Linen shirt, Le Galion Vetyver

In the perfume world there are some brands that I will always associate with elegance, style and being classy. I don’t know how did this classification came to me but it’s been around ever since I fully committed my interests to the fragrance industries. Prada is the first perfume house that makes quintessentially elegant perfumes, with my beloved Amber Pour Homme being a number 1 example. Another brand, this time from niche market, is Le Galion. Ever since Nicolas Chabot brought this name back to life I keep finding new gems among this line.

Summer in Poland has been especially hot and dry this year. We’re not getting much rain and temperatures have been at around 32*C every single day for the last 3 or even more weeks. It’s troublesome for people who grow fruit, tiring for people in cities. I myself have lost passion for many things at that time, including writing… But I’m trying to be back. I’m starting to feel the need to create a writing piece, so it’s gonna be about a perfume that helped me survive the heat wave.

Le Galion Vetyver is a perfume that I wore quite often lately and found it extremely suitable for a hot weather as we currently have here. It is also my remedy for a creative force which was in deficiency lately. Vetyver opens with a very bright bergamot accord. It’s like a splash of aromatic molecules that quickly spread around the wearer, similarly to water droplets that splash around as you throw a rock into a pond. Bergamot here has a juicy smell that will make your mouth water. Mandarin orange continues the happy citrus vibe with slightly sweeter (opposite to bergamot which was a tad sour) aroma. These two entwine to create a lively cocktail of notes.

After around 20 minutes Vetyver becomes even more aromatic because of lavender and sage note. Together they bring a very nice, intensive yet not overpowering herbal vibe that effuses nicely from your skin leaving a noticeable trail behind the wearer. On the other hand there is also a bunch of spices in the structure of this Le Galion perfume. Coriander and nutmeg, these two warm and rather dry-smelling spices blend with the earlier chords really well adding their own element of piquancy and pleasant tingle in the background.

As the time flies, Le Galion Vetyver unveils the key accord of vetiver. If you’ve been following my scented journey for a while you know that vetiver is not a part of my favorite notes but there are some good exceptions of vetiver fragrances that I truly like. This particular one is fabulous. With the aromatic background of bergamot, herbs and spices, this perfume slowly begins to emanate with slightly earthy at first and then with more woody aroma. It smells very sophisticated and elegant. To me it’s even kind of clean type of vetiver. Development continues with some tarragon which for a moment makes Vetyver similar to Iskander by Parfum d’Empire. However after a while lemon verbena and petitgrain appear and these two make a big difference.

In the middle of the structure of this fragrance creation we get an uplifting and invigorating verbena that is so fresh and pure that it almost feel like you were taking a shower with some slightly minty-flavored tea. Petitgrain on the other hand is slightly dusty as usual but that facet nicely corresponds with woody vetiver note and it enhances it. Drydown of Vetyver by Le Galion is just as pretty as its earlier phases. Here you can experience a bit of smooth sandalwood combined with warm-creamy-vanillic-spicy aspects of tonka bean many of us love so much. It does feel like it was polished. In the very end there is some gentle musk, which is soft and airy.

Le Galion launched Vetyver in 2015 and it’s been created by remastering an old formula. It was perfumer Thomas Fontaine who adapted this fragrance to current times. Vetyver offers over 8 hours of longevity (even in the heat) and quite decent projection. To me this perfume is like a linen shirt that you wear when you still want to look elegant but you also want to feel cooler in your clothes when it’s hot. Vetyver does this job perfectly. And it’s suitable for both women and men. It’s available in eau de parfum concentration, 100ml bottles.

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8 thoughts on “Linen shirt, Le Galion Vetyver

  1. jillie says:

    Welcome back! The heat has been dreadful, so it’s great to read about fragrance that can cool your body and calm your mind.

    Crabtree & Evelyn used to have a vetiver that was like a shower in a bottle and I wore it exclusively one summer years ago. It was bright and fresh, quite soapy and it sent me on a hunt for similar vetivers … little did I realise then that not all vetivers are equal, and there are many I don’t like and just a few that I do.

    Hope you are feeling revived, and I look forward to more posts soon!

  2. Holly says:

    Hi buddy! Glad to see you’re posting – I’ve been thinking of you.

    Our weather here is hot as well, but at least we can always escape into air conditioning! Back home in NY, it is not so common in homes, so I can remember languishing in front of a fan throughout the summer.

    Le Galion has not yet arrived here in the US, but I bought a mini of the new release of Iris off of evilbay after reading your review. I love it! This one sounds quite nice, too. “Linen shirt” sounds so crisp and inviting for when the weather is sweltering. xo

  3. Cornelia Blimber says:

    Glad to see you again ! Yes, the heat is terrible, also here in Amsterdam. I googled Le Galion and to my surprise, it is rather expensive. In the sixties I had sometimes Sortilège, easily available and the prize was moderate (if my memory is correct).
    Vetiver can be very refreshing; my absolute favorite in the summer was Vetiver de Carven, now sadly reformulated. ”Linen shirt” was exactly the feeling of that Vetiver.

    • lucasai says:

      Yeah, it’s not cheap I guess, Le Galion. But the quality is really good 🙂
      I’ve seen that reformulated Carven Vetiver, unfortunately I don’t know the old version

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Hello dearest, I hope the weather has cooled off by now. Le Galion Vetyver. It goes on the list of perfumes I have to try when the line reaches the U.S.

    Are you excited for Pitti???

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