Heat of the night, Nishane Fan Your Flames

Mixed feelings pass through my head when I see a completely new brand in niche fragrance department that is marking their debut with more than 10 fragrances (14), whereas others make their first steps in this new and exciting environment with 2-3 scents, sometimes even with just 1. Trying not to be too judging I wanted to smell each and every one of Nishane offerings. Things start to make sense when you learn that the perfumes were being developed for the last couple of years and then launched as a group because they were meant to form a collection, not a prelude to it.

There is even more sense to this when after smelling the perfumes one by one you realize that they are really well-made and that you enjoyed quite a few. It was a good sign that’s why I was eagerly anticipating the launch of 2 new creations. This fact was announced shortly before Esxence 2016 so I knew I will be able to meet Mert and Murat there and that they will tell me everything I need to know. Without further ado we engaged our noses in smelling. Both scents were superb and well-fitting in the brand portfolio but one of them was much closer to my tastes.

This perfume, named Fan Your Flames sources its inspiration from going out with your friends to a pub and smoke ‘shisha’ (hookah), a water vapor pipe. The name of the perfume is a fragment of a quote by Rumi“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” The beginning puts a heavy accent on coconut nut. It appears on the skin right after the perfume was applied. It’s a very creamy, milky smell that gains intensity within a couple of minutes. It’s a rich, condensed smell that at some point becomes a little bit oily and sweet. The sweetness is more like caramel at first but then it becomes more honey-like. The aroma is very tasty and mouth-watering. Nishane has taken a very realistic approach towards creating this accord. I like it more than I had expected!

After 15-30 minutes the perfume becomes richer and more dense when rum note joins the composition of Fan Your Flames. At first I could smell a typical & sticky molasses sweetness that is then followed by a boozy vibe of the alcohol. The booziness of rum is really lovely in this perfume. And it’s surprising how well it goes together with the smell of coconut. When they are blended together they smell like a fine liquor. Gradually the perfume is more reminiscent of old pubs filled with the scent of smoke. After some time a cedar from China emerges from the structure of this Nishane perfume. Cedar quickly takes a leading role, guiding us in a new direction.


Woody aspect provided by cedar wood is dry but not very rough. It introduced a good portion of substantivity with its dense smell. Fantastic thing about this note is that after some time it unifies with the earlier notes. Imagine the smell of wood, soaked with a liquorish aroma of rum. It’s a beautiful combination and call me weird, but it’s kind of sexy too! Wood saturated with smell of alcoholic beverage could be a bar table or wooden wall panels in some gentlemen’s club. But there is still quite a fun ride with Nishane Fan Your Flames ahead of us.

Once this arboreous aroma of cedar subsides another great player appears on stage and shines like a bright star. Since we’re taken to a shisha pub the perfume would not be complete without tobacco note. And there it is. Effusing it’s mesmerizing aroma. It’s beautiful. Bold and smoky, with liquory and milky elements shimmering as undertones to it. Those little shimmers bring out even more charm to the note of tobacco. The note is a little bit chewy, moist which is definitely a bow towards the idea of a water vapor pipe. Fan Your Flames offers sensual and seductive interpretation of this accord.

Over the next couple of hours the perfume remains really strong and present not only on your skin but also in the surroundings of people who wear it. During those few hours the notes become softer and they melt together, making it harder to differentiate between one note and another. Fan Your Flames, in late stage of development reveils a handful of oakmoss. I’m a fan of good chypre element in perfumes, especially that it’s less and less common because of the regulations. In this perfume it adds an element of dustiness and dryness that kind of reminds me of ash. If you haven’t yet fallen for this new Nishane, the last element should convince you. The drydown consists quite a lot of tonka beans. They are warm, combining the scent of crunchy nuts, soft & milky woodiness with aromatic delight. It melts on your skin and stays there, whispering quietly, until you take a shower.

Fan Your Flames by Nishame could be probably classified as oriental-gourmand but fitting the perfume to the group doesn’t really matters these days. All I can say is that I was very happy to use up my sample to write this review because it was a real sel-indulgent pleasure to wear this perfume. It’s also worth to note that despite the fact that it’s a heavier fragrance – it wears incredibly well on a warmer day. Fan Your Flames comes in extrait de parfum concentration and it really is saturated. Once alcohol evaporated from the surface of my skin, I could see a shiny layer of oil on top of my hand for a couple of hours. Bottle size for this gorgeous scent is 50 ml.

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12 thoughts on “Heat of the night, Nishane Fan Your Flames

  1. Holly says:

    I had the same judgement regarding Nishane’s massive launching of so many fragrances at once, but that’s also partly because of acknowledging that I will most likely never get around to them all. I’ve now settled down to accepting that this is simply a fact of perfumista life. 😉

    Since I’m now enjoying sweeter scents including vanilla, honey and some ambers, I might like this one. I am not a fan of rum notes yet, but perhaps that will develop as well. It sounds rather masculine – what do you think?

    • lucasai says:

      Hi sweetie, I think many of us had similar feelings about this debut.
      Just your one word and I can organize some samples for you, you know it 😉
      Fan Your Flames is a little bit more masculine, similarly to Arquiste the Architects Club.

      • Holly says:

        Sure! I could never refuse an offer of samples! 😀
        You should have yours any day now, btw.

        What else of the Nishane line strikes your fancy? I’ve noticed they’re fond of tuberose, and you know my views on that note! The flower I associate the most with Turkey is hyacinth, as the area I lived in there had fields of them growing. I love that scent, so maybe they’ll come up with something …

        I haven’t tried The Architects Club yet, but Carlos Huber will be at Arielle Shoshana here in a few weeks and we’re doing a meetup there which will be a lot of fun. Any hints on what I should explore from his line? I sampled Anima Dulcis which I enjoyed, but then got lost in Absolue Pour le Soir at the same time.

        • lucasai says:

          To me Turkey is mostly associated with rose, turkish rose 😉
          Carloss is a doll, great guy to talk (and really handsome too) we always have a good time together when we meet in Florence for Pitti. He is preparing something new for the fans.
          I really liked Arquiste’s Fleur de Louis which is neroli + iris combination. The Architect’s Club is also great

  2. cookie queen says:

    Yep. I’m convinced, this will be worth a try. Bloom had the Nishanes when I was last there but I didn’t try them. 😁 Very clear review. Thanks.

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    Sounds nice. My favorite Nishane is Wulong Cha, a nice tea fragrance.

  4. Rajah says:

    As a fan of Nishane I expected a lot from this one (even though I’m not a fan of coconut) and when i first sniffed it a couple of weeks ago, I knew all this was worth the wait. My first impression was “oh, this is sexy!”.

    I like that instead of a coconut punching you in the face, it acts more like a background – very noticeable, but subtle at the same time,
    My #2 from this house.

  5. Undina says:

    From your description I think I’ll like this perfume but 16 (!!!) perfumes?! Even in a couple of years. I simply do not believe in the ability of any company to produce 5-8 great perfumes per year. On the other hand, if they can sell it (to us, “perfumistas”, or to the general public) – why not? It can’t be just Chanel and Dior who keep pouring endless flankers into the market. And since I will not hold against them a desire to get a piece of this pie, when/if I see them at the store, I’ll try them – or at least Fan your Flames (am I the only one who immediately thinks of By Kilian’s Light My Fire?).

    • lucasai says:

      That’s a lot for a start bug according to founders all fragrances are quite popular. Different scents are top sellers in different regions.
      Hope you get to try them or at least Fan Your Flames

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