Quo Vadis? Mendittorosa Sirio

Everyone in their life goes through a couple of those important, life-changing moments when we’re being asked or we ask ourselves… What now? What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? Their importance is great as they influence our future and things that a newly chosen path may bring. Through a new composition of her brand – Mendittorossa, Stefania Squeglia asks questions of humanity level. Where do we come from? Where are we going? But there are thousands of answers.

When smelling Sirio for the first time you cannot escape the impression that this perfume has a Biblical reference. I think so because immediately after spraying some on my skin I smell a lovely, crisp apple note that combines juiciness and tartness at the same time. From the olfactive point of view this is a green apple, slightly unripe and very crunchy – like Granny Smith apple I think. Apple in this perfume could be a nod to forbidden fruit that grew in the Garden of Eden. Following shortly is a realistic rhubarb accord that enhances the overall feeling of tartness and low bitterness.

Interesting move in the structure of Sirio is the use of white musk as a top note. Once apple and rhubarb dissipate, a sweetened fluffy cloud becomes more detectable. It softens everything in a significant way, even blurrs things a bit. Now it feels as if it was a cushion on top of which these 2 fruit are placed. A cotton candy cushion that doesn’t feel over-sugared. It seamlessly leads to Sirio’s heart that with a grace of ballerina dancers unveils flowers of rose and peony. Both seem very lightweight, almost transparent but they they add character and a gentle color to the composition.


Actually at first an apple-flavored sugary fluff of musk overpowers the flowers but later on they become more pronounced. Well, if you can use such description for floral tones that have pastel colors, silky petals and bring to mind delicacy and innocence. It surely is the most feminine part of Sirio but considering the perfume as a whole it’s pretty versatile. There’s also a little bit of plum for a fruity nuance. After some time apple note returns to me in a different form. This time it smells like a sparkling apple cider. I like the way Sirio changes and surprises over the course of the day.

Vanilla is the most important feature when it comes to Sirio and its drydown. This note is very much out there and in my opinion it has a ‘smart’ sweetness to it. It’s not sticky or like a pudding, more like a raw vanilla pod. It’s slightly sweet but also has a rum-like backnote that I like. Gaiac wood and cashmeran provide depth and dimension to the scent, at the same time they make it feel more solid, lightly woody. I didn’t smell oud that is listed in the notes. Finally amberwood molecule appears. It’s like an ambery cuddle that wraps everything together and then hugs you softly & gently.

Mendittorosa Sirio, named after a Sirius star, is a part of Talismans collection (sometimes refered to as separate brand) I don’t know if it manages to answer the eternal questions but I know for sure that it does smell pretty fabulous and like nothing else available on the market right now. It’s unique. And even though it doesn’t use many ingredients it develops a good complexity. Perfumer behind this fragrance is Amelie Bourgeois. It’s an extrait in 100 ml bottle with a hand made cap and pendant.

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6 thoughts on “Quo Vadis? Mendittorosa Sirio

  1. shelly says:

    Rhubarb and apple are tempting not sure about vanilla and sugary fluff, definitely one to sneak peak if I can find it in a store.

    • lucasai says:

      I found the vanilla quite pleasant here and the sugary fluff is not THAT sweet, it’s quite mellow and it kind of turns the vanilla into more fluffy thing.

  2. Jillie says:

    Another intriguing description of a perfume I haven’t heard of! Rather lovely/different bottle and cap … not quite so sure whether I would care for the apple note as I have – for some reason – never enjoyed wearing apple (eg all the DKNY range). But who knows? Sometimes life surprises us.

    • lucasai says:

      Mendittorossa or Talismans have a smaller distribution I think and in case of Sirio and others in this line – their price is really steep and they’re made in smaller quantities.
      My mom wore Be Delicious for some time. I like Sirio apple much more.
      I saw on brand website that they say that cap has a piece of real star (that fell on Earth) in it… so fancy

  3. Undina says:

    Based on your description, this perfume would be rather “No” for me than “Yes” but if I ever come across it, I’ll give it a sniff. And I think that for this price I would prefer not a handmade cup: “handmade” is valuable only if whatever is made is better than factory-produced, which doesn’t seem to be the case with this perfume. Though if I were to like it, I wouldn’t hold it against it.

    • lucasai says:

      Oh I see, you’re not a fan of apple fragrances?
      I think the approach this brand has is that handmande means it’s imperfect but at the same time unique – each cap is different.

      Well, let it be that I let you spare your skin to not try Sirio

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