6 roses for golden Autumn & rainy Autumn

October has brought golden Autumn filled with colorful leaves in shades of brown, orange, yellow and red that gradually fall from trees turning into vivid and rustling carpets on top of the park pavements. Autumn like that is pretty and can be enjoyable even at times when a chilly wind is blowing behind our backs. On the other hand there are days when the sky is completely grey and it looks as if it was about to start to fall on your heads. Days filled with gloom and rain are definitely less enjoyable but at least they give you a good reason to stay at home as you wrap yourself with a fluffy blanket with a big cup of your favorite tea or coffee in hands, watching some movies.

I bet many of you have already done that or are in the process of deciding if its the high time to push back all the light, airy and summery fragrances and bring forward heavier scents with resins, spices and incense. To me rose is one of these materials that are pretty versatile no matter it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. Among rose perfumes there are some that seem especially suitable for this transition period when it’s not summer anymore and it’s not winter yet. They can be glamorous, nostalgic, relaxing or uplifting – so here they are, my 6 roses for Autumn.autumn-rose

  • Let’s hit it off with a perfume that belongs to the noble category of all-natural fragrances – Rose L’Orange by April Aromatics. Perfumer Tanja Bochnig blended a precious rose essence that is very rich in aroma, with the smell of orange blossom and neroli. These two essences sourced from orange tree flowers add a juicy, citric tenderness that is very uplifting and optimistic. When it blends with rose and a pinch of sweetness from vanilla the entire perfume evolves into a cuddly goodness that to me smells like a delicious rose confiture with candied orange peel. Very appropriate for chilly Autumn evenings.
  • Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme is a rose of hundred faces. Ever since 2012 when I discovered this fragrance and fell in love with it, it still smells to me like a blend of fresh dark red roses with dry ones, sprinkled with rose-water. Papyrus adds a lovely vibe of rose potpourri. Rose Anonyme is sensual and seductive, at the same time being more dark and mysterious thanks to a little portion of oud. Patchouli adds depth to it while benzoin makes it feel a bit more balsamic. And that extra sparkle from ginger is a nice final touch.
  • Third fragrance that I decided that should be included in this list and without which it would be incomplete is Rose Velours by Van Cleef & Arpels. My scent twin Hajusuuri and I really like it. This perfume is not an obvious choice for Autumn because it’s a more subtle and lightweight rose. What makes it worthy wearing in this season are notes of honey, benzoin and ambroxan which are nicely blended and balanced, giving you this luxurious feeling that I’d like to compare with liquid gold. Rose Velours is classy in more than one way.
  • I bet many of you are familiar with Voleur de Roses launched by L’Artisan Parfumeur in 1993. This unusual perfume is a perfect option for fall due to its complexity and undeniable character. On my skin the opening gives a sparkly rose which then becomes more earthy, muddy, with a hefty dose of spices and dirty patchouli. The latter one is probably the only dirty patchouli I can wear. Voleur de Roses probably smells like a rose garden in the middle of an autumnal rain. This will be probably a bolder choice compared to other roses in this list.
  • We love creative art work of perfumer Mandy Aftel. She has that undeniable talent of turning her creations into little gems that often have this old-fashioned, retro vibe style without overdoing it & making them mostly suitable for our grandmas. Aftelier liquid perfume of Wild Roses smells great, no matter if it rains or it’s a nice October day. In this perfume roses, included ta’if rose have been put together with apricot for a light and powdery sweetness that later evolves into more warm and spicy being thanks to pimento. Vanilla makes it milder on skin while geranium adds a lovely crispness that immediately makes me think of crisp mornings of Autumn. You won’t say “no” to this fragrance once you try it.
  • Finally I’d like to spread some love for the fragrance that I discovered in my early perfumistahood. I fell in love with it years ago but for no reason I kept hesitating to purchase it… until few days ago when I finally bought it, reminded how beautiful it smells when I was writing this post. Histoires de Parfums Rosam is a perfect and rich rose for Autumn. Here ta’if rose blends with other rose species and citrusy top notes that quickly become sensual elixir made of saffron, a bit of oud, incense and sandalwood. It’s super cuddly and it always boosts my confidence. Plus a little goes a long way since it’s absolu eau de parfum concentrated. And bottle is covered in a silver veil. Rosam is sensually seductive.

Which one out of these 6 would you go with? Or maybe you have another option? Do tell!

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24 thoughts on “6 roses for golden Autumn & rainy Autumn

  1. jilliecat says:

    I love your description of all six!

