Winners of spring giveaway with Puredistance

After a succesful analysis of all giveaway entries, Puredistance team and I were finally able to pick the winners. I’m also happy to admit that our choices were basically the same and the lucky trio has been selected unanimously.

Without any further ado I announce that the winners of spring giveaway with Puredistance are:

  • rickyrebarco
  • mridulakoshy
  • Veronica

Congratulations! We thought that your interpretations of what happiness is… were the most beautiful, touching and coming straight from the heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with people at Puredistance and with me. Each of you three will receive a 2ml spray sample of new Puredistance White. Please send me your postal details through blog contact form until Friday, 17th of April so that I can forward them to Puredistance and arrange a shipping.

Many thanks to all participans and to Puredistance team who made this giveaway possible.

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8 thoughts on “Winners of spring giveaway with Puredistance

  1. Anka says:

    Congratulations to the winners – off I go to order a sample now…

  2. see & smell says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    Thanks Lucas. I’m thrilled to be a winner/
    Will try to leave details, in middle of Atlantic at the moment..

  4. mridulakoshy says:

    Thank you Lucas. I am thrilled. I will leave the details right away.

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