Skin warmth, two from Prada Olfactories

As anyone I have doubts sometimes. For example now – I love Prada, it’s my favorite fashion house that ventured into perfume-making. I have so many of their fragrances and enjoy wearing them. On the other hand I always have mixed feelings about exclusive boutique lines. Not only I don’t have easy access to them but I also find their price to be too elevated in relations to their quality.


Day for Night has a rum-like opening with just enough of sweetness to make it stylish and elegant. On my skin it smells very bright and shimmery. A brief moment later it becomes more boozy, slowly revealing its amber accord. It’s luminous and incredibly comforting as it radiates that cuddly warmth. Later on Day for Night develops a fluffy leathery aroma that gently veers towards the animalic side. Like a haute couture faux fur coat. After more time it becomes slightly more smoky but then suddenly it whispers in a Prada Candy voice when I noticed some caramel-flavored benzoin. This is definitely a yummy fragrance, oriental but with a tiny gourmand touch too. It stays really close to the skin. Amber & leather are only notes revealed by the brand.

double-dareDouble Dare immediately goes to the clue by emanating a prominent suede accord. This soft leather aroma is very plush, fuzzy and delicate. Once it warms up on the skin it also becomes slightly powdery before it becomes more musky. Its muskiness is not offensive but its warm like a skin of a person who just crawled out of bed. There’s sensuality to it with a seductive background. Double Dare is a kind of fragrance that melts with your body. This one also becomes slightly animalic over time. The longer it stays on skin the more powdery it becomes. Smokiness is very transparent here but it has the labdanum properties as it smells rich and luxurious. Drydown brings some more leather but now it’s smooth and shiny. Only suede & leather are given by Prada.

I really like both Day for Night and Double Dare. They are definitely more complex than just the 2 notes that Prada provides for each however I find them less entertaining than my beloved Purple Rain. But because both really are like skin scents the high price is not justified for me. Perfumer Daniela Andrier created lovely fragrances again but this time I’ll be happy with just decants.

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12 thoughts on “Skin warmth, two from Prada Olfactories

  1. Great read! I must look out for these. R

  2. Holly says:

    These both sound lovely, but I’m in the same boat in regards to accessibility. It’s helpful to know that you feel a decant would suffice.

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    All the Prada Olfactories are pretty amazing! I have Purple Rain and Cargo de nuit and love both of them

  4. hajusuuri says:

    These sound wonderful and yet, yes, the cost is giving me pause; however…read on. I was surprised to get a package of samples from a Saks SA with whom I don’t have a relationship…but my info must be in their customer book, specifically the Prada counter. From the Olfactories series, I got Heatwave and Soleil Au Zenith. Methinks Soleil Au Zenith may be interesting and the black bottle is stunning!

    • lucasai says:

      How considerate of them to send you samples! I tried the black Olfactories collection when I was in Milan for my 2017 summer vacation. I liked them, the bottle is luxurious and with a nice heft to it.

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