Daydreaming, Chanel Boy

There are brands that need no introduction. Chanel is one of those brands that are so iconic and their name is so well established in the society (even between those who are not into fashion) that they just speak for themselves. Perfumes however, even if created under big names, should speak for themselves, evoke specific feelings and inspire. This year a house of Chanel decided to bottle love between Gabrielle Chanel and Arthur “Boy” Capel. For her he was more than a soul mate. He was her double and her alter ego. The perfume unites femininity and masculinity.

Chanel Boy welcomes me with a slightly sharp smell of perfumed alcohol but it fleets very shortly & you’re left with a lovely scent on your skin. The opening is primarily a lavender note – a beautiful and lush bouquet of purple flowers. I find the note rather realistic and incredibly appealing. This note is a marriage between lightly herbal, greener and charming floral facets that entwine with each other. Aromatic aspect of this new Les Exclusif is brilliantly crafted. The perfume truly shines, emanating warmth through the aromatic molecules within its juice. After a while the lavender note becomes spicy in a soft way and I think it’s a nice twist to make things more interesting. Also within initial 15 minutes it is the floral side of lavender that turns dominant and leads us further.

After a while I start to smell lemon and grapefruit. Citrus and zesty vibe of yellow peels blends nicely with a smell of lavender. It becomes more juicy and also a bit tangy at this point. Citrus notes work in Chanel Boy as background elements as they are not supposed to overwhelm the floralties – and they don’t. After around 1 hour the perfume changes a little bit. From a magnificent, floral lavender with warm-spicy and citrusy hues it transitions into more sensual perfume. There is a lot of heliotrope in Boy de Chanel and apart from introducing more flowery elements to the composition it adds this fantastic, rich & creamy aroma that is quite similar to tonka beans. The smell is delicious.


After that comes rose geranium. Its aromatic facet blooms on my skin with a pastel sweetness and flowerness. It has a smell that oscillates between green, aromatic herb and colorful flower. The perfume also contains plenty of sandalwood. In this particular creation it appears as a very soft and gentle piece of wood. It’s super smooth and polished. It’s a woody notes with light creaminess and a hint of sweetness that is yet to become stronger. It feels even substantial a bit as for Les Exclusifs standards. From the start Chanel Boy feels stylish, chic and elegant in a classic way with modern interpretation but to me it’s mainly sandalwood that provided this feeling.

I mentioned sweetness a few lines earlier. It’s another important element of Chanel Boy and it crystallizes in a form of vanilla. A handful of vanilla in Boy de Chanel gives it a luxurious character. Lavender, which is still a key-note of the composition, becomes sweeter at this moment, it even smells as if it was honeyed. Interestingly enough, vanilla sweetness is kept very much in control – it doesn’t become overdone or sticky. It’s in harmony with lavender and both are adding good value to each other. In Boy there is also a lot of musk. It offers a sensual and embracing experience, it’s soft and fuzzy as cotton & it feels so nice you just want to wrap it around yourself. The perfume can last like this for a longer period of time, making you feel comfortable.

Chanel Boy from Les Exclusifs de Chanel is a masterfully crafted perfume by Olivier Polge. To me this fragrance is reminiscent of lavender fields drenched in sunlight every day, somewhere in Provence. The warmth of lavender is what I find most charming in this fragrance. This eau de parfum is available in Chanel boutique line standard sizes of 75 ml and 200 ml. It lasts for decent 8 hours on my skin (and all Les Exclusifs last poorly on me) the sillage is very small, you smell most of it from short distance. It’s a dreamy and peaceful composition, ideal for summer and early autumn days. Those who like lavender should definitely give it a try. Boy is very wearable and absolutely unisex.


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20 thoughts on “Daydreaming, Chanel Boy

  1. jillie says:

    Lovely, lovely review. Thank you Lucas!

    This is definitely appealing to me – I just wish the Exclusifs weren’t so darned expensive and fleeting. Although Chanel are apparently bringing out stronger versions later this year? But they will be even more costly …… Ah well, perhaps I will win the Lottery tomorrow!

  2. ScentBound says:

    Nice review, Lucas. I’ve smelled it only once and I got a good impression of it. Hoping to give it another try soon.

  3. Holly says:

    Fantastic review, Lucas! I was surprised how much I like this one – it has a lot more warmth and depth than I was expecting. Are you considering a bottle?

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Great review, sweetie. I eeked out as much as I could out of the sample I got from the Chanel boutique in Barcelona. All I can say is it was nice while it lasted (~ 3 hours with 3 spritzes) and I can’t imagine wearing more without being asphyxiated. Besides the lavender thread, there’s a sticky (to me) sweetness upon initial application that is similar to an incense that I couldn’t quite identify.

    As to Chanel switching to EDPs, I didn’t waste anytime getting a back-up of Coromandel (75 mL because a few spritzes per wear is enough to last all day and I can’t imagine it being any stronger if that is what will happen in the switch) and the big bottle of 28 La Pausa to last me a lifetime of 8 spritzes per wear.

  5. MMMMMM Boy. Loving it.
    Portia xx

  6. Undina says:

    I’m surprised at the longevity of this perfume on your skin: for me I don’t even get hajusuuri’s “3 hours” 😦 I will try the remainder of my sample in a cooler weather – maybe I’ll get a better result?

  7. lavender?heliotrope? vanilla? MMMM!!!!
    I will have to give this one a try if I am every at a Chanel counter…one of these days!

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