Just breathe, Altaia Yu Sōn

Does such a thing as fate or destiny even exist in the current world or is everything more a result of coincidental turn of events? Marina Sersale and Sebastian Alvarez Murena, a lovely couple behind Eau d’Italie are an ideal proof that things don’t happen by accident. Many years after they got married they found some historical documents stating that their families were involved with each other a couple of generations back in the past through their great-great grandfathers. Inspired by this unbelievable finding they decided to create a separate brand dedicated to history and the story of their love. That’s how Altaia was born, an acronym for “A long time ago in Argentina.”

The debut of Marina’s and Sebastian’s new brand is marked with 3 fragrances. All of them represent a really high quality level, they are consistent as a trio but there was one perfume that especially captured by attention. It’s name is Yu Sōn and it’s dedicated to the moment of meeting and falling in love with each other. Name itself derives from an ancient Chinese poem. This fragrance is like a story-telling in a shade of an orange tree. The composition opens with a very gentle and fizzy aroma of lemon which becomes a bit more sour and tart within next couple of minutes. After a while the accord evolves into more sweet and juicy aroma of tangerine. The opening phase is really muted and light, almost transparent. During next 20 minutes Altaia Yu Sōn gains strength and its colors become more vivid.

Composition of this fragrance makes a nice accent on green tea accord. It’s very realistic when you begin to smell a tart and green aroma which is rather clean, pure and serene. It has the refreshing vibe that immediately makes me think of having a late breakfast in the garden and having a cup of tea as a beverage. Of course everything taking place somewhere in sunny Italy. Later Yu Sōn develops a charming orange blossom note. Orange blossom and neroli were among the first aroma materials that drawn me into a world of perfumery. Normally both seem to smell rather cold and refreshing, reminiscent of having a shower, Altaia offering doesn’t present orange blossom this way. It has a deep odour profile and smells warm. There is also something slightly acidic that makes me think of citrus peels and oils extracted from them.

The longer I get to smell Yu Sōn on myself the more I get the impression that this perfume was unconsciously designed for me. Why? For 1 hour later you can smell iris! Surrounded by the fragrant molecules of green tea and orange blossom an iris blooms magnificently to take a central spot in this perfume. It has a floral facet with delicate powdery undertones. Its petals are silky, bearing a lightest purple hue. Composition still feels warm and charming but iris adds a bit more of a cuddly character and it brings comfort to the one who wears it. This Altaia creation does change over time but every part is connected to the previous one by an invisible link. You won’t find any sudden changes in Altaia Yu Sōn, the process of evolution happens seamlessly.

It takes quite a lot of time before final notes of this perfume are revealed but it’s not a surprise since there are some heavy fragrant molecules here. Ambergris introduces a slightly marine vibe to Yu Sōn. And by marine I don’t mean calone but rather a salty breeze aroma, combined with the smell of warm sand and mineral aspects of ambergris itself. Sensuality and warmth radiate from this perfume like the rays of sun. This composition from Altaia seems so simple and yet it has such a nice and rounded structure. Base is the most solid part of this fragrance. Wooden foundation of lignum vitae (guaiac wood) brings a woody smell of good density and substance. It’s one of the most powerful notes in Yu Sōn but it’s perfectly balanced and the serenity of the composition is maintained. Scent of wood here is rather smooth, sharp elements will be hard to find. My perception of drydown phase also embraces the iris accord which to me is brought back and highlighted by the woody molecules. This is definitely a perfume made in Italian style and isn’t Italian perfumery one of my favorites? Wearing this perfume tunes me into a good mood for the rest of the day.

Yu Sōn by new brand Altaia is definitely not a sillage bomb. This perfume belongs to a more calm group of fragrances that have a smaller sillage, a more private, intimate one as I like to name it. The longevity is absolutely top-notch, I could still smell it on me after 8 hours – and I only applied 1 spray to each wrist as my sample is small. Perfumer Daphne Bugey composed an evocative piece that has its own heart and (Italian) soul. The line is made in eau de parfum concentration and presented in beautiful, minimalistic bottles that I really liked. If you are looking for a peaceful perfume to keep you in good mood, Yu Sōn might be for you.

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9 thoughts on “Just breathe, Altaia Yu Sōn

  1. jilliecat says:

    This sounds very interesting and different. And what a romantic back story. Your description makes me think of it as being like an autumn day – starting crisp and bright in the morning, with the last flowers glowing in the gentle sun in the afternoon, and as evening approaches, the woody scents of dry leaves and warmed tree sap scent the air. It does indeed seem a perfect match for you and you should be made an honorary Italian!

  2. hajusuuri says:

    This sounds so lemming-worthy! It looks like your all your reviews of late are perfumes new to me and I am keen to try – great job you!

  3. […] fragrances that I enjoyed wearing this year include Arquiste Nanban, Carner Barcelona Palo Santo, Altaia Yu Son, Atelier Cologne Oud Saphir & Mandarine Glaciale, Gabriella Chieffo Acquasala. Of course there […]

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