Dog days, Teresa Helbig A Bulldog in the Atelier

As it turns out people in Perfumeland often happen to be animal lovers. Doesn’t really matter if you’re a cat person, a dog person or if you prefer a different, more exotic animal. Love for our pets is all the same & is equally important. Some even get inspired by their little friends. For instance Teresa Helbig, a spanish designer based in Barcelona. In her atelier she always has her bulldog assist her. As press release says it’s ‘a silent yet attentive witness to the atelier life.’

First whiff of A Bulldog in the Atelier brings a gently herbal aroma of Roman chamomile but it’s not just a simple note. It’s quite a complex accord that very quickly becomes caramelized and crunchy at the same time. Kind of like caramel sprinkles used as dessert topping. Maybe a few minutes later I get something nutty from it that reminds me of almond. This almondy aroma is toasty and warm but there’s also some creaminess like a heliotrope in its surroundings. Then it develops a warm spiciness that blends coriander with pepper. It adds a nice accent to this pretty opening.

Top notes mingle on my skin for around 20-30 minutes and then heart notes slowly come up, emerging from the deeper parts of the fragrance. I smell quite a hefty dose of vetiver – it smells woody in a dry manner but geranium note that appears shortly after make it smell more crisp & green, with an herbal rosy backnote to it. It even becomes slightly exotic in my opinion & there’s something there that makes me think of upcoming Christmas. Maybe it’s a nutmeg that is also a part of gingerbread spice mix. A Bulldog in the Atelier has a yummy warmth that suits current season.


For the next couple of hours the perfume would slightly change on my skin, maintaining its warmth while proportions of different ingredients would change. Some moment I smell more vetiver, the other one it’s more spices. Afterwards this solid and substantive sandalwood base accord appears. Of course it’s woody but it’s somehow undecided if it wants to go in more smooth & creamy direction or the very opposite of it. It’s in between, combining smoothness and dryness. Vanilla adds a noticeable brightness to the blend while benzoin introduces a balmy facet that reflects the light.

Light that hides within Teresa Helbig fragrance scatters like rays on a sequins fabric – elegantly and with grace. The drydown of her A Bulldog in the Atelier has a whole bunch of musk. It appears as a multi-faceted note here as it brings something white & fluffy on one side, then there’s something mineral, almost salty & then again there’s a big part of it that is sensual and carnal. There’s also patchouli listed but I didn’t smell it straight. Actually I have to admit that to some extend this perfume reminds me of Guerlain Shalimar. They share similar tenderness despite being built differently.

All in all I find A Bulldog in the Atelier to be a nice perfume. It’s warmth, mellow character and level of complexity provide lots of changes throughout a daily wearing. Plus it’s very suitable for current season of Winter that is almost here. This perfume for Teresa Helbig was designed by perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu. Its longevity is good while sillage  stays closer to the skin. Concentration of this composition is at eau de parfum level. The only available size is 100 ml. Did any of you had a chance to try this line? Or maybe some of you was familiar with this fashion designer before?

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14 thoughts on “Dog days, Teresa Helbig A Bulldog in the Atelier

  1. Chocolate Marzipan says:

    Love the name of this perfume!

  2. shelly says:

    heliotrope and vetiver seems an interesting combo. !00 ml seems huge to me these days.

  3. Holly says:

    Thank you for the review – I’m not familiar with the line nor the fashion designer and this sounds really lovely. How did you discover it?

  4. Undina says:

    While in Barcelona, I tried several perfumes from this brand and liked exactly one (on paper) – A Bulldog 🙂 But since I couldn’t get a sample, I left it at that: nice perfume but probably not a 100 ml-spontaneous-purchase type. Be there a “cat” in the name, the outcome could have been different 😉
    One day I will try it on skin and who knows…

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