Wicked forest, two from Nebbia

If someone is a fan of church music and plays organ you’d probably think that this person is very spiritual. If that same person actually designed robes that Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis wore you’d probably add artistic and religious to the mix. That very same person – Filippo Sorcinelli also creates fragrances. He’s inspired by gothic, so his compositions are often dark, incensy. By now he’s developed 6 fragrances under UNUM, then in 2016 three fragrances under Sauf. Last year Nebbia joined his portfolio with three fragrances depicting a phenomenon of a fog. Let’s have a look closer.


Nebbia Densa – a dense fog. It opens with a full-bodied scent of Vetiver. Initially it smells very dry, almost peppery but then it calms down a little bit and also changed direction. It becomes much more aromatic after 5 minutes, spreading its aroma around the wearer in a big volume. The impression I get is rather masculine but it’s not set in stone. It’s a fluid fragrance. Weirdly enough it has substance and airiness at the same time. Later sandalwood appears, making Nebbia Densa more heavy. The woody note that is introduced here is calm and meditative. But there’s also something eerie about it. This perfume draws a picture of a murky forest that scares and fascinates me. Continuing to smell it further reveals a moss accord that adds this slightly powdery, dusty vibe to the scent. There’s also gaiac wood to add some darkness to it that hides within a trunk of this tree. Generally speaking Nebbia Densa is very focused on different aspects of woodiness. Much later the perfume is enveloped with a moist veil. It becomes more watery, dewy – as if the fog condensed and formed small drops of water on trees and on the ground. It’s a weirdly beautiful creation.

Nebbia Fitta – a thick fog. The start of this one is very aromatic, slightly reminding me of eucalyptus. However this impression fades away almost immediately and I can smell something camphorous. At first whiff it goes deep inside my nostrils. It takes a while longer until it evolves into a recognizable note of patchouli. It’s still aromatic and very leafy but there’s that specific vibe of something earthy and dirty that defines this note. Afterwards the perfume warms up, becoming much more pleasant. It’s thanks to use of amber that Nebbia Fitta gains more character and turns more friendly. With amber it smells warm, resinous and lightly spicy. We’re still in a mysterious forest though, so there’s no light really in this perfume. Later on a truly earthy vibe appears. It smells as if someone picked up a handful of soil, its wet smell combines earth and slightly rotting vegetal note. Luckily I get over this phase quite quickly. Drydown once again is more woody and substantial , however in case of Nebbia Fitta they used ‘precious woods’ rather than mentioning specific kinds that were used. Compared to Nebbia Densa, this one is more spooky and more disturbing from my point of view.

Nebbia collection features one more fragrance called Nebbia Spessa (deep fog) with notes of lichen, aquatic notes and dew drop. Because I didn’t like that one I decided not to write about it.  To summarize these two I can say that Nebbia fragrances are pretty original and unique, I didn’t smell anything similar before. They are these rare kind of fragrances that are so weird that they become nice. All three fragrances are in extrait concentration and come in 50 ml bottles. They have very interesting caps with white cloud-like fluff (made of glass wool I think) on top. In the juice there are pearlescent particles that give a swirling effect of ‘fog’ when you shake the bottle.

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14 thoughts on “Wicked forest, two from Nebbia

  1. Helen says:

    Densa is my undisputed favorite of the three in the NEBBIA sub-line & Contre Bombarde 32 is my “chewy” choice of SAUF. Sorcinelli’s main and most important fragrance house, UNUM, is the one I cannot be without!!!!!!!!! LAVS + Io non ho mani…. are irreplaceable mainstays for ME!, with LAVS taking the lead as my no.1 fragrance priority. UNUM is on a higher level, altogether, so I suggest one starts there. On a sour note, this article was okay; the scent descriptions were bland. The unique creations that make up NEBBIA are far from okay and bland. I compulsively blind-bought all three frags. The liquid swirls or “spirit manifestations”, as I call them, lured me in as have the bottles’ cloud-resembling, cotton-tipped caps.

