Golden lagoon, Memo Tamarindo

Any time I plan a new voyage (not necessary to a new place) I realize how small is the part of the world that I managed to visit so far. It’s just a small percent of all the possibilities and I’m more than aware that there are places that I’ve never heard of before. Like few days ago when I received a sample of new Memo fragrance. I liked the sound of its name but then it turned out that first of all it’s a name of a town in Costa Rica. Knowing that and knowing the background story provided by brand it made much more sense as to what I could expect from a perfume like that.

First impression of Tamarindo is like taking a deep dive into a pineapple sea. After applying the perfume on skin there’s an immediate burst of fresh fruitiness. Juicy aroma of this tropical fruit is truly mouth-watering and its yellowness boosts my endorphins level in no time. This part is very playful and very joyful. There’s a reasonable amount of sweetness to it but it doesn’t become sticky or sugary at any time. In addition to that, several minutes later a bergamot appears to balance the flavors. It fulfills its role by introducing juicy and aromatic tone that is more tart and slightly bitter.

This cocktail, combining so far a yellow color of a pineapple and a green color of a bergamot, develops further with a generous touch of vanilla. Therefore Tamarindo remains sweet for a while longer but it’s a different kind of sweetness. Not a fruity one but more oriental, especially that vanilla creates an effect of something creamy, like a pudding. For that reason when it appears the perfume starts to remind me of a fruity smoothie, in which all the ingredients are thoroughly blended. This stage lasts on my skin for 15-25 minutes, after that time more things start to happen.


In the next step Memo Tamarindo warms up while at the same time its fruitiness is pushed few steps to the back. The unexpected cardamom accord is revealed, spreading around the wearer a delicate spicy veil that gives a lot of comfort to the person wearing it. I wouldn’t have guessed that a spice note like this could go well with a fruity fragrance but it actually smells surprisingly fitting this theme. Later cardamom calms down and becomes only a faint whisper in the composition. That actually provides a starting point to the jasmine note that is about to enter the stage & play its role.

In my opinion jasmine is the most obvious element in Tamarindo. It’s hard to explain but it somehow naturally comes to mind after experiencing pineapple and vanilla before. However things are not as simple as that – this is a jasmine with a twist. It doesn’t smell indolic nor is it very saturated. On my skin it’s more sheer, even kind of watery at times. It reminds me of how jasmine was presented in California Reverie from Van Cleef & Arpels. They are similar. But vanilla (now in the 2nd plan) lends some of its creaminess to the floral part, making it more tropical, reminiscent of ylang-ylang. In the end the perfume leads us to the drydown, with benzoin and addition of patchouli.

Tamarindo by Memo is an interesting fragrance which is hard to classify, because it’s neither fully fruity, nor floral, nor oriental. It’s a bit of all 3. The perfume was created once again by Alienor Massenet, who works very closely with the brand. This eau de parfum comes in a 75 ml bottle featuring a graphic of a sun setting at the beach, all in black, white and golden color. It’s definitely a summery perfume, for a lazy day in a hammock at some holiday resort. However there’s one thing that upsets me about this fragrance is its sillage – it really doesn’t go much up above the skin surface. I would expect that a perfume that costs $275 would project a bit more than that.

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10 thoughts on “Golden lagoon, Memo Tamarindo

  1. Holly says:

    Thank you for another lovely review. I’m not sure if I could appreciate the pineapple note as it’s presented, and your mention of minimal sillage certainly diminishes my interest. The other notes and the trajectory sound incredibly interesting, but my qualms about fruit notes and the price of exploring this particular perfume lead me to say pass!

  2. Undina says:

    Five years ago I would have said “pass” to a fruity perfume and especially the one with a pineapple note. But since then I tried and liked Bombay Bling (mango) and Traversee du Bosphore (banana) – so anything might happen. I’ve never tried Ananas Fizz but I know that it has an almost cult following. Had the brand produced travel size bottles, I would have definitely been more interested in trying it. But with 75 ml bottles… I’m still testing them whenever I come across their perfumes but it should be love for me to go for it, especially at that price.

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