Memory of friendship, Mona di Orio Dõjima

As life goes on things around us change, people that surround us change and most importantly we change as well. Some changes are hard to live with, but in the end they make us stronger. When Mona di Orio passed away her business partner & friend Jeroen Oude Sogtoen didn’t give up. He didn’t let the legacy of Mona die, it lives on through the perfumes she made and there’s a bit of her soul in every fragrance composed by a different perfumer for this brand. Maybe I don’t have as close relationship with this maison de parfum but I keep in mind to try new things they are offering. One of the two perfumes launched in 2017 smells to me as a memory of an old friend or a diary page.

At first allow me to say that I am not much into fragrances with ‘edible’ notes. I can handle some vanilla, caramel or toffee but to me there’s a distinct difference between gourmand scent and actual foody scent. That’s why I was afraid to try Dõjima until the very end. Lucky me that this fear vanished with the first attempt to trying it on skin. It’s true that it opens with a prominent scent of rice but it doesn’t smell like a rice cooker (I experienced that in other perfume & it was bad). It smells much more like a rice pudding – slow boiled and with bunch of other ingredients to add more flavor.

Apart from the rice accord that feels gently warm on the skin & that has some hidden creaminess that will come forth later, Dõjima hides some spicy elements underneath a top layer. After 5 minutes this impression becomes stronger and at that point the presence of nutmeg is revealed. It combines dry, woody and spicy elements but it also feels fresh as if it was grated only a moment ago. The perfume feels soft and very round from the beginning but becomes even rounder after some time. It develops some familiar smoothness that gives a new dimention to this perfume creation.


Good news to us all – Dõjima has some iris that in my opinion brings a lot of difference. It’s very creamy, with buttery hints and little floral nuances. It blends well with rice accord. Now it really smells like a pudding. There’s some sweetness to it but not a lot. Nexr hour or two show how notes can rotate and entwine with each other as they form various facets. Afterwards there comes a time when this new Mona di Orio scent becomes more powdery. Blend of iris and rice powder is quite loose at first but gains substantivity when sandalwood joins the composition to make it creamier again.

Sandalwood in Dõjima is smooth and more lightweight but its not lacking density and character. There is a term for that and I think it suits here perfectly. It’s a woody pudding. I also catch some whiffs of vanilla although it’s not mentioned by the brand as an official note. As different elements twirl around there’s a brief moment of sunny, radiant amber emanating from this fragrance. As time passes Dõjima becomes more musky. It becomes enveloping like a soft & fluffy blanket. Musk tries to add more volume and fuzziness to it but ambrette makes it smaller and more elegant. In the end there’s a minimal touch of labdanum that feels like a silk veil of sensuality. Like a cherry on top.

Dõjima after my initial fear turned out to be a very positive surprise & I’m glad the turn of events allowed me to like it. It’s definitely a cozy, warm, enveloping fragrance that can do its magic when it’s colder so perhaps it’s more suited for autumn/winter time and not for coming spring. The fragrance was developed for Mona di Orio by Swedish perfumer Fredrik DalmanDõjima has a small projection but it lingers on the skin in a quiet manner for a greater part of the day. It’s concentrated at eau de parfum level and is available in 10 ml travel spray (singular or set of 3) and in 75 ml flacon.

[note] featured photophraphy (cropped) belongs to Roberto Greco. Check out his awesome work!

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12 thoughts on “Memory of friendship, Mona di Orio Dõjima

  1. Chocolate Marzipan says:

    I have been interested in sampling this one based on the notes and my limited exposure to Mona di Orio perfumes. Thank you for this lovely review, Lucas.

  2. MMKinPA says:

    Yes on the wood pudding! Lovely review!

  3. hajusuuri says:

    OH my goodness…mouth and nose watering, in a good way, with this lemmingable perfume. Thanks for the wonderful review!

  4. Undina says:

    So far my experience with the brand wasn’t great: while I love Vanille and probably wouldn’t mind Amber (but not to the extent of actually buying a bottle), all other perfumes (and I tried most of them) were bad-bad on my skin. But since you liked it, and it’s a different perfumer, I will try it when I can hoping for a nice surprise.
    BTW, while I also prefer my food and my perfumes to be separate, especially when it comes to savory dishes, your review made me hungry 🙂 That’s what I call a Power of the Word!

    • lucasai says:

      Oh I see! I haven’t tried any it the first fragrances (now discontinued) from this brand. Dojima is nice but also something I can live without. I wonder what caused that they didn’t smell good on you.
      Haha, thanks for the compliment

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