Monday Quick Sniffs, part 31

Kilian has recently introduced Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi (eng. do you want to sleep with me) as a new fragrance joining In the Garden of Good and Evil collection (which already hosts 4 scents.) The composition is initiated with very gentle floral aroma which becomes more pungent after a minute or two. First lines are played by tuberose. Its white and soft petals have a slightly narcotic, heady smell and there is no indolic phase to it. Shortly ylang-ylang joins the composition adding this delicious creaminess to the blend and merging with the floral tones. A tad later you can smell a bit of rose – bright and red it introduces some light, adds luminosity to this new Kilian perfume. In the base there is some sandalwood, rather plain, kind of bland and not much like wood in my opinion. Addition of vanilla sweetens Voulez-Vous… nicely without turning the fragrance into a bowl of pudding. This is not a good perfume and it’s not a bad perfume. It’s just oh-so-average. And the jaw-dropping price (225 EUR for 50ml with a clutch bag) leaves me speechless…

Inspired by a global trend of taking photos of yourself in various places and situations, Olfactive Studio has launched Selfie in collaboration with perfumer Thomas Fontaine. Selfie is the 8th fragrance in the line and 2nd that is launched in 2015 (by now the brand was launching 1 perfume per year, latest one being Panorama.) This perfume is a combination of sticky and sweet aroma of maple syrup combined with various spices. Initial sweetness is quickly enriched with a spicy tingle of cinnamon as well as a green-spicy scent of angelica. Later on you can smell some star anise and a lovely tonka bean which adds more creamy, aromatic type of spiciness. As the time flies Selfie develops a really nice suede accord which is sensual, warm and pleasant. Incense molecules make it a bit more mysterious and magical, making it a bit airy but on the other hand there is styrax and elemi to add more weight to the blend. It’s a nice fragrance but on me it smells rather faint. Breaking the convention of the brand, there is no picture that goes together with a fragrance. You’re encouraged to make own photo.

During Esxence 2015, cosmetic brand Une Nuit a Bali debuted on a perfume market with 3 compositions out of which I found Suma Oriental to be particularly interesting. This fragrance begins with a sweet booziness of rum, which marks a very prominent opening that after a short time weakens and transforms into a lush bouquet of woody notes. There is a lot of creamy sandalwood that has a smooth texture and smells really good after a couple more minutes. Guaiac wood provides substantivity and slightly darker touch to this perfume, I also find something saffron-like about this note. Tonka bean in combination with patchouli create a sensual and seductive effect of fragrant nuances – warm, spicy, a little bit dirty and balsamic. After some time Suma Oriental veers towards gourmand direction as there is some cocoa in this blend. It has a sweet, slightly chocolate-y vibe with a powdery effect that smells rather delicious. Cashmere wood and musk entwine and wrap around the wearer like a fluffy scarf. Musk is not of a clean type here, it’s a little bit animalic which suits this perfume very well.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Quick Sniffs, part 31

  1. jillie says:

    Hooray – quick sniffs!

    Do I suspect correctly that Suma Oriental is possibly your favourite of the three?

    I am quite appalled these days at the price being charged for perfume and it certainly doesn’t always reflect the cost of ingredients and packaging. Perhaps more appalling is the fact that there must be a lot of customers willing to pay these prices!

    • lucasai says:

      Yes, Suma Oriental is my favorite out of these three.
      You know Kilian with their “eco-luxe” approach to the marker (Rolls eyes) surely have lots of customers and some are even more after those clutches rathen than perfumers I suppose

  2. hajusuuri says:

    Monday Quick Sniffs!

    Ahem, I am one of those customers who bought the By Kilian black clutch with gold snakes and it just so happened that it came with a bottle of perfume 🙂 I like decorative snake accessories and this hit the spot and scratched the itch. It was also practically free since I paid for it using gift cards.

    I smelled Selfie at Twisted Lily last Friday but I didn’t recall what it smelled like – too many people and too many perfumes!

    Suma Oriental sounds like it’s worth checking out!

    BTW, you get an enabler’s pin – I just bought PdN Amber Cashmere Intense!

    • lucasai says:

      You missed them, didn’t you? Was it Voulez-Vous that you bought? Must’ve been since other fragrances in this Kilian collection came in white clutch with golden snake. I know that’s a nice accessory and perhaps if I were a woman I would’ve been more tempted to have that clutch.
      Hope you get to try Suma Oriental.
      Did you buy Ambre Cashmere online or in store? Hope to hear what you think about it.

    • jillie says:

      I do have to say that the clutch is rather appealing …..

      • lucasai says:

        It’s a rather stylish accessory to have, especially the black-gold one

        • I want the white and gold one. The clutch by itself pops up on ebay sometimes … it’s not that I don’t like Kilian’s fragrances, but I haven’t really fallen for one yet as hard as I have for that white clutch!

          • lucasai says:

            Silly me, it didn’t even come to my mind that someone might want to sell their clutch on ebay. How much money are people asking for it?
            Well, none of Kilian fragrances made me swoon so far, there are a few that I like though.

            How are you doing? Haven’t seen you much around lately.

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