Warm heart, Nishane Suède et Safran

Snow has descended upon my hometown last weekend, covering cars, trees, bushes and rooftops with a light and fluffy white blanket that was sparkling in the sunlight. You probably worked it out by now that I usually adjust my perfume choices to the season as I currently wear more leathery, ambery, woody and spicy compositions. I just like when a perfume wraps around me like a plush snake and makes me feel warm from the inside. One of Nishane extraits does the trick!

Launched in the initial collection from the house as 1 out of 14 fragrances in 2015, it took me a while to get to test and appreciate it. Isn’t that a common case that when you can choose among many, finding a gem takes longer? “But let’s get to it! Suede et Safran takes off from the skin surface with an incredibly musky note. As soon as it warms up it expands rapidly with a great sillage. This musk accord balances on the edge between skanky & animalic and pleasantly carnal, sensual. Luckily 2nd aspect is stronger on my skin – it has this undeniable erotic charm that is quite appealing.

From there it doesn’t take much time until the composition reveals one of its title notes – suede. Initial feeling is more like I was smelling leather, as the aroma is heavy and opulent, with a heady sidenote of tanning chemicals. It kind of reminds the fragrance of brand new leather shoes. After some time it softens & leather becomes suede – it smells powdery with gentle fuzziness, now resembling suede jacket in a rich brown color. Suede et Safran is a quite cuddly composition.


As time goes by Nishane Suede et Safran gradually transforms until it reaches a certain moment when 2nd title ingredient is noticeable. Saffron accord in this perfume is quite different. I usually associate its smell with some rich and jammy aroma, often coupled with rose. Here it smells more dry, very spicy in a warm manner. I also find something slightly oriental and medicated about it. Later a spicy freshness arises when ginger joins the composition to make it brighter.

Drydown puts a lot of accent on ambrette seeds that effuse a powdery vibe all around you. Ginger gives it a light freshness that goes on for a while until it fades away. Notes of Suede and Safran also mention caraway but I don’t smell it. Instead I get the impression of roasted coffee beans, gingerbread cookies and some caramel. It’s quite mouth-watering I must say. At some point those gourmand accents dissipate and powderness is the only thing left.

Suede et Safran from Nishane is a great fragrance, it wears especially well on winter days, when temperature is slightly below zero and the frost pinches your cheeks gently. It’s very warm blend should make you feel less cold. Plus – you will smell great for a whole day as it is very lasting. It’s an extrait so you don’t have to apply much for a good effect. At the moment it only comes in 50 ml bottles. I hope they’ll make travel sizes. This perfume was designed by perfumer Jorge Lee.

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14 thoughts on “Warm heart, Nishane Suède et Safran

  1. Jillie says:

    Good enough to eat!

    It’s chilly here so I have been drinking lots of ginger tea and your post has made me think that I might cook a saffron risotto for dinner. We need comforting scents and flavours when it’s this cold.

    • lucasai says:

      You can do saffron risotto?
      I only had it once in my life, when I was first time in Milan. My mum can’t cook such thing unfortunately 😦

      • Jillie says:

        Echoing Holly, risotto is easy – you just need patience and tasty ingredients. I am sure you could cook it yourself, Lucas.

        The first time I came across saffron in a perfume was in OJ’s Ta’if; it added a certain spicy savouriness, if that makes sense, and that – along with the dates – makes Ta’if intriguing for me. I still wear it occasionally, but I am sad that the ISO E Super gives me a headache these days.

  2. hajusuuri says:

    Wow! This sounds lemming worthy! The great sillage may give me pause to consider this an office scent unless I want to announce my presence a minute before my arrival! I do hoe they make smaller sizes since a little bit goes a long way! Did you spray or dab?

  3. Suede and Saffron… you have me intrigued. I bet I have a sample of this buried in my massive sample pile….which I am now going to dig through! Lovely review as always.

  4. Holly says:

    Ooh! I have a sample here, AND it has washed ashore amongst the tides of The Sample Sea. I’m gonna check it out tomorrow…seize the day! Thanks so much for your review! I know that saffron is usually included as a note in more opulent “rich” perfumes, but by itself it’s actually quite dry and astringent and pretty subtle.

    Risotto is such a fun dish to make, and all you need is top notch ingredients. If you lack those, then enthsiastic stirring will suffice. 🙂

  5. rickyrebarco says:

    This sounds really interesting. The leather note would probably be too much for me, but I will have to sample it for the saffron note. Thanks for a great review.

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