Shimmering desert, Puredistance Sheiduna

When you hear a word sheik (or sheikh) you probably imagine someone of Arabic origins, wearing a white robe, maybe with a turban on his head. Next association would be wealth, because sheikhs are usually wealthy, rich people. They might not look like it but they’re often surrounded with luxuries. Sheika – his wife, would be imagined as someone of unearthly beauty. She’d be wearing satin and silk. She’d also hide her face behind a scarf, only making use of her magnetic eyes. To me sheika is someone like Aladdin princess – and it’s only a part of new Puredistance inspiration.

Puredistance Sheiduna opens in a very unexpected & surprising way by releasing a cloud of something that smells like candied peels of citrus fruit, such as orange or tangerine. The first impression is initially juicy but it quickly transforms into something having more of a sweet & sour flavor. These candied rinds turn into a suave syrup that luckily is not cloying or toothachey. In fact the sweetness of tangerine is beautifully balanced by black currant that counteracts it with own tartiness. Equilibrium of these 2 is dynamic, at times one becomes stronger and vice versa.


Maybe 15 minutes after spraying the perfume on my skin I notice how it evolves in a way that is absolutely non-obvious. The opening note of tangerine blends with some unidentified material that makes it smell heavier and dense. Once the breakthrough moment arrives and this new accord starts to dominate it becomes clear that it was myrrh. It’s balmy in a rather thick way. It becomes more defined as we speak, unleashing its potential of salty and resinous facets. To my content it doesn’t evoke burning plastic bottle, as it often happens when I try a new perfume with myrrh.

To soften myrrh resin and to spice up Sheiduna a little bit, some cloves landed in the formula of this perfume. I like this facet a lot because it introduces a charming veil of warm spiciness that feels cuddly, making you want to wrap it around yourself. I love oriental perfumes with clove as I always find a hint of thrilling sweetness underneath a layer of spicy things. In the next stage new Puredistance creation reveals an incense accord that made me hold my breath for a moment.

Incense in Sheiduna is an embodiment of clarity, serenity and tranquility. It’s steady and superficially simple, yet so complex. The moment I take a whiff of it my mood becomes more meditative and winds down. This slightly smoky aura is illuminated by a gentle hint of aldehydes that then transform into a quiet wave of peaceful geranium – its aromatic crispiness is obviously there. The following stage brings a reasonable amount of musk that has woody undertones that veer slightly animalic (think cedar?) Then Sheiduna surprises me again with unusual turn of events.


From the structure of this oriental beauty a bouquet full of red roses appears, as if it came from a hat of some skillful magician. It’s a wonderful and lush scent, rich but still muted, not overpowering other notes of Puredistance Sheiduna. All upcoming chords either improve the rose experience or build a final background for it. There’s benzoin that makes rose more balsamic and patchouli that adds some rooty-earthy vibe to it. Aromatic qualities of tonka bean bring impressions of creamy and spicy things while vanilla has a realistic sweetness that is now toned down to a necessary minimum. Drydown after 7-8 hours is shining with hundred facets of amber, so warm on the skin…

As it happens from time to time, when I really like a perfume it can easily create a vision in my head; sometimes something more. It happened when I kept wearing Sheiduna. I could envision a deep sea of sand and a sun, shiny and bright like a ruby, that is about to bid farewell as the day comes to an end. And blowing wind that rouses the sand, causing the waves of dunes to slowly rearrange. There was also music to it. Smelling new Puredistance seems even nicer to experience when you listen to Sting – Shape of my Heart. Don’t ask for further explanation.

Cecile Zarokian, nose responsible for creating Puredistance Sheiduna has done it again! She managed to create a complex being, a perfume with so many different materials and yet each of them gets to have its own “5 minutes of fame.” This seamless composition sits secretly on the skin, releasing its spell of seduction without anyone noticing it. It’s effortlessly elegant. Intimate sillage will linger on your skin through the entire day. Well done, my dear friend!


Sheiduna by Puredistance is making its way to the stores around the world right now. It’s available in extrait de parfum concentration. Available sizes include 17,5 ml spray vial in shimmering orange/red color as well as 60 ml and 100 ml spray bottles. Until the end of November there are also special promotions in their e-shop, offering extra 5 ml or 17,5 ml vial with your purchase.


Courtesy of Puredistance three of my readers will get a chance to experience Sheiduna at the comfort of their homes with a 2 ml spray sample. All you have to do is to be a blog follower, leave a comment that you’d like to participate and like Puredistance on Facebook. This giveaway is open until 25th of November. Winners will be announced shortly after. Good luck!

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28 thoughts on “Shimmering desert, Puredistance Sheiduna

  1. pjmcbride says:

    This sounds beautiful! I’d love to try it.

  2. hajusuuri says:

    Wow, wonderful review, Lucas! Maybe I’ll get lucky this time. I already liked Puredistane on ::: shudder ::: Facebook 🙂

  3. rprichpot says:

    Great review, Lucas. I’d like to participate, please.

  4. Marco says:

    It’s ever a pleasure to read your blog, this review is so evocative! I love Puredistance M and also this one go to be another masterpiece.

  5. Arlene Beukes says:

    Thanks so much for the fantastic review. I would absolutely LOVE to try Puredistance Sheiduna. It sounds like such a sexy, sultry scent and I’m dying to know how it would smell in the South African summer heat. I’ve got an idea that this scent is sex bottled 😉

  6. So evocative Lucas, and your choice of photos really helped me wrap my head aound what the scent might be. Thanks you so much for this draw, I love Puredistance and would love to try this one. Cheers!
    -Robert H.

  7. Holly says:

    Another scintillating review, Lucas! I love that in addition to your beautiful prose and the pics you chose to illustrate your feelings about the perfume, you’ve also chosen a soundtrack.
    I’d like to participate, of course, and thanks for the opportunity.

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks Holly 🙂
      It’s nice to have a picture and music that can be associated with the perfume.

      Now admit you went to youtube to listed to Shape of my Heart when you read about it in the review 😉

  8. Maemi says:

    Sounds like an amazing scent 🙂 Great job on the description, describing a scent isn’t an easy task.

  9. Sylvia says:

    I’d love to participate and have a chance to sample this perfume. What a compelling review!

  10. philippe says:

    Hello my dear,

    Is Sheiduna sharing some similarities / common points with Epic Woman or Tango (that I both love) ?

    Good evening

  11. Leia Justelien says:

    This sounds lovely. I would love to try.

  12. Undina says:

    Once again, our tastes match. Beautiful perfume, very nice review.

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