Ambrosia, April Aromatics Tempted Muse

With lilac in full bloom and chestnut trees blossoming all around you can really feel the spirit of spring. The season so far, as well as past winter have been very dry here but first strawberries start to appear on local bazaars, even though they’re more expensive than in 2014, due to the lack of rain. When it comes to perfume in spring I don’t know if you have noticed that too but this season offers a bounty of tuberose fragrances. Tanja Bohnig of April Aromatics also has composed a new perfume featuring this flower. After wearing it for a few times, I can share my impressions.

The perfume is named Tempted Muse and on my skin it immediately begins with a rich tuberose accord. I find it incredibly flowery and intense. Apart from feeling floral it almost feels buttery, it has this level of richness. Frangipani absolute and jasmine absolute highlight the narcotic features of white flowers. Right now the perfume smells slightly indolic on my skin with a distinctive smoky vibe that comes out of nowhere… The opening is a bit femme fatale if you ask me.

After a while the strength of white flowers drops and starts to harmonize with other notes. Those include rose (attar) that adds a nice red-pink shimmer to the composition. Giving Tempted Muse more time guides you to a very pretty tonka bean accord that has both spicy and creamy facets. Tanja enriched her new perfume with an awesome sandalwood note. It feels incredibly luxurious – it’s “substantially soft”, embracing and cuddly. Its texture is very creamy, even delicious.

As the time flies I can smell ylang-ylang. This tropical flower ideally fits into a creamy theme provided by Tempted Muse. My individual impression gave me a feeling here like I was smelling some coconut in a sweet form (think Raffaello!) – but there is not any coconut really, so it’s just a delusion created by ylang. New April Aromatics creation also features vanilla which has a nice, pudding-like sweetness. There is also some aniseed for a mild & muted spiciness.

After around 4,5 hours I smell a combination of fruity tones. The feeling given is not of fresh fruit but more like something that is not exactly a candied fruit and not a dried fruit either. I smell a bit of apricot, peach, plum. I sort of like the way this Tempted Muse evolves on skin. It started really big, bold and beautiful but as it changes over time it becomes more comfortable and easier to wear. From a more dramatic & theatrical thing it becomes more casual being.

To me this perfume is a challenge, as tuberose and jasmine have never been my favorites. Once in a while I would find an interesting perfume that would smell good on me and that would be featuring these flowers. In this case I can see myself wearing April Aromatics Tempted Muse once in a while. For a big occasion. Or if I wanted to dare the world to a challenge. This eau de parfum has a nice sillage and lasting power of around 7 hours. It’s available in 30ml bottle with clear crystals.

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11 thoughts on “Ambrosia, April Aromatics Tempted Muse

  1. rickyrebarco says:

    Good morning Lucas, this sounds amazing. I have not yet sampled any April Aromatics scents, but this one sounds like a must try! I hope all is well with you. My trip to Barcelona was wonderful. Amazing food, wonderful people, I want to go back!

    • lucasai says:

      My favorite from April Aromatics still remains Calling All Angels, a true churchy incense fragrance. But if you like tuberose, you might enjoy Tempted Muse a lot.
      Glad your Barcelona trip turned out fine

  2. Holly says:

    Howdy Lucas. Another lovely review! I like her stuff, but nope to tuberose! I tried Pichola, and while I knew it was well-done, I just can’t go there. Ditto for Lace Garden, which for about an hour I thought yay! I can do tuberose! Then it was downhill from there. 😉

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Love the review, Lucas! I am also not into tuberose but you made this sound like a must try!

  4. Undina says:

    Even though I hate tuberose, I will try this perfume if I get a chance because I like the brand, I like the name and I have a deep respect for the perfumer who manages to make all-natural perfume-smelling perfumes.
    Nice review and happy spring! 🙂

  5. […] fragrance creators from Indie houses. Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics successfully launched Tempted Muse and Purple Reign. Giovanni Sammarco introduced Ariel while Mandy Aftel composed Bergamoss and […]

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