Autumn tranquili-tea

I’ve given you proofs more than once during those 4 years of writing Chemist in the Bottle that I’m a tea person. Tea addict perhaps. I might drink coffee once in a while but it’s never as delightful as a cup of tea and I don’t celebrate that beverage as much as tea. I enjoy having different kinds of tea. Green and white are my favorite, then rooibos & red tea. Black would be my least favorite although it often wins me over the winter as it adds those couple extra stamina points in the morning.

Funnily enough, as much as I love tea, I never really got to like it in my perfume. Not that I haven’t tried. Kilian Imperial Tea, Atelier Cologne Philtre Ceylan didn’t work for me. I quite liked Altaia Yu Son but it was thanks to a lot of orange blossom that suppressed its tea accord. Five O’Clock Au Gingembre from Lutens was great for 1 hour and then started turning weirdly sour.


Lately I seem to be enjoying and appreciating osmanthus more in perfumes that I’m wearing. It’s such an interesting accord. In some perfumes it appears just as itself when it effuses lightly floral and powdery vibe. In other creations it can be present in more fruity way – then it perfectly mimics apricots and their fuzziness. Some other time it can even resemble the aroma of tea.

Is there any tea or osmanthus perfume that you especially like or have in your collection? Or if you’re more into coffee – do you like it as a perfume note?

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10 thoughts on “Autumn tranquili-tea

  1. shelly says:

    I love Osmanthus Yunnan by Hermes, but like so many of theirs there is no staying power. I bought tea for two from Artisan when a shop was selling off samplers a while ago but it hits me wrong. I hope to trade it some day. I am loving the tea Genmaicha from Teance of late. Such high quality tea place that it is one of the few I can afford. But I love visiting their shop. It even has a koi pond and waterfall inside.

  2. Jillie says:

    Hello, fellow tea fan. It’s spooky that you are liking osmanthus with its apricot accord more and more, because that’s what has been happening to me for the last year or so!

    I have found that a lot of Sophia Grojsman’s perfumes have peach/apricot/osmanthus in them, so she must like this too, and until I got the dreaded cold I was – much to my surprise – enjoying Lancome’s Magnifique (now discontinued) which made me feel just peachy!

    As for tea: well, I have been searching for the ideal beverage too, and preferably it has to have the apricot vibe. I suppose that’s not surprising as tea does in fact have its own apricotty element. I have particularly enjoyed Ahmad’s Apricot Tea and Dilmah’s Rose, Lychee and Almond – these are Sri Lankan black teas with added fruit/flower elements; Dilmah also produce other Ceylon teas with singular apricot, peach or lychee flavours, but the Rose Lychee and Almond is simply heavenly. I find lychee to be quite similar to apricot, but with an extra “perfumey” quality.

    I’ll have to come back to you about more perfumes that I like ….. it’s too early in the morning for my brain to function and I need a cup of tea!!

    • lucasai says:

      What a lovely coincidence that both you and me started to like osmanthus more. I shall seek some good apricot tea that both of us would enjoy.
      Thanks for the tip, I might need to check her perfumes
      I have tried some of the teas you mentioned but I’m still seeking for something better. I prefer loose leaf tea rather than express tea in bags because I always have a feeling that bags have worst sort of tea in them…

  3. Have you tried Dear Polly for Vilhelm Parfumerie? I think Jérôme Epinette is the nose behind the Vilhelm scents. It’s a tea-citrus fragrance that I think you would dig.

    Favorite coffee fragrance might be Rochas Man.

    • lucasai says:

      I have never heard about this it, not to mention trying it! Epinette did my beloved Rose Anonyme so it might work for me.

      By the way, good to see you around 🙂

  4. rickyrebarco says:

    Love the picture, Lucas. I am a tea fragrance fan, but my favorite is Nishane’s Wu Long Cha. It is fresh and sparkling and beautiful. I’ll buy a bottle before too long. My favorite tea is Tazo Tea’s Passion, yummy!

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you. That’s my super big tea mug 🙂
      I remember you mentioning this Nishane earlier at some occasion. I never had a Tazo Tea, would love to try though

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