Sands of the desert, Nishane Santalove

For those who want to be in the know, going to Esxence or Pitti Fragranze is a great thing as most renowned perfume names appear there as well as a handful of debutants can be met there. The latter one is always a chance of making a nice discovery. One of new brands that was featured in the Spotlight section of perfume fair (left-hand side of the expo area featured new brands making their first appearance) this spring was Nishane, a first niche fragrance house from Istanbul, Turkey.

Nishane debuted with 14 fragrances in extrait de parfum concentration. This seem to be too much to mark a start of the brand but the fragrances were developed in the course of past few years so the amount is acceptable when you know that. Of course there were a couple of fragrances that I liked more than the others and those will be probably reviewed at some point. For today I have a short note about Santalove. Just look at the name and you know it all. Yes! Sandalwood is a main theme of this perfume. But it’s done in a great way. It’s not monotonous but it’s also not accords galore.

The perfume blooms on my skin with a rich floral nuances of ylang-ylang. The feeling it has is very saturated and feels almost buttery. The flower itself has a dense and pretty structure that feels rather luxurious. There is also something slightly aldehydic to it and in my case I get an impression of fruity undertone going with this accord. The smell of banana is the one I seem to detect in the background. Ylang in Santalove lacks coconuty vibe, still to me it highly suggests a tropical climate.

After around 30 minutes a sandalwood accord appears. Here is where the perfume structure changes and from tropical areas we are being transported to someplace in the middle of the desert. Sandalwood here smells very warm and sunny. It’s also very rounded, soft and creamy with vanillic, pudding like finish. Despite being a substantive woody note if feels rather light but long-lasting on my skin. At this point a little bit of zesty freshness from bergamot also appears but this note is a fleeting one. Nishane Santalove highlights tender aspects of sandalwood in a lovely way and you get to enjoy it for a few hours before the other essences come forth.

4 hours later the composition of this perfume becomes more sweeter thanks to vanilla. The note is presented in a nice way. It’s definitely too sweet – it brings the desired portion of sweetness as well as a little bit of darkness. The latter one is enhanced with tonka bean. It brings this vividly aromatic and shimmering spiciness that has some coumarine in it as well as there are some woody & nut elements residing within it. When I smell Santalove few hours after spraying a little bit on my skin, it really makes me think of the desert, maybe about some oasis as well. Its warmth is reminiscent of sand warmed by the Sun. It also gives me the impression of some immortelle in it but this is probably just my imagination. (too much sand in my nose, haha!)

To shortly summarize – Nishane seems like an interesting brand to give it a try. Santalove feels luxurious; warm, cuddly and embracing. As for extrait de parfum it didn’t have much sillage on my skin but it didn’t bother me as I could enjoy it by smelling my wrists from up close. Longevity was impeccable and the scent was present by my side for all day long. The perfume is housed in 50 ml square transparent glass bottle with quite a big cap and label covering 90% of front facet.

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6 thoughts on “Sands of the desert, Nishane Santalove

  1. jillie says:

    Ah, dear Lucas, your blog has made me smile! I looked at the label on the bottle, saw the name “Santa Love” and thought that this was going to be inspired by Father Christmas!!! Aha, I said to myself, advance news of a perfume to wear in the festive season, probably with notes of pine, spices, wood smoke, mulled wine, reindeer and snow ……. (well, perhaps someone will indeed create a fragrance in honour of Santa Claus).

    Any way, once I stopped being silly, I was intrigued to read your beautifully descriptive review. I think that this perfume is actually a tribute to The Sheikh!

    Thank you for bringing us news of another perfume house. Wish I could keep up with them all ……

    • lucasai says:

      Oh, that’s good! If it really was a Father Christmas inspired perfume i wouldn’t review it in May probably 😉
      Thank you for a compliment about the review my dear. Yeah, it’s quite oriental and bit arabic.

  2. Holly says:

    Just like jillie, I was thinking of Santa Love, but was imagining it as a little more fruity floral girlie with cinnamon, orange and pine. Lol! Totally ignored “Sands of the desert” and was probably subconsciously inserting dessert.

    Anyway, this sounds lovely. I wonder if these will ever make it here to the US. Fourteen releases is certainly an explosion onto the scene!

    • lucasai says:

      Oh my, good call! No Santa in here yet though
      Dessert? Well, we all prefer that to desert I guess 😉

      Yes, it’s a lot to start with but Ramon Monegal was the same

  3. hajusuuri says:

    I also read “Santa Love” – it’s almost half- Christmas anyway. You celebrate that, don’t you? In any case, this one sounds so good to me.

    As to 14 fragrances at launch, despite the fact it took a few uears to develop them, I still think it’s too many. It reminds me of Ramon Monegal.

    • lucasai says:

      Of course you do sweetheart – with cinnamon tea and spiced chocolate maybe?

      Yeah, Ramon Monegal also popped up in my mind as a house with big debuting range

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