Dancing Lights, Parfumerie Generale Komorebi

As I await my break from work, summer in the city can easily become a nuisance when termometers show no mercy and indicate it’s above 30°C outside day after day. My way to survive the heat is to go swimming each evening. It’s sports, relax and a cooldown at once. Or I’d go for a bike ride in the forest, where birds sing, bugs buzz and light is filtering down through the tree leaves. In Japanese they have a special word to describe this kind of light. Komorebi (木漏れ日) Three kanji characters in it mean 木 – tree, 漏 – escape and 日 – light. This light connects sky and earth through the tree.

First impression of Komorebi is that the perfume is incredibly light. It opens with this transparent, almost scentless veil that eventually starts to smell after the alcohol carrier has evaporated from the skin. At its very beginning the perfume smells of mint leaves in a totally different way than other minty perfumes known to me do. It’s light as a feather, quite watery and pale – as if you weren’t smelling it directly but in some sort of an infusion instead. And it smells very pure. Even though it’s so gentle it still creates an aromatic dimension that feels incredibly refreshing and invigorating.

This scent of freshly brewed mint leaves carries on for a little while until the encounter with tree resins happens. The latter one lends some of its richness to Komorebi, making the perfume feel not so airy anymore. Verdancy of the sap blends together with a watery mint sensation causing the perfume to develop more vibrant green color. Aromatic freshness of combined mint and tree sap is as brisk as a splash of cool water on a hot day, but the perfume itself emanates with inner warmth. Later on this warmth will be highlighted more but at the same time it won’t reduce the fresh feeling.


I often associate perfumes with colors or images they would draw in my imagination. In case of Parfumerie Generale Komorebi it’s definitely a watercolor palette and for now the picture would be a play of light & shade on the tree leaves that move as the wind blows. After a beautiful aquatic mint opening followed by a green juices facet the perfume ventures into floral registers. A hint of mimosa with its sweet aroma of flower pollen coming from those tiny yellow pom-poms is like a thoughtfully added touch of color. It’s a little, seemingly not important detail that makes a difference.

Then comes a moment for a fruity touch – blackcurrant adds a bit of juicy tartness that leaves a delectable taste at the tip of your tongue. It’s very tasty but fades away quickly. Afterwards a note of oak wood appears & its arrival is marked with a substantial woody touch that joins the composition. It adds character and tenacity to Komorebi without disturbing the peace of its lightweight balanced notes. Hazel (wood) introduces some density while also adding some crunchiness more associated with hazelnut. Creamy & vanillic smell of tonka bean reminds me of a good sun tan lotion scent.

Lazy day by the swimming pool surrounded by trees that provide some shade would be the perfect environment for this type of perfume. Komorebi by Parfumerie Generale is undeniably summery and its lighter, more watery character make it a great fragrance for the hot days when you don’t want to skip wearing a perfume but also have to mind people in your closest environment. It has decent longevity and low sillage. This Pierre Guillaume scent is available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles. Komorebi is a part of Rework Series and is a riff of Yuzu Ab Irato from Numerical Series.

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8 thoughts on “Dancing Lights, Parfumerie Generale Komorebi

  1. Jillie says:

    Well, I love Pierre and his creations ……

    Mint is my favourite note in everything through this long, hot summer: mint tea, crushed mint leaves in glasses filled with ice and sparkling water, mint in yoghurt to go over all sorts of food from potato salad to spicy chicken, mint bath gel and mint in perfume (Guerlain’s Herba Fresca).

  2. hajusuuri says:

    Komorebi sounds really nice, a respite from urban heat and technology. One of these days, I need to revisit OsswaldNYC as that is the only place nearby that has PG testers.

  3. Undina says:

    I have a rather positive impression of the PG brand, but it’s even worse here than in NY: there isn’t a single store to carry the line.

    I like the fact that what you smell fits the name so well. And I enjoy reading your reviews for perfumes that you like: your descriptions get very evocative.

    PG should start doing travel bottles! (Or at least have them all in those 30 ml bottles that I know existed for some perfumes (though I’ve never seen them).

    • lucasai says:

      I haven’t tried too many PG to be honest but those that I know I liked a lot. It’s a shame the brand is hard to access in the US.

      I think writing a blog should be mostly about perfume that you like. Writing about things you didn’t like takes away all the pleasure. That’s why I have MQS for things I liked less.

      Travel bottle is always a good idea. They have 2 coffrets but only for the Croisiere collection.

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