    • lucasai says:

      My favorites are Rosa Nigra and Contre BOmbarde 32 but then I never went beyond sample, so what do I know!? But you seem like a devoted fan.
      Shame you didn’t like my take on Nebbia. Perhaps I wasn’t convinced enough if I like them or not to write about them. Plus it’s difficult to write an essay about something with just 4-5 notes.

  2. Helen says:

    Perhaps I was being too harsh, but then, it’s true I’m a diehard fan. I feel very strongly about Sorcinelli’s creations. I “discovered” them at a crucial moment. UNUM saved the day! However, your take didn’t convince me to rush out and buy NEBBIA, and that’s why I had to step in the way I did. Sorry. 🙂

  3. Holly says:

    I have to admit that thus far I have been more enthralled by the artist than by the art. I do find myself captivated by the concepts, but I have yet to feel moved by the perfumes themselves. I appreciate them, but thus far none of them speaks to me quite yet. I enjoy anticipating what’s to come …

    • Helen says:

      Huh? U b talking out yer nose with this “anticipating what’s to come…” nonsense! Frankly, I don’t anticipate another fragrance release, unless it’s going to be a thoughtful, spectacular, and exceptional UNUM! There are six in total already, not counting the 2 sub-lines, and a danger in releasing too many perfumes, in the sense that the house can become convoluted with “products” and turn into yet another run-of-the-mill niche line, where scents are discontinued and/or reintroduced in a lackluster formula, or where limited editions turn the house into a gimmicky designer type of brand, pulling off dodgy marketing strategies, or…….in worse case scenario, the line gets bought out by a major corporation! If anything, and I’m no expert, I would slightly expand the product line of the house’s most iconic fragrance(s) with ancillary products. While I understand that constant new releases are designed to keep people talking about a house in this overcrowded industry, I would NOT want UNUM to turn itself into a typical fragrance house. Captivated or not, UNUM is too, too special and sacred for this kind of mediocrity. Over & out! :I *points 2 sky*

    • lucasai says:

      I keep on thinking that incense is one of the difficult themes. You either love it or hate it. I do like the people behind these brands and there are fragrances that I like.

  4. Undina says:

    Risking to be attacked by rabid fans of the brand, I want to say that I’m reluctant to try anything from creators who cannot stick to one brand and keep developing it. I do not like “projects” – I want stability and predictability. It doesn’t mean that I won’t try one of the three (or more by the time I get to them 😉 ) lines if I see them somewhere but I do not like the approach.

    • lucasai says:

      I get it! It’s difficult as you are not completely sure if it’s a new brand, a branch from the main line or anything else. Pierre Guillaume is the master of rocking multiple brands at a time (he has 4 I think!)

      • Undina says:

        And, as much as I enjoy looking at the guy, I stopped paying attention to his multiple projects: I do not understand why he needs that many in parallel. That and the fact that he butchered his mango perfume beyond the recognition.
        But, again, it won’t prevent me from trying these multi-line brands if I happen upon them and even buying perfumes if I like them – I just do not get interested enough to actively seek them out.

  5. hajusuuri says:

    I think the bottles look very disturbing but your descriptions make me want to try it when I encounter it. I think Twisted Lily carries this brand and hopefully they will host Sniffapalooza Friday again which is open to anyone, not just the people who signed up to attend Sniffapalooza.

    For what it’s worth, I appreciate your balanced views and writing. You write about perfumes regardless of whether or not you like them. Ultimately, we are adults and can decide our actions for ourselves. As it relates to perfume, the same perfume can smell very different to different people. I for one appreciate balanced views, especiallly from a scent twin as it actually saves me time from sampling perfumes that are mediocre, at best.

    • lucasai says:

      It’s a bizarre bottle, giving off a mysterious vibe. Maybe you will enjoy one of those.

      Thank you for your kind words. I usually only write about things that I really liked but sometimes there are perfume that were my my cup of tea but interesting enough to tell others about them

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