Most (un)suitable perfume for summer

We all know that creating a perfume is not an easy job. First you have to come up with an idea that would appeal to a potential customer. Then you move on to explaining everything in detail to a perfumer who will try their best to transform it into a fragrance that you had on your mind. Creating is first thing, then it’s all about fitting into the bracket of regulations and restrictions. Once that is done, bottling, labeling and distribution seem like an easy part.

But speaking of brackets – most of you, similarly to what I do, divide their perfume wardrobe into fragrances that are meant to be worn more often in warmer months of spring and summer and those heavier, more dense and oriental blends that work perfectly on your skin in September and later, when days become shorter and the weather is getting much colder. Yet in all this there are perfumes that break the stereotypes. Perfume that work perfectly in the heat despite the fact they really shouldn’t. Here is my short list of most (un)suitable perfume for summer.

Well, incense never felt like an accord ready to be worn in the summer. Initially I pretty much disliked it but over the course of last few years I learned to love and enjoy a couple of incense fragrances. And when it comes to the summertime, there is one incense that stands out – Comme des Garcons Incense Kyoto. Not only it’s a great “incense for beginners” perfume but it smells incredibly good when its hot. To my surprise I find it incredibly fresh and ethereal kind of incense. Even if there are some substantial woods, such as cedar or teak wood the scent doesn’t have much weight. Kyoto has a beautiful cypress note with a fairly noticeable coffee accord.

Some of you must have noticed that in the past months I have talked quite often about leather fragrances. I just can’t help it – I have finally fallen in love with this beautiful accord that can be composed in many different ways (of course there are exceptions!) I have told you about Italian Leather from Memo Paris in this review. It serves as a perfect example how to create a leathery perfume that goes well with the warm months. How did perfumer achieve this? Alienor Massenet used a soft leather facet and paired it with fresh and crisp tomato leaf, vanilla that rounded all sharp edges and orris root which introduces a little bit earthy but also buttery facet that I absolutely loved. Ever since I have this perfume on my list of future must-haves.

I simply adore fragrances that feature clove in their pyramid. This spice has such fine aroma and it can be made so noble when it’s combined with other ingredients. Out of clove fragrances I know my favorite one is Sienna Musk from Sonoma Scent Studio. Its name might not hint that but it does feature quite a lot of clove… And it’s a beautiful one It’s very mild and sweet, even veering towards powdery at some moments. Mandarin orange and ginger give this perfume a twist of juicy and zesty freshness that feels great during Autumn but it also does the trick in the summer. Not to mention the divine base made of smooth sandalwood and gentle musky tones.

How about you? Do you know of any fragrances that work surprisingly well when it’s hot outside, even though you’d never thought about wearing them in the summer in the first place? If you do, please share – I’d love to know what else has the possibility to work.

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12 thoughts on “Most (un)suitable perfume for summer

  1. Cornelia Blimber says:

    Hi Lucas! I don’t divide my perfumes in summer/winter, but there are prferences for hot weather: I love then my heavy florals, like the ones blooming in summer. Carnal Flower, Fracas, First, A La Nuit, Fracas, Tubéreuse Maitre Parfumeur are hot weather favourites. And Mahora, Datura Noir.
    I also appreciate the cool pureness of Bois d’Encens.
    And Shalimar Edt. And Jicky. Mitsouko is for fall and winter.
    Have a nice sunday.

    • lucasai says:

      I see Cornelia! But I’m happy to hear that you enjoy some of the heavy hitters even when it’s hot outside

      • Cornelia Blimber says:

        Especially when it is hot. They are in harmony with nature then. In the winter they feel unnatural to me.
        When it is cold, I prefer something like Iris Silver Mist (I know you are not exactly a fan of ISM…).

  2. poodle says:

    I love wearing perfumes that people normally reserve for winter in summer. I find they really bloom, and really hold up to the heat. I may need to adjust how much I apply either more or less but beyond that I don’t limit myself.
    I agree with Cornelia about Shalimar. Gorgeous in the heat.

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Nice post, Lucas! Are you ready? Carnal Flower. It blooms in the heat and in a good way. I have yet to find an amber that is good in the heat.

    • lucasai says:

      I was never much interested in Frederic Malle line + I feel like I’m repelled by huge florals.
      But glad you find it especially nice in the heat.
      Possibly Pichola from NVC could work similar way

  4. Parfumista says:

    I’m with you with Kyoto, a summerstaple for the husband as also Helmut Lang Cuir. The heavy Kerosese Copperskies also blooms wonderful in warm temperaturens. For myself the cool, earthy Etro Patchouly as also the flower incense of Oriza Relique d’Amour and the spicy cloves of Oliver & Co Mousse and Mousse II are pleasant choices in warm weather.

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