Lost in Paradise, Jul et Mad Néa

Summer has finally arrived and it immediately kicked off with temperatures as high as 34-37*C. When it’s so hot outside I normally either reach for a very light cologne fragrance which I know that will be gone really shortly but there are also hot days when I go unscented (is that a sin?) This time I was waiting for a heat wave to try one different fragrance. The moment I tested it I knew it was bound to be reviewed during a very hot day. So here it is, a scorching take on new Jul et Mad Nea.

This particular fragrance is a part of new collection from this French maison de parfum. Line is called “Les White” and finds inspiration in ancient civilizations. Nea is the one that was created having Golden Age of Byzantine Empire in mind. Perfume opens with a tropical aroma of date. It has a warm, welcoming feeling that oscillates between being fruity and slightly nutty. I find something crunchy and delightful about this note. After a few minutes the blend sweetens with a tasty aroma of caramel. I have to say that I often find gourmand accords to be very offensive – here the caramel is very muted and gentle. It has the sensuality of Prada Candy, it’s just toned down and less playful.

After around 45 minutes Nea becomes a very gentle, silk veil consisting of combined aromas of dates and caramel. At this point its sweetness becomes slightly stronger but never too strong. There is also a powdery, musky vibe that wraps everything together and creates a lovely package that stimulates the senses. At some point even element of freshness sneaks into the composition. It has a form of pomegranate. The moment you notice a splash of juicy happiness triggers an instant smile on my face. Palm leaf introduces an element of milky verdancy (think very light fig milk accord) while dried plum brings forth a surprising effect of fruity powderness.

The longer you have Jul et Mad Nea on your skin the more interesting it becomes and the more you like it. As the time flies the composition evolves from being fruity, sweet and rich in colors, into something slightly more substantial. Here spicy freshness of black pepper entwine with sensual and embracing scent of ambroxan. Vanilla makes all the edges smooth and enhances the qualities of spicy-woody combination. Benzoin on the other hand provides a lovely balsamic touch.

Fraction of patchouli blends really well with sweet and fruity tones of Nea. It doesn’t give any earthy sensation but serves the transparent role of highlighting the mayor attributes of the composition. Artemisia is another element of light spiciness and jasmine in the end gives a nice floral contrast that somehow draws a line between what is fruity and what is floral. I remember from history lessons that in Byzantine Empire it was all about shine, bling and gold. Nea matches that image not in terms of being gold but in terms of having an incredibly rich and complex feeling despite the fact that it doesn’t contain as many notes as other fragrances in fruity-floral-oriental family.

By trying Nea by Jul et Mad once again we’re dealing with a talent of Luca Maffei who carefully blended all of the aroma materials and created a modern interpretation of a well-known fragrance gender. But Nea is so much better than any other scent in this group due to incredibly good lasting power of 12 hours. Sillage is also really good, especially when I wore it on such a hot day. Nea is available in 50ml flacons in a luxury coffret format (white lacquered box, flacon edged in gold, nomad spray), in simplified version – Love Basics (white carton box, matte glass bottle finish, no nomad spray) and also as a 5ml Love Dose miniature.

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10 thoughts on “Lost in Paradise, Jul et Mad Néa

  1. jillie says:

    I really like all the Jul et Mad fragrances – thank you for introducing them to me, Lucas. The quality of the components used is exceptional and they make me happy when I am wearing them. They seem like such lovely people too! The gorgeous, rosy Nin-Shar is my favourite in this line, but Nea is very good indeed.

    I wish I had your ability to pick out all those notes, as whenever I smell a perfume I can really only recognise a few. But I know whether I like it or not!

    • lucasai says:

      Me too! Stilettos on Lex isn’t really my kind of thing but it’s a great perfume anyway.

      In this trio Nin-Shar is also my favorite, my Mum likes Nea more.

  2. Hi Lucas. I LOVE Nea too. It’s really beautiful and yes the longevity is great too. Lovely review.

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Nea sounds delicious and definitely worth seeking out! It’s not often that I hear dates as a note so this will be a unique fruity perfume for me. Wonderful review, my dear Lucas!

  4. Holly says:

    I like their stuff, and this one sounds really nice. I’m glad you clarified that it never gets too sweet, as that’s something I can’t handle in the heat. And no, it’s not a sin to go unscented. I’ve been guilty of the same myself. You are absolved! 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      I think Jul et Mad are getting a very good feedback from customers as a brand. And people really appreciate that they decided to launch travel spray in 20ml as well as Love Dose mini.
      And I think it’s great they are now also offering Love Basics without coffret box.

  5. Cornelia Blimber says:

    That 20 ml idea is great. And i suppose the perfumes are great as well. Your review made me curious, but ah! so many new niche companies… in this moment i stick to my favourite brands: Guerlain, Patou, Lutens (yes!) and Andy Tauer.

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