    I always come back to rose in the end …. perhaps it’s a primitive instinct as it was probably one of the first flowers to be used in perfume? As you say, rose has such a calming and uplifting effect and when the melancholy of autumn settles around me, rose brings sweetness, light and comfort.

    Ormonde Jayne’s Ta’if is a perfect autumn/winter rose-centric scent: the velvety crimson rose is suffused with the falling leaf colours of gold, yellow and orange from the dates and saffron.

    Yves Rocher’s Rose Absolue, now sadly gone, is definitely a rose for the cooling evenings as its pinkness is heightened with raspberry and then cossetted with vanilla and a whisp of patchouli; sweetness to comfort you without rotting your teeth (and it is almost a doppelganger of Lancôme’s Mille et une Roses).

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you dear jillie.
      I don’t know if rose is the oldest perfume used in perfumery but it certainly still is one of most valued ones.
      Glad you agree with my opinion about rose being suitable for Autumn and that’s great you have your own favorites. I would be curious what you think about Rosam.

  2. rprichpot says:

    Lutens Rose de Nuit, Vero Kern Rubj.

  3. hajusuuri says:

    I love fall and the crisp cool weather. The grey wet days can just stay out of my way. You have a nice list of roses! L’Artisan Voleur de Roses did not work for me; if I recall, it smelled like a variation of wet basement. I also have not tried the HdP I don’t wear roses as often as I should – must rectify!

    • lucasai says:

      Me too, unless it’s not raining for a full week straight, without any breaks.
      I’m happy you like the list. I can understand that you might not like Voleur de Roses but I think you’d enjoy Rosam. I just got mine for only 50 euro!
      Let’s wear more roses this autumn

  4. What a great list! And I haven’t tried any of these, so now I have some new ideas. I adore rose scents. Jo Malone’s Tudor Rose and Amber is lovely in the autumn.

  5. Reblogged this on Serenity Now and commented:
    I love this list of rose fragrances for autumn, as rose is one of my favorite fragrance notes. I have put away some of my more summery rose scents in favor of those that have a more autumnal spice to them, such as Jo Malone’s Tudor Rose and Amber and Miller Harris’ Rose En Noir. Any other suggestions for autumn fragrances, with or without rose notes?

  6. Holly says:

    Nice list, and you’ve included several I like! Rose often goes kind of sour on me, so it’s always good to see a list that has stuff that works for me. Rosam sounds lovely – somehow it’s escaped my notice until now!

  7. rickyrebarco says:

    These sound beautiful Lucas. I have been wanting to try the Atelier Rose Anonyme and Van Cleef Rose also. My favorite rose for fall thus far is Keiko Mecheri Attar de Roses and the new Diptyque Essences Rose. I thoroughly enjoyed your report from Exscenses. Thanks again!

    • lucasai says:

      Rose Anonyme is a staple fragrance for me right now. Somehow it slipped my attention that 2016 edition of Diptyque Essences Insenses is a rose one. I just checked in on Parfumo and wow, what an interesting bottle, too bad it has a bulb spray

  8. jacquieds says:

    Ah, what about the glorious Jean Patou Joy?

  9. stina says:

    I ended up liking Dior La Colle Noire, which surprised me… but it’s plush and rosy-citrusy and juicy, and never synthetic on my skin (which can turn lots of rose frags into something horrible and plasticky at the drop of a hat). It’s more of a summer rose, though.

    I was just thinking earlier today that I should try VC&A Rose Velours (I love their California Reverie), so now I’ll definitely order a sample of it, along with Rosam and Rose l’Orange. Thanks for the recommendations!

    And I thought that the Diptyque Essences Rose sounded like a possibility too, but yes, that bulb atomizer… (sigh).

    Another rose-centric frag that’s great for fall is Andy Tauer’s Le Maroc pour Elle; I suppose it’s really a floriental, but I think of it as a rose perfume.

    • lucasai says:

      I haven’t tried this new Dior La Colle Noir, will have to rectify that. It’s tricky with boutique exclusives because you can’t get any of them in Poland.
      You’re welcome, I’m glad something got your attention.
      I will probably try Diptyque Essences Insensees 2016 when I can.
      And Andy’s rose would work too. I was thinking about including Phi Une Rose de Kandahar but it’s a winter rose to me.

  10. Undina says:

    I’ve tried only two out of your five autumn choices – Rose Anonym and Rose Velours. I like both but do not love any of them. If I think of the Fall roses, I’d probably go with SSS’s Velvet Rose or Amouage Lyric.

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