Playing with Art, Extrait d’Atelier Maitre Ceramiste

When I was a little Lucas I was quite an artistic person. Arts & crafts lessons belonged to one of my favorite school activities and even after school I was signed up to a special club where together with other children we could play with brushes, paint, plasticine and other means or artistic expression. I guess I was quite good at it, I even won a week-long trip to the Netherlands in a contest organize in my city. I’m glad that this hobby of mine didn’t pass with age – I still like to handwork and now there’s even a perfume that reminds me of all the familiar scents from childhood times.

The first impression created by Maitre Ceramiste is a green one. Initially the perfume smells of galbanum – its oily & sappy smell of dark greenery. Maybe it’s just me but it suggest something vile and slimy but just for a moment. Then angelica comes in and adds an aromatic plant properties to the composition. When shiso (Japanese mint-like plant) appears it adds more brightness and a lift up. The perfume doesn’t feel so dark anymore. After a while I detect a gently tingling and some muted spiciness coming from pink pepper. It adds more character and charisma to the scent.

At the mark of around 30 minutes a big change is about to happen. Metallic notes start to grow stronger. The sensation it provides make quite a contrast compared to what happened in the opening of Maitre Ceramiste. Metal feels cold but at the same time it’s quite thrilling. To my surprise it didn’t feel uninviting. On the contrary – it felt like something familiar. If you think of this metal as the door you’ll enter a ceramic workshop as soon as you open them. Right away you start to smell the odours associated with handcraft. Of course the smell of clay is the one that dominates.


The gooey smell of clay surrounds the wearer with olfactive impression of something damp, moist & undefined – yet something you can shape at your own will. It’s somewhat earthy but not exactly. It’s as realistic as the smell of clay itself. Later on frankincense appears and it’s deep, charming smokiness blends into the vision of a pottery workshop perfectly. Additionally in the background there’s some pimento which is adding some piquancy. Part of this form is also an iris – cold, reserved, more rooty & earthy than silky. It’s becoming more buttery and then ashy over time.

Drydown of Extrait d’Atelier Maitre Ceramiste is composed of woody notes. Gaiac woods adds some solidity and substance to the scent. It combines with vetiver. The latter one smells dry & rooty. Earthiness is quite minimal in this case. Vetiver in this perfume is also a bit like dried grass. Oakmoss gives more dryness. This shrub adds its usual dusty, dusky smell combined with aromatic vibe. Amber introduces some warm sweetness entwined with a touch of sensuality. Finally mineral notes appear – they resemble clay even more. There’s something marine about those minerals too.

This addition of Maitre Ceramiste to the offer of Extrait d’Atelier was a great move from the brand’s side. Not only did the perfume brough back memories of myself as a small boy playing with arts but for once it smells very original and different than other niche releases around. Maybe it’s also a bit more challenging than the rest but hey – iris, incense! How can you say no to that? I definitely like the idea and its well execution. Maitre Ceramiste is available in 100 ml bottles, its concentration is eau de parfum and it was developed by Maurizio Cerizza & Luca Maffei.

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4 thoughts on “Playing with Art, Extrait d’Atelier Maitre Ceramiste

  1. hajusuuri says:

    Why oh why can’t this come in a smaller bottle? When I saw the title, I thought for sure that extrait strength means it will be 30ml or less. In any case, this sounds quite appealing. Thank you for your review!

    Did you or your mom keep little Lucas’ handicrafts and artwork? If yes, I would love to take a peek!

    • lucasai says:

      You’re right! Extrait in the brand name would suggest smaller sizes but no. I know at least few more brands with extraits in big sizes.

      Yes, some of my works are still alive, framed and hanging on the walls of our home.

  2. rickyrebarco says:

    Interesting description, but not my type of scent. It does sound like it was made with woodwork and ceramics in mind.

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