Monday Quick Sniffs (on Tuesday), part 28

This week I decided to catch up on Quick Sniffs so they might be appearing once again later in the course of the week. This part is a bit delayed (it’s not Monday anymore…), hope you don’t mind.

Panorama is the latest addition to Celine Verleure’s brand Olfactive Studio. This fragrance is a 7th creation from this house and it follows the concept of coupling scent with photography. Click here for a photo that served as inspiration for Panorama, shot by Miguel Sandinha. The perfume itself is prominently, not to say extremely green. It starts with an avantgarde and unusual wasabi accord. Yes, wasabi! It’s very intensive and has this sort of fresh spiciness that literally drills through your nose and goes right up your sinuses. After a while verdancy becomes even stronger with the smell of freshly cut grass and fig leaves that add more sappy and slightly milky sensation to the blend. There is also a generous dose of balsam fir that combined with the other notes provide a true aromatic facet to this fragrance. Violet leaf introduces a crispy, crunchy vibe that has been deepend with labdanum and galbanum resins. As the time flies the green shade slowly fades from vivid to more pastel one and it’s resins that set further direction of development. There is also some cardamom that adds a nice touch of spiciness and also myrrh that ensures the longer lasting effect of balsamic notes. Additional essences include lemon and bergamot but personally I didn’t find anything juicy or citric about Panorama. To me this perfume is a bit difficult and wasabi makes me think of it as “niche in niche.” This one will surely excite you if you’re really into bright and literally green compositions.

A la Rose is the newest (not anymore, after recently launched Oud Satin Mood) fragrance from perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and created for his own maison de parfum. Simple name indicates that the perfume is a tribute to rose and is meant to evoke pure femininity. The fragrance composition begins with a very mild citrus blend orange and lime with a small-ish hint of bergamot. Unfortunately there is nothing juicy or sparkling about these citric notes. They are just lying there, smelling rather flat and nobody really cares about them. After a few minute comes the rose. Notes pyramid claims using Turkey red rose and Damask rose. Really? I would expect something more potent and rich from these rose species. The fact is that MFK A la Rose smells utterly light and delicate. Roses combined with “flowers” (yes, it’s the name of the note!) smells very ethereal and without any serious substance. To tell the truth, at some close point I don’t even smell much of a rose, it got lost between “flowers” and aquatic, ozonic violet that becomes a tad more powdery over time. Composition also enlists cedar. Seriously? Where is it then? I don’t smell anything woody in this perfume and cedar is one of the more substantial and present woodsy accords in perfumes. This eau de parfum is undeniably feminine but I don’t think men or women will find anything particularly interesting about this perfume. But this is me, I know how I like my rose.

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16 thoughts on “Monday Quick Sniffs (on Tuesday), part 28

  1. Holly says:

    You made me laugh! Citric notes just lying there, and nobody cares about them. 🙂
    I agree, A la Rose doesn’t inspire me in the least. Panorama sounds “interesting” only because I have no idea what the wasabi accord would smell like in a fragrance. Although I love to eat wasabi. I don’t like the bottle shape and label in combination with the color of the juice at all, as it reminds me of a popular men’s aftershave: Mennen’s skin bracer.

    • lucasai says:

      Glad I could make you laugh.
      So you agree on A la Rose? Cool!
      Panorama is interesting to try but it’s perhaps one of those perfumes that one experiences and not necessarily wants to wear. At least not regularly

  2. Simon Tooley says:

    I like your Quick Sniffs and I am glad you are bringing them back! We received this last week and I put it on right away right out of the box….and probably too much and all over a sweater I was wearing at the time I was so excited to get it in the store. Yesterday I was wearing that sweater and I couldn’t get enough of it. Today I am wearing the fragrance fresh and I think you smell it like I do although I don’t find the wasabi that prominent and I love the spiciness that lingers. I think that it will be one I go back to more than I thought and I am surprised myself about that.

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Simon and good to see you again here! Hope you and Natalie are doing well.
      Regarding Panorama I think many people will find it thrilling or perhaps growing on them more and more as they will spend some more time with it.

  3. hajusuuri says:

    MQS is back and hajusuuri is doing the happy dance! I absolutely adore the green juice color of Panorama but the wasabi accrod is making me relictant to even try it; however, if a sample were to fall on my lap, I will consider trying it.

    I would rather watch grass grow than spend any more time thinking about the MFK rose and flowers.

  4. see & smell says:

    Panorama seems to turn out on your skin similarly to how it turns out on mine. I gotta admit, I also find it difficult. From what I’ve read here and there, it can vary greatly on different people on on some, it smells rather lush. Well, not on me much.

    I don’t detect cedar in A la rose either. However, I adore this perfume — how light, simple and refreshing it is. For me it’s a case of “less is more”.

  5. Wasabi I really can’t imagine in a perfume, especially combined with galbanum and the like. Really shudderful.

  6. johanob2014 says:

    It’s a pity the MFK Rose is soooo tame,you would have expected much more from the man!And given the array of seriously good rose-centred perfumes out there already,I’d also skip this one.Panorama sounds delectable on the other hand!Wasabi?Yum.

    • lucasai says:

      Oh yes, definitely.
      In last years rose fragrances have really developed into something more than just etheral pink petals, so one would want something better than this for the money.

      Glad you got interested in Panorama though

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