Long weekend poll – some ideas

Tomorrow is 11th of November which means that here in Poland everyone will be celebrating Independence Day. It’s a bank holidays for us, nobody has to go to work which rounds up to a nice 3-days-long-weekend. I’m going to take this rare chance to just relax and enjoy myself. I need it because it’s been an intensive week. I had to return a new face scrub I got recently because it gave me an allergic reaction at first use. After an exhausting attempt the shop agreed to accept my complaint. From better news – I signed up for a new language course so I’ll be a bit more busy on 2 afternoons a week. I’ll have to be very organized so that blog doesn’t suffer too much.


This weekend will be for de-stressing and being a little lazy but I wanted to tell you about 2 ideas for the blog that came to my mind recently. First of them is In a Flash series – covering various aroma chemical. It would be like long forgotten chemistry flash posts but written in a more compact, summarized way. My second idea is a perfumed alphabet (I know some bloggers have done that before) – in this series I could talk about different aspects of perfume world that start with a letter A, B, C etc. Each post could feature only one or more terms. Let me know in the comments below if you like these ideas or not. Your own ideas are also very welcome.

Last but not least, in addition to the fact that it’s Poland’s Independence Day tomorrow, Now Smell This will be holding an iris Friday! I will be joining the fun by wearing Iris Fauve, a new release by Atelier des Ors. If you’re an iris fan like me, please join this themed NST project. And of course I’m wishing everyone a happy and peaceful weekend ahead.

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19 thoughts on “Long weekend poll – some ideas

  1. Jillie says:

    Like both your ideas very much, Lucas. I always want to learn more.

    This is probably a silly thought, but something I often wish for is a list of possible substitutes/smell-alikes for long lost or extremely expensive perfumes – a bit of a “cheat’s” guide …. not really practical but quite intriguing. For instance, Yardley produced Jade which is almost a dead ringer for Chanel’s Cristalle and about a quarter of the price. Of course there are many deliberate copies made (Lidl and Marks & Spencer are quite famous for their duplicates), but I am more interested in “accidental” re-workings. And not forgetting that some houses re-issue their old fragrances under new names (sometimes more than once) and it would be good to know when that happens. But this is possibly impossible to research!

    On Friday it will be a tough choice for me between Iris Poudre and Atelier’s Silver Iris (to which you introduced me! – I only wear it on special occasions as I just have the tiny travel bottle). IP might win as I find that particularly comforting right now and I am still in my Pierre Bourdon phase.

    Hope you have a very good long weekend and that you enjoy your much deserved break. And that your face has recovered!

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Jillie, the idea is very interesting and I know a few more fragrance doppelgangers that smell very close to each other and are on completely different price levels.
      No matter if you choose Iris Poudre or Silver Iris you’ll smell great anyway. I’m still so in love with Silver Iris.

  2. rprichpot says:

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. shelly says:

    I really liked reading the chemistry series so the flash idea sounds good. Iris Fri. seems like your kind of day.

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Hello dearest…I like both these ideas. Another could be a note and your top five or ten or how ever many perfumes feature that as a primary note I think you recently did one for rose? Good for you for returning the face scrub. We truly are twins because I currently look like I have bee-stung lips because of a lip balm! It’s possible my lips got too close to some perfume oils I’m trying but I really think it’s the lip balm. I am throwing out the one I used and will experiment with another one I have later on down the road to confirm.

    I’ll be in iris tomorrow (and have been all week) and I will likely continue to be in iris next week and maybe until the end of November because…so many 🙂

    • lucasai says:

      Hi sweetie, thank you.
      Oh, you mean this kind of “a guide to rose/leather etc” posts.
      I did one for ideal iris perfumes for Christmas and recently a rose one for Autumn.

      Sorry to hear about your lip allergic reaction. You could press a piece of lemon onto your lips and them replace with a slice of cucumber. This should help.

      For your next lip balm I highly recommend EOS lip balms. They’re cheap and come in a sphere shape which is a fun way to use on your lips.

      I definitely think you’ve got more iris than I do!

      • hajusuuri says:

        That lemon part seems counter-intuitive as I think that may sting worse; however, I can see it acting to draw out whatever allergens are there and the cucumber to soothe. Target has some eos lip balms and I will check ot out later today but failing that, I can order from Ulta (and maybe throw in Stash which is getting a lot of good praise). And hes, it’s the iris and rose/leather posts I was thinking about.

        Happy Independence Day! It’s Veterrans Day over here. There’s a parade in NY to honor the men and women who fought and are fighting for freedom! The stores here are fighting to separate shoppers from their money.

        • lucasai says:

          Yes, lemon would be to draw out the irritants and cucumber would then soothe it.
          I got eos lip balm in mint for cold days this season. I like it a lot. Also need to find a new face scrub. Hope eos works for you too. I’ve heard about Stash, it’s not available here yet though.
          Happy Veterans Day to all US friends

          • hajusuuri says:

            And by the way, Costco, a warehouse store that sells everything in larger quantities, carries a 6-pack of eos lip balm for $12.99, the cheapest per sphere. When I run out, I know where to get my next fix.

  5. Sarah says:

    Good evening, Lucas!
    I love the idea of the In a Flash topic. Anything scientific is right up my alley! “Right up my alley” is an American idiom. 😄 The alphabet sounds like a perfect tutorial. Go for both!
    Enjoy your holiday; our country celebrates Veteran’s Day tomorrow. It is generally the same as Remembrance Day in the UK. It is a bank holiday here, as well, though the children are in school.
    Thanks for all your info!
    OXOX ,
    Sarah in Texas

  6. Jennan says:

    I do Love Jillies’ Idea!!

  7. Ana says:

    Hi Lucas. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Never tried Ateliers d’Or perfumes, itseems like a higher end brand. Saludos from Madrid.

  8. Undina says:

    I bet you didn’t expect to get more comments on this post 😉 But I finally made it to this post through the backlog of unread stuff.

    I like the first idea – if it doesn’t take too much of your time. And I like the second idea because I in general like anything done in series.

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