Our bare souls, Atelier des Ors Nuda Veritas

Not only as a humanity but also as individuals we have the right & privilege to experience happiness in our lives. But where does one find it? This quest – the search for happiness became the central theme for new White Collection from Atelier des Ors. Influenced also by Gustav Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze each of 3 new fragrances interprets a different part of this 34 meter long work of art in a unique way. And since Beethoven’s 9th symphony was an inspiration to create this frieze we have a real synesthesia of art, music and perfumery here. Today I present to you Nuda Veritas, which means ‘naked truth’ in latin. Could it be that true happiness lies in having nothing to hide?


Nuda Veritas shows its presence in a very quiet and peaceful manner. At first I can smell some bergamot and it’s combining zesty values of its aromatic rind with sour-juicy pulp. Even though the opening is calm it has some brisk to it & I immediately become more energetic and awake after smelling this perfume. Just a few minutes later orange blossom lifts up from my skin and reaches the nose. The aroma it spreads around is incredibly fresh and crispy. The note feels surprisingly cold but in a fascinating way – it’s like the smell of the air at the break of dawn, when it’s still cool but also about to start getting warmer in a few moments. My mornings could smell like that everyday.

After some time orange blossom evolves on my skin so that it actually resembles neroli. It becomes more saturated compared to when I noticed it first and also gets more soapy and citrusy with an obvious orange hue. When I inhale it with my eyes closed so that I can focus more I also get a faint yet pleasant pear back note. There’s also a fine-smelling dewiness in Nuda Veritas that comes from Transluzone, a molecule from Firmenich that has an aquatic scent. It definitely doesn’t remind me of calone or any other nasty synthetic. It’s like a gentle wind that is a little bit moist. It’s another phase of the day when the sun is waking up and warming the ground, everything wakes up.


As I go through the day new Atelier des Ors Nuda Veritas evolves too. It eventually reaches notes that create heart of the composition. At this point it becomes more floral but it still maintains a high level of freshness. There are 2 types of jasmine featured in this fragrance. First one is jasmine sambac and second one is an absolute from china. You all know I’m not into this particular floral note but oh man, it does smell so good here. It smells as if someone stripped it off all the indolic & animalic elements. In the end what’s left is a flower with white petals. The fragrance is so pretty and so pure that I just don’t want to stop smelling it. Who knew jasmine could be rendered in such a pretty and lovable way.

Next to this gorgeous jasmine there’s also some osmanthus. The latter one in a harmonious way adds a nice tea vibe to Nuda Veritas. It’s a bit apricoty too. Tiare flower on the other hand makes the whole bouquet more lush and creamy but it’s not overwhelming and not turning the perfume into something tropical. All these things happen over the course of a few hours so I can say that this fragrance is pretty entertaining. In the drydown there’s tagetes which is also a flower but I’m not sure if it’s really valued for its scent. Here it’s a popular flower used to decorate balconies and terraces.


The very drydown of Nuda Veritas gives me the impression of a day filled with the sun which I truly like because it means this perfume is like a travel from the dawn to a glorious day. Ambroxan provides a lot of warmth to the fragrance and as I just mentioned it feels like rays of the sun warming up your face. Oakmoss is a nice addition to the blend – it introduces a shrub-like aromatic facet that is a little bit darker than the rest of the perfume. It’s like a shade from the tree (it smells a tad woody too) with a little chypre flavor. Hint of musk provides more softness and a blur so that the notes become more united. Supposedly there’s patchouli too in this perfume but I didn’t smell it.

Nuda Veritas, a new proposal from Atelier des Ors and 1 of the 3 fragrances that create brand’s White Collection is an absolute winner for me. It provides freshness with great longevity and complexity. It’s an ideal option to wear in Spring but I believe it might be even more pleasing in the Summer. Perfumer Marie Salamagne created a beautiful fragrance for the brand of Jean-Philippe Clermont. I’m pleased to have my own bottle of it in my collection. Nuda Veritas comes in a 100 ml bottle of eau de parfum. It’s still the same flacon with ray-like ribs on the back side. However the cap, name plate and a box became white to distinguish this new trio from earlier offerings.

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16 thoughts on “Our bare souls, Atelier des Ors Nuda Veritas

  1. Jillie says:

    That’s a lovely description, Lucas, and very appealing to me as we are “enjoying” an unnatural heatwave at the moment – it’s weird looking at the garden right now as it is a very spring-like scene, but it feels more like August. It seems that Nuda Veritas would be good in both seasons.

  2. Holly says:

    This sounds really lovely, and your review took me to a different realm. Thank you – I’m looking forward to trying this one as it features many of my favorite notes.

  3. shelly says:

    I reread the notes after your last paragraph, sounds like you really like this one. Jasmine always seems nice to me but then when I bring it home it seems to take over. I would like a summer scent though….maybe

    • lucasai says:

      I totally się and also one of the nicest things that I could smell at Esxence.
      Jasmine is a potent flower but in Nuda Veritas it’s really subtle

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Hiya! What a description! I want to try it. I guess they have to keep the gold flakes due to the name of the house but I find they serve no purpose.

    BTW, I tried several times yesterday to get to this blog but kept getting a server not found error! In any case, you know I don’t like leaving the 13th comment so here I am –thanks for the update

    • lucasai says:

      Was the review lemming-y? Yeah, gold flakes is part of their DNA. At first thought I said that silver flakes would look better with silver flakes if other elements of the packaging and bottle are white. But it’s Atelier des Ors, not d’Argent 😉

      Oh, perhaps wordpress had some issues. And your comment was 11th 😀

  5. Undina says:

    Since I do not mind #13 (I actually like it!), here it comes 🙂

    My Sun/Sol, which I enjoy wearing, desensitized me towards gold flakes in perfumes so I don’t mind them any longer. And you’re right: it seems like a proper choice based on the brand’s name.

    Based on your description, I might like this perfume though, unlike most of you who suffered through the long winter and is welcoming spring/summer, I’m a little grumpy because I prefer our winter weather to our summer (and same goes for perfumes). But I will definitely give it a try when I get a chance.

    I had a question about something you’ve mentioned. I’m not too good with notes, but I always thought of orange blossom as a sweet scent and neroli as rather sour. Is my perception wrong?

    • lucasai says:

      I love number 13 and it’s my lucky number in fact.

      Happy to hear that you don’t mind golden flakes swirling in the juice. I think they look pretty and the camera loves Atelier des Ors bottle when I take photos (all in this review are my photos).

      I think you would like Nuda Veritas or a second one named Crepuscule des Ames. You have too much warm weather in year so I can understand your wish for having a chance to wear Winter perfume for longer.

      Neroli and orange blossom come from The same material – flowers of orange tree but are extracted differently. Neroli is usually cold, screechy and soapy like traditional Cologne. Orange blossom absolute is way more floral, lush and more similar to jasmine

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