Solar beam, Von Eusersdorff Classic Orange

First days of June have brought surprisingly good weather. May was rather moody this year but so far June is providing a lot of sun to the joy of everyone. As the new month started I realized it’s only few more weeks until school will be over and children will start their summer vacation. On my long weekend I enjoyed some cycling and the warmth of the sun on my skin gave me a reason to reach for uplifting fragrance composition. Something lively, fresh but also toned down.

I have found what I wanted in Von Eusersdorff Classic Orange. And it’s strange since I got a sample of this perfume almost one year ago and this is the very first time when I’m trying it. Something just spoke at the back of my head – ‘give it a go!’ – so I did. New York based brand of Von Eusersdorff was established in 2011 and since then 6 perfumes were introduced. The fragrances are made in Grasse but the idea of New York dynamism is kept inside of the bottles. Classic Orange opens with a very true and realistic fragrance of blood orange. Now – how does blood orange smell? It’s more aromatic than regular orange and has a more tart, zesty vibe to it. This begining is super fresh, providing that energy kick that will allow you to start your day right.

It feels delightfully citrusy, especially that tart and zingy aroma of a citrus rind blends smoothly with the scent of orange pulp that delivers the smell of a freshly squeezed juice served in a chilled glass. Classic Orange in the opening is like a vitamin bomb. It’s the fragrance to lift your mood and ensure your day will continue with everything positive. 20, maybe 30 minutes later this fabulous smell of blood orange becomes significantly weaker. Also at this point the specific smell of albedo appears to complete the image of citrus. Now – you’ve got the whole fruit in this fragrance.

After a while Von Eusersdorff Classic Orange makes a progress and turns into a lush smell of osmanthus flowers. As I mentioned it some other time, osmanthus is a specific fragrance material due to having similar scent profile to apricot and also to tea. In case of this fragrance you’ll experience both of those facets. At first I smell the fruity aspect of apricot. This smells juicy but also fuzzy and slightly powdery. Tea impression on the other hand feels just a bit astringent and pleasantly green. Not like a tea brew but like dried tea leaves before you pour hot water over them.

Good thing is that green tea accord and osmanthus harmonize well and combined they give a nice green-floral-fruity trio that creates the feeling of freshness and purity without smelling soapy (not that I don’t like soapy clean fragrances, I love some of those). As the time flies Classic Orange develops a mildly powdery vibe that becomes musky as it spends more time on the skin. Musk accord in this fragrance is far from animalic. It’s rather plain, simple and white. Actually it brings to my mind the feeling of open air-dried laundry. Then there is also some soft and tender suede to add more character and warmth to the composition. Together with petitgrain, suede unveils an aromatic side with a cuddly background. Gentle sandalwood with a smooth finish composes the base of this fragrance.

Classic Orange by Von Eussersdorff is like a pretty summer day. In the morning it’s hot and humid – that’s when you need the refreshing boost from blood orange, osmanthus and tea. The day is long but finally the evening arrives; it’s not cold but it can give you chills so the perfume adapts with a suede plus sandalwood base. This perfume is a good companion. This eau de parfum was composed by Camille Henfling and is available in 100ml bottle. Longevity and sillage are good.

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9 thoughts on “Solar beam, Von Eusersdorff Classic Orange

  1. jillie says:

    Not that I am saying that they are alike, but I can’t help feeling that this shares similar vibes to my much loved and missed PdN’s L’Eau a la Folie and could be a good substitute.

    Continue enjoying your long weekend!

    • lucasai says:

      If you think they might be similar then maybe Classic Orange is worth trying. I know how much you liked L’Eau a la Folie and it’s no longer there…

  2. poodle says:

    I like this one too and I don’t normally gravitate towards citrus scents. It’s not like the fruit or a kitchen cleaner on me but more orange soda or liqueur. It would be great for this time of year if only I had some left.

    • lucasai says:

      I think Classic Orange is not a typical citrus with that tea, osmanthus and suede accords.
      I agree, it’s a bit like an orangeade 🙂

  3. Holly says:

    Happy weekend!

    This sounds really nice. I remember wanting to try it, but I’ve never gotten around to it. Thanks for another great review. 🙂

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Nice review, Lucas! I must try this. I have a mini of the Von Eussersdorffs Classic Myrrh and it is quite good.

    • lucasai says:

      I haven’t tried Classic Myrrh but I’m not very much into the note, so I definitely wasn’t looking for that one ;-P
      Orange is better on me.

  5. Neyon says:

    Just sounds stunning. I love the essence of blood orange and Satsuma, and I’m a very orange-y person. There is something profoundly summery, joyous and paradisiac about oranges and their smell!

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