Long weekend poll – coming up next

Due to celebrations of Labour Day (that is also known as May Day in many cultures) on 1st of May we all get to enjoy a longer weekend. But here in Poland we also have a public holiday on 3rd of May that commemorates signing of Polish constitution. I was clever to take a working day in between off – that way I stretched my weekend to 5 days! Bravo me! The weather is still not as optimistic as it should be but I’m going to enjoy these free days, laze away & maybe do something for myself.


Plan for today is that we’re going together with my parents to a newly opened Africanarium in Wrocław and have a look at the animals. This brings back childhood memories when I used to visit the zoo very often. Otherwise I don’t have any specific plans yet. Any ideas? What about you my friends? What have you done and what are you going to do during this longer weekend? And of course what perfume are you going to wear? Will you wear something with muguet on Monday?

Here’s a poll question for you: decide what’s coming up next on Chemist in the Bottle, a review of…

  • Jul et Mad Fugit Amor
  • Carner Barcelona Sweet William

Winning review will be posted later next week (the other will follow later) Happy long weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Long weekend poll – coming up next

  1. pats133 says:

    Hi Lucas – enjoy your long weekend. We also get may day in the Uk. I am going to do housework today and tomorrow my brother will come and do some building maintenance for me. I shall spend the time keeping him fed and watered and cleaning up afterwards. Oh joy!
    I have to say i have never been to a zoo and i sincerely hope that the one you go to is kind and considerate to the animals’ surroundings and that they at least look happy! 🙂

    Finally i would love to see you review the Carner Barcelona Sweet William. When i was a child, my next door neighbour grew loads of Sweet William which i think have a carnation or clove like scent. Therefore i would love to see if this is a scented nod to the flower.

    Have a lovely day.

    • lucasai says:

      Sounds like you’ll be busy but there are things that need to be done.
      I’ve been to that zoo before. It’s a huge one and animals have a lot of space.
      Noted your vote for Carner. It indeed is what you think

  2. rprichpot says:

    Fugit Amor

  3. Holly says:

    Yay for a long weekend! We don’t do anything for May Day here in the states, and our Labor Day is in September.

    Hmm … Sweet William sounds like it may be more suitable for warmer weather, or the season whether or not it’s warm. But you would know best!

    • lucasai says:

      Does 1st of May have any other meaning for you, US folks?

      I think both are pretty suitable for current season. Also I’m going to write about both anyway, just the waiting time for a second review will be longer

      • Holly says:

        Our Labor Day is like your May Day. At some point celebrating the same worker’s day here in solidarity with other countries was considered to be supportive of communism and/or socialism, as that was becoming popular here and was squashed by any means. Later on the day was established in September, but is considered a completely separate holiday.

        I think many people here may associate May Day with the celebration of the arrival of Spring, the maypole, festivals and paganism.

        • lucasai says:

          In Poland we don’t celebrate 1st of May as May Day. It’s historically celebrated as Labour Day even though it’s mostly associated with socialistic Poland.

  4. Jillie says:

    I am quite a fan of Jul et Mad, so …..

    The first day of May – May Day – in the UK was a pagan celebration welcoming the summer and the promise of bountiful crops, so fertility is a significant feature of the traditions marking the day and this is particularly obvious in the dancing round Maypoles. We still see people taking part in these festivities, with Maypoles on village greens, and bands of “Morris Men” dancing in the streets, jingling bells and waving white handkerchiefs as they thwack each other with sticks!

    Young girls should get up and wash their faces in the dew on the grass at dawn to make themselves beautiful – fat chance of doing that today as the hail hurls down from the heavens!

  5. rickyrebarco says:

    Long weekend sounds divine. I vote for the Carner Barcelona review. Wearing Muguet fragrance by Parfums de Rosine.

  6. Undina says:

    Interestingly, even though May 1st celebration as a Labor Day historically comes from the U.S., currently this day isn’t celebrated or even noticed much here. So no long weekends for me. But I’m glad for your mini-vacation: with usually limited number of vacation days available for many people in the U.S., that’s exactly how we try to maximize them – by fitting them between public holidays or taking partial weeks around weekends.
    My vote is for Jul and Mad’s perfume.

    • lucasai says:

      Someone explained to me that May 1st is not celebrated as Labour Day in the US mostly because it has socialistic connotations and America just wanted to cut off from the way it was celebrated in Europe.

      Noting the vote for Fugit Amor 🙂

      And you know, I don’t have much days I can take to have holidays. But for example right now – it was enought to take 3 days off from work to enjoy 9 days of freedom (previous weekend plus this whole week 1-7 of May)

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