Because I’m happy, Puredistance White

All signs on the land and in the sky prove that spring is right behind the corner. After particularly grey winter with sunlight deficiency the things are finally changing… And those are some good changes. We’re getting more sunny days with clear sky and when I wake up in the morning, week after week I can observe how brighter it is outside. On my way to work I can spot more and more trees with green buds and tiny wee leaves. Together with blooming spring some new fragrance releases take place and a perfume I want to tell you about today is particularly interesting.

This spring the Netherlands-based exclusive niche perfume house of Puredistance will be launching a brand new fragrance named White. Composition of this scent begins on my skin with a gentle zesty touch of bergamot that tingles inside of your nose. However it disappears in a blink of an eye, moving on towards a sophisticated flower bouquet. First floral note to appear on my skin is rose, a May rose to be precise. The first impression it gives me is a pastel color flower in sheer pink, having very fragile, silky petals. As White accommodates on my skin this rose accord starts to emanate different aspects of a flower. It might become tad like a tea aroma for a few minutes and it can move towards slightly green direction, giving me the feeling like I was smelling some crispy foliage. Pretty is too small to justify the beauty of this note.

The longer your wear Puredistance White the more attention it seems to get because I’m smelling my wrist more often right now. At the moment the new perfume from Dutch maison de parfum smells to me of musk. It’s a beautiful and at the same time huge cloud of musk, a musk that is fluffy, creamy and vanillic. Calling it clean would be a mistake as it doesn’t smell of freshly done laundry. It smells of lactonic notes and flowers. At some point it even veers towards gourmand a little bit but it never gets edible. There is a pleasant level of sweetness that blends with the floral shades of rose.

Reason why White will never be perceived by me as edible perfume is the use of tonka bean. It appears just a little bit later than musky note and it plays a significant role in creating a right flavor of this fragrance. As much as musk might be kind of vanillic and fluffy here, tonka bean adds a beautiful aroma that it warm, mildly spicy and sensual at the same time. There is also something sexy about this chord, maybe even a little bit provoking – in a good way.

Hours pass and White by Puredistance is still keeping the same (or almost the same) level of power as it had right at the beginning. At the moment the balsamic and aromatic concoction that was created with musk and tonka transforms into something more substantial, something material that you could almost touch. Sandalwood essence that was used in this Master Perfume is simply divine. It does feel woody but at the same time the surface of the wood is so shiny, smooth and polished that it possibly could’ve been mistaken for silk fabrics.

And since tonka and musk are not completely gone yet the effect obtained when these 3 entwine and blend into one seamless being is simply divine and uber luxurious. Such creamy and indulging woody note… I simply want to eat it now! For many hours White is a perfume that could be described as senuous, delectable. After around 6 hours I start to smell the accord of noble iris. It smells slightly powdery at first but since it’s the orris root that was used the smell gets a bit more earthy and dry woody but only for a second before orris melts into exclusive buttery aroma.

This soft and buttery texture melts on your skin, surrounding you with the fragrance that I really find hard to describe. It smells extremely precious and luxurious. It’s a very elegant perfume with a va-va-voom factor. In my case Puredistance White remained in this amazing form for the rest of the day, providing me with the most exquisite orris root note served on a plate made of creamy sandalwood. So addictive. Puredistance team wanted to create a fragrance that will make everyone feel instant happiness upon sniffing this new perfume. In my opinion… they nailed it!

White is a first new launch from Puredistance since Black in 2013. Interesting fact about the new fragrance is that it has been developed earlier but Jan Ewoud Vos and perfumer Antoine Lie (who also did Black for this brand) were not happy with the result and decided to start the creative process all over again. Almost 2 years of waiting were all worth it. The result is an exquisite perfume of impeccable longevity (+14 hours) and a very good sillage. White is a pure perfume extrait with 38% perfume oil. It will be available as 17,5ml, 60ml and 100ml.

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21 thoughts on “Because I’m happy, Puredistance White

  1. jilliecat says:

    Sounds almost good enough to eat. And if the musk is not laundry musk I would definitely give it a try. Anything that lasts that long these days is also a great benefit. Pretty, sensual, comforting and quality – and Lucas likes it, so it must be good!

    • lucasai says:

      Exactly! Right? There’s nothing laundry like about this musk and I think you’d love White.
      How is your nose doing? I can toss in some White into the package

  2. realbliss says:

    You have made this sound just luscious!

  3. poodle says:

    I’m seeing good reviews on this one which makes me want to give it a try. I’m not in love with all the perfumes in this line but even the ones that aren’t something I’d wear are still extremely well done fragrances and are worth trying. Your mention of the sandalwood note has definitely gotten my interest.

    • lucasai says:

      There will be more reviews coming shortly as Puredistance sent some samples to the bloggers, they will be getting their vials of White soon.
      Even if you don’t love them all, Puredistance perfumes are extremely well made

  4. Lovely review. I’m wearing it today and the sandalwood, iris and tonka are superb! It’s pretty good!

  5. Holly says:

    I’m looking forward to this one!

  6. hajusuuri says:

    This sounds super fabulous! Puredistance perfumes ARE very well made.

  7. This is a house I definitely have to try. Thanks for the review – this sounds loooovely.

  8. seeandsmell says:

    I haven’t sniffed this one yet, but it seems very tempting. I am rather fond of May rose and creamy fragrances in general. As I was browsing around in a perfumery just last week, searching for that *special* perfume for my June wedding, the SA mentioned White as something to definitely try out once it hits the shelves. The promo shot really does look wedding-ly. šŸ™‚ I currently have Kurkdjian’s new perfume in mind or Creed’s Love in white, but White judging from your review seems like an option between these two worth considering. Well, definitely a perfume to try anyway, regardless of the purpose.

    Oh, any by the way: it’s my first time here, hello!

    • lucasai says:

      It is luscious and it’s definitely worth trying. And yes, woman on the visual looks like she was wearing a wedding dress. And the scent, being so floral and creamy would really suit to be a wedding perfume. I haven’t tried Kurkdjian’s La Rose, only heard it’s very sheer and feminine.

      Thanks for stopping be, welcome šŸ™‚

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