Love… portrayed, Carner Barcelona Sweet William

It’s been known since old times that flowers convey emotions. You could even say that flowers and their different colors are emotions themselves, crystallized in a shape of a blossom. Nowadays red roses are most popular symbol of love but in the past there was another great symbolic flower. In the times of knights those who wanted to find true love had their portrait painted with a red carnation – Sweet William to symbolize their search. Inspired by the legacy of flowers Carner Barcelona launched White Collection, a trio of fragrances – one of them being dedicated to Sweet William.


Sweet William the perfume opens with a prominent warmth of spicy notes that present themselves in a very elegant way. There is a white pepper note that gives warm and creamy spiciness which is much milder than the one associated with black pepper. Within 5 minutes the composition starts to become more textured. There’s a bunch of cardamom to add a crunchy facet with a roasted chestnut impression. In the top notes there’s also cinnamon bark from Laos – this one gives a lovely and tingly sweet-spicy vibe that I simply adore. After this opening the perfume smoothly transforms into floral heart.

Further into fragrance development comes a moment when all the spicy notes become softer and smoother and finally they transform from “spicy” spiciness to “floral” spiciness. Carnation reigns over Carner Barcelona Sweet William like a mighty queen. In this accord its warm, almost fiery floral aroma entwine with spices and unite with them. Secret to realistic impression is the use of Dianthus Superbus ScentTrek™, a Givaudan headspace technology that provided a true-smelling carnation accord. Next up is ylang-ylang that gives a creamy, slightly fruity feeling. It’s a ruly lovely smell that captivates the senses.

Later on I was able to smell a lot of iris, featured in Sweet William in a magnificent rendition. Its presence is highly accentuated through silkniness of its petals, their soft texture as well as a pretty powderness of its heart. There’s also a little bit of buttery and earthy molecules to it but powdery vibe is a dominating one. As time goes on the perfume becomes slightly more balmy thanks to styrax. Tobacco blossom introduces fresh spiciness that continues towards later notes.


Warmth of spices, fiery character of dianthus, powdery Florentine iris and everything else continuously swirls in a vortex of Sweet William. All these notes are present together however they never blend with each other to form some unidentified scent cluster. They co-exist and each is able to give its best feature towards this Carner Barcelona perfume. After good 6 hours the notes become more squeezed and their interactions turn more intensive when ambrarome (a Synamore molecule) enters the scene with its rich ambergris aroma. It also has hints of leather and nuts.

Close to the final form ambrarome wants to embrace the whole creation and wrap it into a warm, cosy blanket. But we’re not done yet. A bit of rose emerges quite late from the perfume – it smells airy and rich and the same time. Press release names it as rose water extract. In the drydown phase Sweet William smells delicately sweet with vanilla that has a little it of fizzy spiciness of galangal (a ginger relative). From this point, hour after hour it will slowly fade away.


Best thing about Carner Barcelona Sweet William is that it remains present on the skin for a whole day, even if in a gentle form at its late phase. Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux managed to create a multifaceted composition that has presence and that doesn’t lack dimension  or substantivity. Sweet William is a truly enchanting flower that can burn as passionately as a desire for love. This brand new eau de parfum is hosted in Carner Barcelona signature bottle (100 ml) that can be distinguished among full portfolio of the brand thanks to the cap that is made of white wood.

Thanks to this perfume I’m even more of a fan of this brand. I could easily see myself wearing Sweet William on a regular basis pretty often. And I will tell you in secret that it was one of my favorites from Esxence 2017. If you’re a fan or iris and carnation like me, after trying it you’ll realize that new Carner is a double pleasure.

[note] photos via, and Essenza

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12 thoughts on “Love… portrayed, Carner Barcelona Sweet William

  1. Jillie says:

    Oh my goodness! This must be gorgeous – dianthus AND iris! Lovely.

    In the summer I grow pretty little pink dianthus flowers in deep blue pots and the perfume that rises from them on a hot, sunny day is heavenly. I can only imagine how good I would smell in Sweet William!

    • lucasai says:

      It’s quite magical when you can smell the floral spiciness of carnation with a tender powderness of iris in the background. It’s unique.
      I’m absolutely sure you’ll like this one. And I think you find a bottle to be nice too 😉

  2. Holly says:

    Gorgeous review! This sounds stunningly lovely and quite unique. Iris is always a plus as far as I’m concerned! Do you think of it as a spring scent, or suited to all seasons?

  3. pats133 says:

    Oh gosh – what a beautiful review Lucas – i think i could almost smell this. Its full of all my favourites, iris, carnation, cinnamon, a touch of rose and many other things which i have never even heard of. Wow. I am going to look for a sample of this for sure and i am trusting that perhaps i will love this one as much as you do. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and for the eloquent review.

    • lucasai says:

      Thanks pats! It puts a smile on my face when I read that my description almost smells. Hope you’ll be able to try it really soon

  4. rickyrebarco says:

    This sounds so amazing. I am sampling very soon and most likely buying a full bottle. Carner Barcelona is one if my favorite perfume houses, delightful and elegantly crafted scents that always make me smile!! Sweet William sounds divine and with the iris in the background, sigh…. Dreaming of Sweet William right now!

    • lucasai says:

      I love the bottle, it’s very simple but the white wooden cap make it more elegant.
      Carner is also one of my favorites and their team are my friends, always happy to meet them. It’s a dreamy fragrance too!

  5. Undina says:

    I like this brand and, from your description, I’m sure I will like this perfume. But 100 ml?.. (sigh) On the other hand, when brands do these huge bottles, they save me from temptation 🙂 Too bad my lemmings are brave: they are not intimidated by the bottle size.

    • lucasai says:

      I had an intention to send you a sample of this one but then you wrote you’ll be on holidays. I bet you’ll get to try it locally before I send it to you in September or other Autumn month.
      I like these bigger bottles as they are split friendly and economically good. I just wish more bottles had a removable pump spray for easier decanting. From Carner – I wish they did more travel sets. They only offer 15 ml of Rima XI and Tardes as a set

  6. hajusuuri says:

    Wowzers! Another lemming and unlike Undina, my lemmings are very lemming-like. It was not yet available at Twisted Lily when I was there last week.

    • lucasai says:

      I like when you tell me that another of my reviews is giving you a lemming.
      Please give it a little more time, it should be there soon I think

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