Busy bee


Dear friends, please excuse my silence for the rest of last week. Turns out that on Monday evening I started developing a cold which completely blocked my nose for the next couple of days. I started feeling better on Thursday, which is usual case for me – after 3 days it’s mostly gone. Right now I’m only left with a bit of a cough which I hope will disappear soon.

First half of the new week will be very busy for me at work. We’ll be having guests from Spain and UK coming over for 2 days for a visit. I need to prepare some stuff before their arrival and then once they’re here we’ll have a lot of things to discuss and a bunch of fragrance samples to smell. It should be interesting & I hope the discussion will be fruitful.

That said, I won’t be able to post anything new until Friday probably. Please bear with me. From the positive news – The Travelling Box of Perfume is with Shiva Woman and will be soon dispatched to Lisa D., so it seems you might be expecting a box update soon. I’m really looking forward to it.

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8 thoughts on “Busy bee

  1. Jillie says:

    Oh rats …hope your poor nose is not too badly affected and that the cough disappears very quickly. Sounds like a full-on week – but interesting, and time will fly by even quicker than usual and it will be the weekend before you know it!

  2. hajusuuri says:

    Hopefully the visit will bear fruit! Glad you’re on the mend!

  3. shelly says:

    a cold in a line of work where smell is needed seems like a problem for sure. Good luck with your guests.

  4. good afternoon I hope it gets better soon of the cold and looking at this photo of the bees I remembered the hiram green Slowdive that is great

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