Travelling Box of Perfume – Notes from Shelly

Our Travelling Box of Perfume made it to California last week and we already have first impressions to share with everyone who joined this project. So here are a couple of notes from Shelly. By the time I’m posting this she actually delivered the box in person to the next place!

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I loved the privilege of the traveling box. I am trying to be prompt as I know many others are waiting too. I realize I have very little ability to convey what I smell and like in words. Scents are not in the verbal part of my mind. So, brief it will be…

Usually I love woods, freshness, vetiver. I love smelling the more masculine scents but don’t wear them much because I seem to like them better as an audience than to wear myself. I never know I liked fig until the wonderful lady at Fumerie suggested one last summer. It shows up in a few here. I have loved leather for a long time. Citrus is an easy like, always wish it had staying power.



Fugit Amor – Jul et Mad, Spicy fig – only 3 stars in the newest edition of Perfumes: The Guide. I liked it more.
Nuda Veritas – Atelier Des Ors, Fresh – possible fig too
Cuir Sacre – Atelier Des Ors, Juniper, Cyprus, cedar, leather – this is four stars in my book.
Mars 1764 – Pozzo di Borgo, citrus and spice. Web site lists elemi which I had no idea about. I looked it up. It is a resin used in aroma therapy and the like. I am liking it.

Some general likes

24 October – Pozzo di Borggo, according to the web site for them it has grapefruit, mint, pear, currant, woody. I liked it but not very long lasting on me.
Tobac Tabou – Parfum de Empire. I am looking to find a tobacco scent like what my great uncle wore, but this one was nice too.

Not my cup of tea

Bombay Bling  – Neela Vermeire. I love the idea but too sweet for me and maybe a bit too gourmand.
Secrets du Paradis Rouge  – Jul et Mad, white flower  tends to be serious dislike for if I can spot it easily. In small amounts that can blend it is fine.
Rosso Epicureo – Jacques Fath, smelled like bubble gum when I first opened it!
Double Dare and Day for Night – Prada, liked them both but already had chosen some others to keep

Adding to the box

Jasmine et Cigarette – Etat Libre d’Orange, Foxglove – D.S & Durga, Aedes De Venustas – Eau de Parfume, Eau de Magnolia – Frederic Malle, Musc Ravageur – Frederic Malle, Essences Insensees – Diptyque

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5 thoughts on “Travelling Box of Perfume – Notes from Shelly

  1. Really nice brands in the box. Can’t wait until it gets to Belgium!

  2. shelly says:

    Yes, really nice samples, and way too many to name. Really fun to play with though.

  3. Gabriela says:

    Thank you Shelly for sharing. Cant wait to play with the box too!

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