Wild Instinct, Francesca Bianchi The Lover’s Tale

Lover’s secret encounter. Essential part of two souls getting together is touch. You want to feel the body of the other person next to you, you want to connect with them through touch, as fingertips gently glide on their bare skin. Tension between two people rises and wild instincts slowly take over. Carnal pleasures of skin on skin contact can be reflected through leather accord which can be more innocent as in suede, or it can be more bold and daring as in dark leather. Francesca Bianchi decided to work with powerful leather and depict two lovers dressed only in their wild desires.

The Lover’s Tale is not a kind of perfume that plays by the rules. It has no mercy and goes straight to the point by revealing an opulent leather note without any warning. It has a dense, thick odour that to my nose is created by combining a few different facets, such as birch tar, rubber and a bit of lacquer or varnish that gives the leather its black, glossy finish. Animalic qualities surface with a minimal delay. The biggest focus is put on castoreum here, which introduces a deep and rich musty facet – it creates this specific impression of an old fur coat that’s got a bit stenchy over the years.

Initially it feels a bit too overpowering but if you give it a couple of minutes The Lover’s Tale will become softer and more polite. When that softness starts to emerge also flowers begin to play their tones. There’s a jasmine bouquet with drops of indole here and there, so this is another animalic piece in this fragrance. Sweetness of honey adds some luminosity to a new Francesca Bianchi composition but at the same time it’s a source of something dirty. At some point all of these wild ingredients tone down, revealing another important highlight of the fragrance.


Prove me if I’m wrong but iris is a perfect pairing for leather so I’m not surprise it found its place in The Lover’s Tale. In case of this perfume the approach with which it was used gives it a buttery texture however at the same time the damp earthiness of an orris root is evident. Later on this rootiness transforms into a more solid state, a woody state because of the vetiver. The Lover’s Tale also has some smokiness in it. I get a vibe of charred wood and something nutty – I think this came from the woody part.  Maybe from the sandalwood as it’s more rough here.

In the drydown the perfume has a shrubby dryness of oakmoss. I can smell some dustiness from it but that goes quite well with constantly present leathery sensation (just much weaker than at the beginning). Labdanum introduces a balsamic darkness to The Lover’s Tale but I think that it’s also thanks to it that the scent is more smooth now and feels mellow on the skin. Last but not least the fragrance contains a lot of musk – it has some wilderness and naughty character that assists this perfume from the very beginning. Will you dare to tame this beast or you’d rather surrender?

The Lover’s Tale by Francesca Bianchi was born from a perfumer’s desire to create a scent inspired by iconic Cuir de Russie. Definitely not a copy but her own interpretation of this theme. I think it nails the Russian leather motif. It’s quite a powerhouse composition but it combines stronger tones with more gentle ones. It’s like a black panther – it can bite and purr, depending on the situation. The Lover’s Tale is an extrait in 30 ml bottle, it has a great longevity and its sillage is powerful at first but clings more to the skin later on. It’s a seductive and daring scent for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Instinct, Francesca Bianchi The Lover’s Tale

  1. Undina says:

    Smoky leather perfumes are hit or miss for me so even from your (great) description I cannot tell whether I’ll like it. But I’ll give it a try when I get a chance.

    Have you tried any other perfumes from the line?

    • lucasai says:

      I know, this category is not an obvious choice for me either.

      Yes, I reviewed Angel’s Dust in the past. I would have to revisit the others but they probably were not the best for me

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