Rose of Semiramida, Jul et Mad Nin-Shar

Wouldn’t you agree with a statement that good idea for a fragrance is like 50% (or maybe 30%, no less) of a hard work that has to be done before a succesful perfume will be released to the market? When it comes to concept behind a scent, Jul et Mad know how to do it right. They charmed many of us with their four-chaptered love story. This season Julien and Madalina take a foray into different grounds by launching Les White, a new collection inspired by ancient civilizations and their beauty.

This new trio was gloriously introduced to the public during Esxence 2015. I was very happy when Madalina personally invited me to sit by the table they had at a stand and she introduced me to the new collection, talking in detail about each fragrance. Just upon first sniffing I knew one fragrance attracted my attention more than the other two. It was Nin-Shar. This particular fragrance was inspired by the Babylon and its Hanging Gardens. I don’t know much about ancient civilizations, I’ve never been an ace at history when I was going to school. All I know is that it has the opulence that many fragrances don’t. A perfume for Semiramida.

On my skin Jul et Mad Nin-Shar opens in an intensive and rich manner the very moment I apply it. It immediately burst with a splash of tart bergamot that in my case disappears as fast as it appears. It’s just a blink of an eye. Just then I can smell the accord described as rose liquor. This is a very accurate description as I smell the alcoholic richness (a bit like rum) blended with dark and mysterious rose. Funny thing is that my skin somehow gives it a very delicate cherry undertone. After 20-25 minutes the perfume starts to develop more and more body. First it happens with davana accord. I’m not very fond of the note but here it entwines with liquory rose close enough.

Before the fragrance continues to evolve it takes over 45 minutes. That’s when rose starts to smell kaleidoscopic, multifaceted and complex. Nin-Shar contains a rose absolute obtained from Turkish rose. It’s very rich, pungent but at the same time very sensual and elegant. And it’s the best absolute of rose Jul et Mad could get as it comes from Robertet, which is renowned for highest quality of rose essences. Hand in hand with this amazing rose comes the jasmine flower. It makes the floral bouquet grow bigger, their smell amplified. Little indolic part brings a dramatic facet worth of Byzantine era. Once I smell it, I’m trapped, enslaved. It’s so luscious and erotic as hell.

Interesting thing about new Nin-Shar fragrance is that it’s a real shape-shifter. Not only regarding the composition that evolves with time but it’s also influenced by the person who wears it. As I was spending my time with Julien and Madalina all of us wore this fragrance and on each of us it smelled different. Beautiful rose was in unison for all of us, but other notes were playing differently. In my case it was the patchouli that had the most echoing voice. They used a selected fraction in this Les White perfume. Thanks to that process it lacks the unpleasant rotting leaves odour but smells purely earthy/woody in a pretty way that was more than acceptable for someone like me, who doesn’t like patchouli in their daily fragrance. I’m enjoying it, slowly falling for it badly.

Patchouli & rose concoction makes me swoon for the next couple of hours without taking any drastic, noticeable changes. Not earlier than after 5 hours of wearing Nin-Shar it begins to move towards its own base notes. First sign of that is the fast that the composition becomes even more substantial. The perfume “gains weight” mainly with the woody accords of cedarwood and sandalwood. Both have been presented here in more realistic way, with their roughness and some of dirty naughtiness as well. There’s also a bit of oud to make this Jul et Mad fragrance more shady.

At some point these woods become remarkably smoother thanks to the balsamic note of benzoin that makes the woody part smell more round and sophisticated. Benzoin is a carrier of pleasant balmy richness that has been sweetened with a hint of vanilla. Tandem of benzoin and vanilla is quite common and it usually never fails. It certainly didn’t fail in Nin-Shar. Final touch to this perfume is a smoky yet transparent-ish incense accord that calms this perfume blend and allows it to slowly fade away.

Nin-Shar is one out of three fragrances that build Jul et Mad Les White collection. Common question at Esxence was – “why Les White?” It’s because their name is Blanchard (Blanche – white), friends started calling them Les White and since this collection represents their fascination for old cultures, it’s like their DNA, so it stayed like that, Les White. Nin-Shar is an extrait de parfum developed by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur. Trio will be available as of May in Love Dose format, as a collectible edition (50ml flacon with gold frame, gold Nomad travel spray in white lacquered box) and as simplified edition (called Love Basic, matte glass finish instead of gold, no travel spray included, neat carton box). Personally I found the Love Basic to be enough gold details for me. If you’re looking for rich, intensive rose of oriental background, something that lasts for 14 hours and projects like an invisible veil behind you, Nin-Shar is for you.

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7 thoughts on “Rose of Semiramida, Jul et Mad Nin-Shar

  1. Undina says:

    This one sounds amazing and I will definitely try the whole collection once it becomes available: it’s such a nice brand and I really appreciate the variety of sizes they offer.

    Do you plan to review the other two perfumes in the line?

    • lucasai says:

      Glad you feel encouraged to try Les White. I know you like Jul et Mad work.
      I agree, it’s so great to have the ability to chose from various options. For the moment there are no plans to launch Les White in Le Compagnon 20ml spray, but maybe they’ll get to that later 😉

      Yep, I think I’ll review the others too, a bit later though

  2. jillie says:

    This sounds amazing and right up my street as I am really into rose at the moment (for some reason rose is one of the notes that my silly nose is finally able to detect after months of anosmia). I also love the thought of rose liquor – my husband bought me a bottle of Polish Rose Vodka which was most enjoyable!

    I am glad that it has depth and longevity too, and it seems to work magic on its wearers.

    Les White makes me smile – I once knew a man whose name was Les (short for Leslie) White!

    • lucasai says:

      Great to hear that as I was planning to send you a sample of this beauty.
      I love Rose Vodka or Rose Wine 🙂
      You’ll be happy with longevity of Nin-Shar 🙂

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