Gentle man, Prada L’Homme

We live in the world that is constantly changing and I believe it’s the only way to carry on, because standing in one place brings no progress in life. A century or even less ago a place of men and woman in the society were still strictly determined by stereotypes. Today we break them. Definition of gender models has become more fluid and free in interpretation. Inspired by this freedom of expressing ourselves Prada asks us – what feminine qualities make a men masculine and what masculine qualities make a woman feminine? New fragrance duet might help answer the question.


Prada L’Homme opens with an instantly disappearing, ghostly impression of something citrusy before it unveils unveils a beautiful powdery vibe. Powderness of this new perfume feels very clean, soapy & fresh. Close your eyes, take a whiff and it will take you to an old-fashioned barber shop. It’s a fragrance of traditional specifics that a well-groomed men need. Not longer than after 5 minutes a powdery feeling intensifies and introduces a magnificent iris note.

If you love Prada like I do, or if you’re at least acquainted with fragrances from this fashion house, you’ll easily notice that it’s THE iris, one and the same classy ingredient that has been a key element of so many of their fragrances. It’s subtle, elegant and not to be missed accord in L’Homme. After a while the notes shift and I start to smell a fougere heart of the composition. It smells like a barber soap in a wooden bowl. Traditional, yet modern.

When I smell it I’m suggested of such notes like fern – a bit green, geranium – floral, crunchy and aromatic, a bit of mint – fresh and clean. This classy combination immediately takes me back in time to when I fell in love with Prada Amber Pour Homme. New Prada L’Homme shares the same DNA with it but it’s not a copy or remake. It interprets masculinity and adapts it to today’s world. The idea of such perfume is not to learn how to be a macho but to learn how to be yourself.


Going further in the fragrance development, a barber shop soap aroma slowly subsides which allows iris for a come back. This time it appears in a floral manner. It effuses a soft, silky scent that smells precious, just like a quality silk fabric feels luxurious on your skin. Floral nuances of L’Homme are enhanced with violet, to put a little bit more pressure on a flowery aspect of a fragrance. These floral notes turn gently into white veil of neroli, which adds a sunny sparkle to the composition. It’s slightly citrusy and clean. It has a specific purity to it.

2 hours later Prada L’Homme warms up and grows a bit more substantive on the skin. At this moment a woody smell of cedar wood combines together with black pepper, resulting in a warm & spicy feeling with a woody back note. Patchouli adds depth by giving the fragrance its eartiness. Re-appearance of geranium that once again brings an aromatic touch makes this phase more dynamic, spacious, dimensional. Thanks to it a new Prada doesn’t get monotonous.

By letting this perfume work with your body chemistry for a few more hours you’ll be able to experience a wonderful drydown. Once other notes will dissipate over time, L’Homme by Prada will remain on your skin thanks to an amber accord. It feels warm and luminous, any mineral or resinous aspects of it are minimal. This final form is another hat tip to Amber Pour Homme but to me this new interpretation is more simple while still maintaining its made-to-measure character.


L’Homme Prada together with Le Femme Prada are fragrances of pairs, of doubles, of juxtapositions and layers. They are about gender fluidity in a world in which gentle woman and tough men can be tough woman and gentle men as well. L’Homme Prada is available in 50, 100, 150 ml eau de toilette concentration and matching face & body products. Its sillage and lasting power are moderate. Big plus for a pretty interesting bottle that features signature Safiano leather.

[note] photos from here and here, gif from here

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8 thoughts on “Gentle man, Prada L’Homme

  1. Jillie says:

    This seems appealing …. I really like “clean” scents, love certain iris notes and usually like violet or violet leaf vibes. Geranium is another bonus for me. I shall look forward to trying this one, especially as it is liked by you! Prada seem consistently good quality.

    • lucasai says:

      I wonder if you’d like this kind of barbershop soapiness and clean smell. Possibly yes, I can make a sample for you for our next package. L’Homme is not innovative but I like if a lot

      • Jillie says:

        Even though, as you say, change can be good, I am a bit of a stick-in-the-mud, and I don’t always like my perfume to be innovative, just enjoyable! Even when I was a little girl I loved the scent of lavender and fougere after my bath and to this day one of my favourite bath soaps is still Cussons’ Imperial Leather whose fragrance sums up “clean” to me. I would love to sample this, thank you!

        • lucasai says:

          I don’t mind a perfume is not innovative as long as I like it.
          It’s a good thing too that your taste changes in time but some preferences remain unchanged for so long.
          I’ll remember to make you one!

  2. hajusuuri says:

    I liked what I smelled on paper strip and got a sample of…Le Femme Prada in error. I need to get another sample! Nice review!

  3. Undina says:

    I want to (and will) try both – just because it’s Prada.

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