A vivid trip, Hiram Green Voyage

Sometimes I think that natural perfumery is like an additional niche in niche perfumery. People working on perfumes surrounded by natural essences tend to have a specific vibe to their personality, something that makes you think of them as of people who are very calm, reserved, kind of living in their own little world. And of course they are never in a rush and create at their own pace. Speaking of that Hiram Green has just launched his third perfume – Voyage. His new creation, introduced a year after Shangri La, is “an ode to the exotic mysteries of India.”

Composition of Voyage begins with a tangy citrus accord. Unlike most of typical citrus top notes which are rather easily defined, the opening created by Hiram is blended, stirred and shaken so that you cannot distinguish any particular element like orange, lemon, tangerine or lime. What is charming about opening is that in its tanginess it feels very warm and sensual, at the same time having a touch of freshness to it. This phase lasts for about 20 minutes on my skin.

After this time has passed and the perfume has warmed up it slowly continues to rise the temperature. My skin reacts with this fragrance giving it a more spicy character and once again I am unable to tell if I smell cardamom, cinnamon or something else. It’s just a little bit spicy on me, having a little bit of tingle. And it veers slightly sexual too. Later on Voyage by Hiram Green unveils its luminous core, a heart of fragrance made of amber. It’s the key element of this composition.

This amber is warm and luscious, offering a good substantivity and strength. I don’t know if it’s just me or the fragrance is actually built this way but I detect quite a lot of dried fruit nuances in the background. Especially dried apricot comes to my mind with a little bit of prunes. The latter ones give this powdery sensation that I associate with powder sweets from my childhood. Voyage is like a trip to the East and the name itself suggests it. There’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that in this perfume. As the time goes by I notice the composition to become more dry and woody.

Perhaps Hiram added some sandalwood to his new creation as I smell a specific vibe that is dry, wooden and a bit rough too. This accord doesn’t have a smooth surface, at least not now, but it develops after a while. The drydown starts a little bit acrid when leathery molecules are unveiled. At first there is an animalic edge to it but it calms down after another 10-15 minutes and actually it turns into a softer version of suede with its fuzzy surface that feels pleasant on the skin. Everything becomes even more round when vanilla joins the composition. Not a super sweet, pudding-like vanilla but more dark (like black vanilla pods) at the first impression. Later it becomes more sweet as well but it’s never overdone. I really like the progress of Voyage and its structure.

On me Voyage by perfumer Hiram Green has a moderate sillage – it starts quite intensive and ends in a calm and peaceful way. As for the longevity, 8 hours later I could still smell it faintly when I was smelling my wrist from up close. This is a great result considering that it’s an entirely natural eau de parfum. I enjoyed my time reviewing Voyage, there are many things to like in this perfume. Bear in mind that it’s limited to 250 bottles only. Available in 50 ml bulb spray bottle and in 5 ml purse spray. If you pre-order it you will get that travel spray as a gift. Voyage wears great on cold days.

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6 thoughts on “A vivid trip, Hiram Green Voyage

  1. hajusuuri says:

    I can’t wait to try this! Given the limited edition, I may have to just purchase a 50 mL sample. The only drawback is the bulb atomizer. Nice review!

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