Crystal Clear Pond, Miya Shinma Ruri

There are so many interesting things about Japan. Their landscapes, architecture, religion, traditions, manga & anime and more. Their perfume culture is also quite different than anywhere else. It seems that japanese people highly value their private space but they’re also really considerate of other people. When it comes to perfume they either don’t wear any or wear something very minimalistic and transparent so that they don’t ‘invade’ the privacy of those around. New fragrance from Miya Shinma fits in the idea of a beautiful Japanese perfume that’s barely there.

Ruri opens with a lightweight mint accord that is just as transparent & refreshing as a glass of sparkling water. You can’t say it’s minty until you take the first sip. When you smell it from up close it has some aromatic fizziness and a tad of green tinge that makes the perfume very wearable. After a couple of minutes a quiet whisper of saltiness joins the composition. More crystalline and physical at first it soon becomes more blurry, it melts down to something more immaterial. Aquatic accord which is a foundation of this perfume is rather breezy, serene and tranquil. Like a still surface of the pond.


Initially it’s very watery but the pale minty smell is continuously present in the background. After a while it evolves – becoming more salty & marine. The smell is pleasant but when delicate note of algae appears, it adds an extra layer of calmness. The scent of seaweed is quite specific. Tad green, tad ozonic. In the drydown Ruri becomes musky. It smells really mineral, so that it makes me think of glass wool. But then it turns into a scent of drying cotton sheets. Clean and with a lovely fluffiness that marries with the sea note in a surprisingly good way. You can’t deny it’s so well done.

Ruri by Miya Shinma represents a Japanese style of perfumery at its best. The perfume is very light, transparent and inoffensive but at the same time it’s not boring and has some presence when you smell your perfumed skin from up close. This fragrance is part of L’Eau de Miya Shinma collection that consists of 5 creations. In old Japan word ruri was used to name a blue color. I can see that, however this perfume must be one of the faintest shades of blue. Notes of Ruri are very balanced, there’s no dominating element. It’s quite meditative and has a zen aura to it.

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5 thoughts on “Crystal Clear Pond, Miya Shinma Ruri

  1. hajusuuri says:

    Wow, I love the smell of cotton sheets, especially the freshly ironed type. Add mineral to it (versus aquatic, which scares me) and musk and it sounds like a very wearable office scent!

  2. Undina says:

    Probably no: if I want something transparent and “not there,” I’ll probably go for one of Hermessence perfumes: at least I’ll support one of a few old companies that are not owed by LVMH.

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