Scented poetry contest

To celebrate 3rd anniversary of Chemist in the Bottle I’d like to announce a scented poetry contest. How does it work you may ask? It’s simple. Choose your favourite perfume and write a little poetry piece about it. Be it a haiku, a rhyme… It’s up to you what writing form you’ll go with.

As a reward one lucky person will get to pick three Jul et Mad Love Dose miniatures of their choice (including earlier releases as well as new collection Les White). Those cute little ones are great to get to know a scent before you know if you want a full bottle or not. And I bet you’ll want more!

The contest will be open for 7 days, which means you’ve got time until July 22 to join and share your writing skills with me and other readers. Then Madalina, Julien and I will pick the winner. One entry per person please. Good luck and I’m looking forward to read your entries.

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26 thoughts on “Scented poetry contest

  1. Cornelia Blimber says:

    What a funny idea! My poetic talent is nihil and my English is not good enough, but I am curious for the poems of the fellow parfumistas.

  2. Roshni says:

    Where do we leave our entries? 🙂

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Woo hoo! I intend to submit an entry! I look forward to reading what others come up with!

  4. AHHHH what an amazing draw. I’ve only had the pleasure of trying one Jul et Mad fragrance so far (Stilettos on Lex) and I absolutely loved it – which honestly is pretty rare for me.

    I guess I’ll break the ice with a first entry, though I should probably spend more time coming up with a better poem! I can’t pick a favorite perfume, but here is a haiku based on one I’ve been wearing a lot lately. (Are we supposed to announce the fragrance too? I suppose for now I’ll leave it as a fun poetry mystery…)

    Passionate whispers
    Warm breath caresses the skin
    She hungers for more

    Thanks for the lovely opportunity! 🙂

  5. Ania says:

    Such a nice contest. I’ve never had an opportunity to try Jul et Mad fragrances but would love to. I’m not a poet kind of gal but I’ll make an exception this time. My first ever poem, inspired by my beloved No 19.

    Young and witty,
    Distant but caring,
    Cool yet caressing.
    In her green eyes
    – my alter ego.

  6. Roshni says:

    Warmth of amber on my skin:
    I’m dreaming, once again.
    Orange blossoms in a swirl,
    Then rose and jasmine soon unfurl –
    Silk and velvet, shimmered and pearled,
    What a fragrance – what a world
    Of poetry, art and scent,
    That somehow I have dreamt.

  7. jillie says:

    A lovely competition. I hope I can become inspired!

  8. jillie says:

    Just lost my gravatar, then found him again! x

  9. Fazal says:

    For Helmut Lang Cuiron which is my signature scent, just created these dull lines for such a beautiful fragrance. Hope Cuiron forgives me because I am not a poet.

    I am here and it matters
    In the air Cuiron scatters 🙂

  10. jillie says:

    Here is a tribute to my beloved L’Eau a la Folie, which famously has a mojito note!

    White heat, white sand fringed by azure sea
    Where gentle waves sigh and lap the beach
    While palm fronds sway in lazy rhythm.

    Ice cold, ice chunks melting in my rum
    Frosty beads slide slowly down the glass
    And emerald mint cools bright limes slices.

    Ripe, ripe mango’s sweet, sticky juices
    Mingle with petals and scent the air.
    I sip, swallow and am in heaven.

  11. Rob McDermott says:

    An Ode to Perfume (After Pablo Neruda)

    Your notes,
    A music to noses
    Layers of
    And the soft
    And sharp
    Powder of

    I breathe you in


    But not enough,
    Like a rose in
    Spring rain
    Risen through thick earth
    With stems
    Whose green
    Depths are
    More sacred than
    The scripture
    For they are
    The very essence
    Of nature-

    Your distlled heart
    Purer than
    A human heart,
    For you can
    Never break mine
    But only
    Press it into
    Where I can
    No linger hold
    Your beauty in
    My soul,
    But only yield
    To tears
    Where there
    Are no more

  12. Rob McDermott says:

    No longer hold (rather than ‘no linger hold’ verse 3 line 10)

  13. Connie says:

    The bottle like a lamp
    of the Arabian nights
    who knows what wonders inside
    or what disappointment
    Perfume summoned from within
    sprayed out in a mist like a spirit
    For now I have hope
    hope in the wishes you might grant
    faith in your perfection
    the magic in the molecules
    for me you might be
    Any Perfume

  14. Camilla says:

    Ok, this definitely sounds like too much fun to not have a go at! Living on a sailboat, fellow fumies are few and far between, and I often get funny looks when I start rambling about the wondrous world of scents … Anyway, here goes. Someone is bound to make this grand old lady an ode, so I might as well be the first.

    I guess it’s really kinda funny,
    she’s stolen my heart – and all my money.
    But where she beckons, I will go,
    we’ll never part, that much I know.
    With her, each day’s a different story
    I love her madly in all her glory.
    And though some people might exclaim: ”Oh boy, aint that a stinker!”
    Mind you Chanel, never, NEVER with her tinker!

    My first, my 5th, my one and only.
    Without you, I’d be lost and lonely.


  15. Audrey says:

    A poem, eh? I have many favorites so I’ll write an ode to a kil et mad:

    Lo! To those lacking sex:
    Try stilettos on lex…..
    Upon a lacy bra you must spritz

    Or on your dowdy whites
    Won’t make a diff with no lights
    To your evening you’ll add some needed glitz

    Your gender won’t matter,
    Or if you’re thinner or fatter,
    The nose knows what it wants , it’s a savage!

    So if you’re needing some glamour
    This will hit you like a hammer
    Spray your neck with some lex , you’ll be ravaged.

    Lol! Ridiculously fun. Thanks for the draw.

  16. Undina says:

    Writing poetry has never been my forte (in any language) so I decided to start with the form that has some more or less clear rules – limerick to describe one of my favorites – Amouage Gold.

    There once was a perfume from Oman:
    Made me feel like a gorgeous swan
    But my hubby and MIL
    After seeing the bill
    Started hissing and yelling like one.

  17. Rob McDermott says:

    Who won?

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