Poll – one perfume a day…

Before I have a little bit more time to prepare another lovely review for you (I promise, it will be worth the wait) I thought I will keep you a little busy with a poll. We didn’t have one for a while. Subject of this poll came to me last weekend when under my comment at Now Smell This lazy weekend poll user named Lovestosmellgood wrote that she might change her perfume to something else. So I started wondering about how many fragrances my fellow perfumistas wear on a daily basis. Personally I am one of those who put a fragrance in the morning before leaving for work and the same scent is my companion for entire day. I normally take showers shortly before going to bed so I never put another fragrance just to wear it for my sleep time.

Of course sometimes I can have more than 4 perfumes on me, especially when I’m in one of my sampling trances but I don’t count it as a wear. How about you? How many perfumes do you wear in a course of a day? If you wear more than one, please tell what makes you do the change and if there is any pattern to it (like you always go for something lighter with 2nd scent etc.) I think it will be interesting to find out about this phenomenon.

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11 thoughts on “Poll – one perfume a day…

  1. jillie says:

    I only wear one perfume for the day – I think carefully about what I feel like putting on and then that’s what I stay with. I might top it up several times, especially if it is a light fragrance. I have my bath relatively early in the evening and always put perfume on again then, but normally just something soft as I find too strong a scent interferes with my dreams (and not always pleasantly!).

    Just because I stay with one particular scent for the day doesn’t mean I don’t suffer perfume “regret” and wish I had put something else on – but if I do, then I know I can wear something different that night or the following day.

    Like you, Lucas, I don’t consider testing to be wearing!

  2. Cornelia Blimber says:

    It depends on the perfume..if I applied a strong, long lasting perfume, like today’s Bornéo 1832, I stick to it. Most of my perfumes are rather strong!
    But sometimes i switch. Not often. I like my perfumes in tune with the colour I am wearing. For ex.: I have a yellow handbag, goes with a yellow perfume (Champs Elysées).
    And every morning I have a ”good morning” scent with my coffee, mostly a soft rose, like Un Zest de Rose or Rose Splendide. that goes off in my shower.

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    I often wear 2 different perfumes in a day, sometimes 3. One in the morning to go to work, another when I get home from work and sometimes a 3d before I go to bed. I often put on a lavender scent to help me sleep.

  4. shellyw says:

    I usually stick to one scent for a day. If I happen to go out in the evening and the first has worn off I might put on a different one.

  5. Holly says:

    I’m definitely a one-perfume-a-day person. I shower in the morning, and whatever perfume I choose will stay with me for the day. If I’m going out for something special in the evening, I sometimes go without perfume during the day, or shower again so I can apply something different. Being in healthcare, I have to wash my hands/wrists very frequently so that option of application/scrubbing off doesn’t work for me. I never apply perfume before going to sleep.

  6. Susan Maakestad says:

    Hi Lukas. Thanks for the poll!

    I almost always wear just one perfume during the day. I keep a decant of whatever I’m wearing and a back-up in my bag, just in case. The “back up” is often Infusion d’Iris edp or Phylosykos, two perfumes that always work for me. I usually carry a few sample vials, as well, in case I want to dab something on my hand to sniff in the car on the way home! (But, most of the time I forget I’m carrying them.)

    At night after a shower I’ve got three options: 1) wear no perfume because I want to completely shift gears in the morning, e.g. go from patchouli one day to a soft floral the next and I want all my perfume to wear off. 2) dab or spray something on the backs of my hands that I’m not sure I like yet, just so I will only have to smell it for a short time. 3) go ahead and spray on something I love.

  7. Undina says:

    As the most of the commenters above, I usually wear one perfume per a day. I would choose in the morning the perfume to wear to the office and might re-apply it during the day.

    In the evening or if I work from home, most often I do not wear any perfumes – I’m testing; usually two at a time (on each wrist) but sometimes up to 4 (if I’m doing a note exploration and what to compare several perfumes with the same lead note).

    I might wear two perfumes on weekends or during the vacation: I’ll use something light(er) during the day – for example, one of Jo Malone’s colognes, – and later will put on something “stronger” or “more special” for dinner time if I’m going out.

  8. I usually wear one perfume a day but if I’m going out at night, I might change to another perfume depending on the occasion. I don’t normally put perfume on after shower because I love using different scented shower gels depending on my moods and enjoy the faint scent rest of the night. 🙂

  9. hajusuuri says:

    Fun poll, Lucas! I usually wear one perfume a day except if I’m layering, which doesn’t happen all that often (but I layered today – TF Amber Absolute and Indult Tihota..OMG and tomorrow, I will add a third – Mohur Extrait – and I bet it will be fantastic). I don’t wear perfumes to sleep because my nose needs a rest. On vacation, I usually end up re-applying and may wear a different one in the evening if I shower before the evening activities. On work days, I spritz on in the morning is what I go home with without re-applying and this means I tey not to wear new fragrances on a work day in case it’s a scrubber. I don’t have an emergency perfume stash at work but I may remedy that.

  10. poodle says:

    I wear at least two but sometimes more. I’ll wear one to work which is usually long gone before lunch and I’ll wear something else when I get home maybe and another for bed. Once in a while I must reapply the same scent all day but most times I switch. I have some body sprays in the truck for a quick, light freshening up and emergency perfumes in my purse for a bit more fragrance. There are days where I wear nothing too but those aren’t all that often.

  11. I usually wear the same one all day, but I do have a couple of travel sizes that I put in my handbag or my desk at work in case I want to re-apply; particular favorites are my three minis from Hermes’ “Un Jardin” series, and a travel size of “Tommygirl.” Sometimes I apply a new scent at bedtime; always something quite different from what I wear during the day. That is when I gravitate to warmer, cozier scents, distinct from the cooler florals I enjoy during the day.

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