Perfume Fact No. 5


We’re counting down the days until Christmas so let’s learn something associated with the festive season. Did you know that a characteristic smell of clove, which is considered a winter spice, consists mainly of one chemical compound? Up to 90% and no less than 72% of clove essential oil is reserved for eugenol. It has a pleasant, sharp and spicy scent profile that we associate with clove. You can find eugenol as a part of other common Christmas spice – in cinnamon leaf oil in amount of over two thirds while in cinnamon bark oil there’s usually no more than 20% of it. Apart its fragrant properties eugenol also has antiseptic and mild anaesthetic values – that’s why it’s advised to temporarily chew on a clove before you get to the dentist in case of toothache. Eugenol molecule is also a starting point in obtaining vanillin through oxidation process. In perfumery you can find it as part of oriental accords. European Commission considers eugenol as one of 26 most common skin sensitizers. Its labelling is strictly regulated: it’ll be listed if exceeds 100 ppm in rinse off and 10 ppm in leave-on products.

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10 thoughts on “Perfume Fact No. 5

  1. jillie says:

    Love to mix essential oils of clove, orange, cinnamon and lime for diffusing to make the house smell Christmassy. And clove smells so like carnation!

  2. shelly says:

    I had a friend from El Salvador who use clove oil for tooth issue. I find it overwhelming unless mixed with other things. As for being an irritant, so many things are listed, I sometimes wonder if perfume will survive all the regulations.

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    Who knew I loved eugenol? I love the scent of clove and cinnamon in perfumes. Very wintery and spicy. It’s especially grand in candles also.

  4. Darling Lily says:

    The IFRA restriction against this particular ingredient has destroyed most of my favorite fragrances,particularly the Carons. Controlling Bastards.

  5. Undina says:

    I didn’t realize that it’s the same chemical in both clove and cinnamon! Very interesting because I like clove and do not like cinnamon much.

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