Floral zephyr, Laboratorio Olfattivo MyLO & Nun

It’s hard to believe that July has passed by so fast and that we’re well into August already. My holidays are getting closer. So far summer has been spoiling me with mild and pleasant weather. There were only a few days with temperatures occasionally reaching 30*C but in general those summer days are nicely warm (22-25*C) with lots of fluffy, sheep-like clouds rolling in the sky. There also have been plenty of rain that we needed so much. I also joined back the swimming pool! I’m swimming 2-3 times a week plus I’m still doing my home exercises and I crave less sugar now. I can already see some positive effects of my body becoming a bit slimmer.

A weather like this has given me many opportunities to try fragrances other than citrus ones, for which I would normally reach during hot days. But since it’s all mild outside I could sample more florals, orientals or even leathers without suffering a headache. Very recently I have been introduced to two new fragrances by Laboratorio Olfattivo, an Italian brand that I like a lot. It was one of those brands I found at the beginning of discovering a niche offerings. The project is called Laboratorio in Fiore with fragrances dedicated to specific flowers. The idea of creating not just typical soliflores but more complex creations with one flower at the central place sounds really interesting.


First perfume, MyLO is dedicated to white lily. This fragrance starts with refreshing aroma of lemon and mandarin. They introduce an aromatic facet with hints of zestiness and tartness. There is not much juicy vibe to it. Right after this delicate opening MyLO evolves into more warm and balsamic creation. A lot of benzoin is revealed which unfolds this beautiful layer of balmy aroma that spreads around like a carpet. It smells very warm and sensual, there is also something caramelized about it. Soon this note is joined by pink pepper. Sprinkled on top of benzoin it makes it smell more spicy in a sparkling, tingling way that is playful and happy.

At 30 minutes mark I could finally smell white lily. It provides a contrast to Laboratorio Olfattivo MyLO as the warm spiciness subsides and transforms into elegant floral creaminess. For a floral accord it feels rather substantive on my skin, with a lot of creamy, milky and even sugary elements at some moments. The smell is chic and warmth provided by benzoin and pepper still continues. This warmth helps lily to radiate from my skin and it also helps in creating the impression that you smell something positive & optimistic. At some moments you could also smell a bit of jasmine.

As the perfume develops it becomes more powdery and silky thanks to iris note that has been sneaked into a composition of MyLO. It adds that typical structure that all iris lovers adore. Later on the perfume turns more luminous and shiny with amber. This note is assisted with a nice portion of vanilla to sweeten the scent, make it more round and refined. As the drydown appears it presents to us another balsamic facet but this time it’s a little bit, yet not overly animalic. It’s a musky drydown that has a sweet fluff-puff and darker, more sweaty and animalic elements combined together. It smells intriguing and I’m sure it won’t let you remain indifferent about this scent.


Second perfume, named Nun – after ancient Egyptian god Nun that represented primordial water, is a fragrance that makes focus on white lotus. This particular composition opens with a pale shimmer of citrus tones coming from lemon and bergamot. They give very faint smell that probably wouldn’t have any effect on a calm surface of the water. Then almost immediately the central lotus note emerges from the water. It brings forth a very delicate, sheer and transparent smell of watery flower. It feels aquatic, with petals colored in pastel orange or pastel pink. To me this scent embodies tranquility. Even though it’s not mentioned it reminded me of a smell of bamboo.

Then a floral tone of pear arise to continue the leading concept of Nun being a light, watery fragrance. I found the aroma of pear to be very realistic here. It’s fresh and juicy, as if you someone just served you a pear puree. Jasmine nicely blends together with lotus and pear. For this new Laboratio Olfattivo it was made very light and airy, totally doesn’t remind of indolic, narcotic jasmine. On a side note, it’s so interesting that perfumers can guide jasmine accord in two, almost completely opposite directions. Hint of ylang-ylang makes the perfume feel slightly more tropical & sunny.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun reveals woody facet as it develops. It’s described as white woods which to me means an abstract mix of varied, lightweight woody molecules. It does smell good and slightly more substantive. As the time goes by a similar amber note to the one in MyLO appears from the pyramid of Nun. Then, when amber note starts to fade away, the perfume simplifies and shows a final note which is neroli. It’s a beautiful, fresh and clean smell of white flowers with citrusy undertones. This is another happy perfume that to me feels very suitable to wear it during a Mediterranean cruise or the day when you go to discover some unknown city during your vacation.


MyLO and Nun were developed for Laboratorio Olfattivo by perfumer Luca Maffei. Both have good longevity of around 6-8 hours and their sillage is moderate. These 2 fragrances nicely highlight specific flowers with use of other ingredients that are meant to direct our attention towards lily and lotus in this particular case. The two offerings are made in eau de parfum concentration and come only in 100 ml bottles (note: 30 ml bottles have been introduced not long ago for some more popular fragrances in their range). If you like lily or lotus or want a light, summery floral scent, one of these might work for you.  Both fragrances are unisex in my opinion and have an evident summer feel.

6 thoughts on “Floral zephyr, Laboratorio Olfattivo MyLO & Nun

  1. jillie says:

    Thank you for the very interesting reviews.

    I have a love/hate relationship with lilies! I adore their spicy perfume, but it ends up giving me a headache. This goes for real flowers or any fragrance that is predominantly lily. And yet I still hanker after that wonderful, exotic scent …. I surprised myself by quite liking Cartier’s Baiser Vole Rose, which I thought wouldn’t be realistic, but I couldn’t wear it.

    By coincidence someone sent me a bouquet of Casablanca lilies this week, and they hold pride of place in ….. the kitchen! That way I can see them as I pass and when I go in to cook, and their perfume scents the house but isn’t too overwhelming.

    • lucasai says:

      My pleasure.
      I’m not a fan of lily as well, I think I’ve never gotten to smell any predominantly lily perfume. As a support note it’s ok if not too strong.

      I bet those flowers are nice home decor 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    Ooh! I love the notion of “floral zephyr”!

    Like jillie, I don’t have a good relationship with lilies, although mine is way more hate than love. I’m fine getting a whiff of them outside, but I don’t enjoy them up close and have not liked any perfumes with a lily note.
    So then … Nun. Nun? Okay, an Egyptian god (thanks for the clarification, btw) but still. Jeez, I dunno … acquatic and pear, but then again you make it sound really lovely! I think I’ll give Nun a try.

  3. hajusuuri says:

    Lovely review, sweetie. The one I would like to try is MyLO. I like Cartier Baiser Vole but have not worn it in a while. I liked it so much that I even pursued the extrait when it was very hard to find and once I got it, I left it unopened – I need to rectify this!

    Ah, swimming — never really enjoyed it but if thrown into a pool, I enjoy just floating gently on my back with the minimum of effort so it is not much exercise.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you! Oh, great to see that it’s not Nun but MyLO that attracted more of your attention.

      I think swimming is my favorite sport but every time I go to the pool I don’t think about it as going for a workout. For me swimming is relax and fun, even though the muscles are working hard there. I think it’s better that way – I can take losing weight by having fun in the water

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