From Pissara with love


It is finally the time to announce winners of Parfums Dusita giveaway. Each participant was assigned with a number determined by the order of comments under the review post. Then I scrambled all of them and asked to randomly select 3 winners.

Therefore I’m happy to announce that prizes go to:

  • Ellen
  • Leia Justelien
  • Ella

I only just noticed that Azar already has this sample set. Therefore new winner is Leia Justelien.

Please get in touch via Chemist in the Bottle contact form providing your full shipping details and a discovery set of 5 x 7 ml perfumes will be soon on its way to you. You’ve got time until 11th of November to send your address, if any of the winners fail to get in touch within the given timeframe, I’ll have select another person who will receive this fabulous gift.

Thank you everyone for participating and most of all – heartfelt thanks to Pissara for providing this lovely reward. I’m sure it will help spread the love for your brand even more!

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4 thoughts on “From Pissara with love

  1. Ellen says:

    Oh my – I won? Jeej! (Hope there was no secret other Ellen :p) I never win and now I win this super duper amazing price!!!!

  2. Ella says:

    Oh, what a lovely surprise! I have been wanting to try these so bad. Thank you! ❤

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