is available as eau de parfum in 100ml cube-shaped flacons with a stone cap.

[note] pictures via press and; also see Camaheu visual.

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14 thoughts on “Sunny smile, Gabriella Chieffo Camaheu

  1. jillie says:

    This sounds gorgeous – and you’re right, it is full of the promise of happiness and spring, which we need after a depressing winter.

    I wonder if it would be a good replacement for Annick Goutal’s sadly discontinued Eau de Camille? I loved the ivy note in that – it was a bright, sharp, dewy green and was softened with pink roses (to my nose) but the shimmering emerald lasted throughout. No soft base though.

    • lucasai says:

      Glad you think so Jillie πŸ™‚
      We need a lot of optimism now to recover after rather depressing winter.

      I don’t know about the replacement as I never tried Eau de Camille, or maybe I tried it but don’t remember it at all. I tried Goutals a long time ago…

  2. Sun Mi says:

    The drydown you describe sounds really lovely lucasai! Thanks for highlighting this for us. πŸ™‚

  3. Holly says:

    This sounds lovely! Thank-you for brightening my dreary day with this review. I just discovered that STC has Lye to sample, so hopefully this one will make it over to the US as well. Sending hugs πŸ™‚

    • lucasai says:

      Glad your day became brighter thanks to this review.
      Oh, you got to try Lye, it’s my favorite from Gabriella Chieffo, hope STC will have the others available soon

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Hello my dear…this sounds lovely and perfect for the first signs of spring. Today, we had spring-like weather but it is sandwiched by yesterdays frigid temperatures and SNOW and then tomorrow it will start dropping into the teens and then into the single digits on Monday night into Tuesday morning. If I sound like a weather newscaster, it’s because that’s all we hear all day long.

    • lucasai says:

      Hello sweetie. Yes, it does smell like a promise of spring. Sorry to hear that the wather in the US is so moody lately. Keep warm and positive, spring is coming

  5. rickyrebarco says:

    This sounds really lovely, Lucas. Like a ray of sunshine that we all need now. I will put Camheu on my must try list. I’m especially interested in the floral notes that emerge in the drydown. Have a great week!

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