Summer stargazing, Le Galion Cologne Nocturne

Despite the fact that I’m often complaining about the heat or humidity, summer is still a beautiful time. Long and sunny days are what we need in order to recharge our batteries. I also find it really interesting how different people can be because of the summer. They seem to be more happy, more friendly. They laugh and smile more. And as some research states, we find each other more attractive when we have more positive attitude and when we have a slightly tanned skin.

During my summer time I don’t really fancy lying flat at the beach. Sure, I can do that for a couple of days but I would just suffer from boredom if I were to do that for 2 weeks. I much more prefer  to spend this time actively – riding a bike, rollerblading, hiking when I’m in the mountains or simply sightseeing & discovering new places. But my favorite part of each day of vacation is the evening. The time when the Sun sets late, when it becomes darker minute by minute and at some point you begin to feel that it’s cooling down. Oh how I love when gentle, cool breeze touches my skin and sends delicate yet pleasant shivers all over my body. At times like this I especially like to sit at the beach bar and have a delicious drink or to simply sit at the sand and watch the sky.

Materialization of my summery fantasies hides within a bottle of Le Galion Cologne Nocturne, a second eau de cologne inspired fragrance launched by the brand this year. As described by Nicolas Chabot, it’s a cologne for the night. On my skin this composition starts with somewhat chilled (but not frozen) lime sensation that is reminiscent of gin and tonic blend or even of mojito cocktail. It has a refreshing and zesty character with some juiciness to it. Even when lemon joins the composition I have the overall feeling that is definitely more tart, compared to the juicy style of Le Galion Cologne.


After a couple of minutes – 10, maybe 15, I notice that Cologne Nocturne begins to develop an aromatic facet. In its initial stage it’s light but it gains more power after a while. Aromatic accord of this perfume is centered around lavender note. It has a Provencal character, bringing couple of different aspects of this plant. First of all it smells floral and I don’t know too many lavender fragrances that smell this way. I could easily sense the aroma of tiny purple flowers. Then it becomes more herbaceous. A pleasantly herbal and green-tinged scent effuses from my skin. It feels warm, comforting and soothing. And almost as realistic as a walk on a lavender field.

Once the perfume has settled more comfortably on my skin, the heart of the composition reveals more herbal and aromatic notes. These include thyme and rosemary that add more dry aspect to Cologne Nocturne from Le Galion. Moreover there is a bit of clary sage. This one is not so dry but to me it introduced the odour that reminds me of hay. I also recognized a minimal sweaty element coming from the clary sage but in a blink of an eye it was gone because spicy notes overpowered it. At this point of development the perfume shows me its spicy features – those are warm and fresh. No specific spicy ingredients are given but I would say that this accord is blended of some coriander, nutmeg and a bit of pepper. It gives a tingling feeling when I smell my wrist up close.

Couple of hours later the perfume is still nicely “visible” on my skin and now it presents the structure of its base. The base of Cologne Nocturne is solid and substantive. It’s made mostly of woody notes. There was a hint of palisander rosewood earlier but in the base its a cedar note that is the strongest. It lacks its popular sweaty element, it’s just woody. When patchouli joins the composition it turns a little bit more earthy. Surprisingly at a really late stage I could still smell the base notes but they turned a bit soapy on my skin. Once again perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux has done an excellent job for Le Galion by creating 2 sublime colognes that don’t lack complexity nor longevity.

The perfume easily lasted on my skin for over 6 hours and had a moderate sillage that turned to low later. Cologne Nocturne is made in eau de parfum concentration and comes in 100 ml bottle or as a 6,5 ml splash miniature. It’s a must-have for an evening walk at the beach.

[note] photo via Vetyyver on Instagram

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10 thoughts on “Summer stargazing, Le Galion Cologne Nocturne

  1. jillie says:

    Love your imagination, Lucas!

    Also love the fact that Le Galion seems to be determined to produce excellent fragrances and not to be concerned with churning out mediocre stuff with mass appeal. Classy!

    A night-time cologne …… just right for sultry evenings when sticky, overwhelming perfume feels wrong, yet you want more than just refreshing, fleeting citrus; the herbal elements are appealing as they are reviving and relaxing at the same time. This seems to be the perfect recipe.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you.
      Absolutely, they don’t pretend to make perfume, they really do. That’s why the prices are a bit higher than average bottle of niche fragrance. But it’s all worth it for the quality. Some will probably say that Le Galion made an expensive cologne but lets not for get those are in EdP concentration and last way more than EdC.
      There is also something ambery in Cologne Nocturne base. Ideał for sultry evening

  2. rickyrebarco says:

    This sounds really nice, Lucas. By the way I got my bottle of Prada Rain. Love it! Reminds me a lot of Lutens’ Iris Silver Mist but not as metallic, more depth and some warmth in there. Love Prada’a scents!

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    I like the Le Galion drydown you have described. May have to try this one. Herbal notes and woods, relaxing coolness.

  4. Cornelia Blimber says:

    Love your imagination too, lucas! very rich.
    My first perfume ever was Yardley Lavender, and I still am a lavender lover. So I think this Cologne could be good for me. Question: how do lavender and patchouli go together?

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks Cornelia. If you’re a fan of lavender then Cologne Nocturne should suit your taste.
      Lavender and patchouli go well together here. Patchouli just makes lavender a bit more earthy. There is not much patch in this perfume

  5. Holly says:

    This sounds wonderful, and I love how perfectly you’ve captured the mood of a summer’s evening. It’s such an incredibly peaceful time.

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